Friday, October 31, 2014

Jam of the Day | Ray Toro - Isn't That Something

Photo courtesy the artist's website

I'm always interested in what musicians do in their projects after a high-profile prior project ends; how their music evolves, or doesn't, what aspects from the first project carry on into the second.

"Isn't That Something" is one of those follow-ups. Ray Toro, lately the lead guitarist of mid-aughts emo rock kings My Chemical Romance (and thusly one of the driving forces on their truly excellent 2007 rock opera The Black Parade), is making slightly fuzzed out, hook-filled, guitar power pop with just enough '80s hair metal guitar solos to differentiate it from all the other hook-filled guitar power pop that's getting made right now. "Isn't That Something" is labeled a demo on Toro's Soundcloud page, but you can stream it below, and the polish on it sure doesn't sound like a demo. It sounds like Toro is going to make a truly excellent hook-filled guitar power pop record with some thrashy elements to it, and I'm pretty darn excited about that.

No news on a tour or an official release, but "Isn't That Something" is something to hang a future on.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Jam of the Day | Milo Greene - On The Fence

Photo by Hartman Harris

We're loving the sneak peeks of the new Milo Greene album, Control, which will be released on January 27th of next year.

Because the new Milo Greene wants to dance and have a little fun, which will surely be needed once the snow and ice arrive on our doorstep. Have a listen to "On The Fence" below, and be sure to see them in St. Louis at Blueberry Hill on March 1st.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Jam of the Day | Twin Peaks - Making Breakfast

Photo: Pooneh Ghana

Breakfast making up in SIC HQ isn't a task to be taken lightly, and Tuesday, which is my day to cook for the clan, I TRULY don't fuck around. It starts with a burr-grinding some hand-washed Ethiopian coffee. After dumping it into a pre-rinsed Chemex filter, I make a large pot of pour over while Jason, Aggie, Dylan and all those photographers we now have, file down the stairs rubbing their little eyes after being out late at their respective shows.

Actually -- that's where it ends, because if there is one thing about music-bloggers I HATE, it's how damn picky they are about their eggs.  True - we only use free-range eggs that were freshly dropped by the Black Sexlink hen that roams the office, but Jason likes his slightly over-easy, while Aggie likes hers scrambled with shallots and Dylan eats his par-poached in butter. I'm not doing that shit -- so coffee is all they get.

Anyway - see how Twin Peaks does breakfast below and see them in your hood when they play The Demo on Nov. 4th.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Win Tickets to Lucinda Williams at The Pageant on Saturday, November 8th

Lucinda Williams will be at The Pageant on Saturday, November 8th, performing songs from her entire catalog, including her latest album, Down Where The Spirit Meets The Bone. We have TWO PAIRS of tickets to give away to the show! Before we get to details on how to enter the contest, let's have a listen to "Something Wicked This Way Comes."

Here's how to enter to win a pair of tickets. You only have to do ONE of the following:

1. Simply copy and paste this into a tweetI entered to win 2 tickets to #LucindaWilliams (@HappyWoman9) at @thepageantstl on 11/8 on @speakersincode. #SICGIVEAWAY

2. Leave us a message on our Facebook page. (Leaving a comment on our original post is fine.)

3. Send an email to: with the subject: "LUCINDA WILLIAMS Tickets."

4. LIKE and COMMENT on the photo on our Instagram.

The contest will run through Thursday, November 6th at NOON CST, and we'll randomly pick and contact the winner shortly after (if you enter through FB, we'll announce your name on our FB page). Good luck!

Jam of the Day | Ben Howard - I Forget Where We Were

Don't take it so seriously, no
Only time is ours, the rest we'll just wait and see
Maybe you're right, babe, maybe

Oh, no, and that's how summer passed
Oh, your, great divide and range of green green grass
And, oh, maybe I hold on fast to you

For me, music and sports often collide.

And last night I happened to be listening to the beautiful new Ben Howard album, I Forget Where We Were, when I heard the news of St. Louis Cardinals outfielder Oscar Taveras. "24 and there's so much more," Neil Young once sang.

Taveras lost his life at 22.

So maybe it's fitting that today's Jam of the Day talks about that fleeting life, the importance of listening, the cruel myth of invincibility.

Today, there is still time.

Peace and love to all.