Monday, January 11, 2010

Jam of the Day | Matthew Ryan - The Wilderness

"I want the dream that we never had."

Matthew Ryan does the "sad bastard" songwriting thing pretty well. Ok, he does it extremely well. But you know what? The artist from Chester, Pennsylvania, can also rock, and on his latest album, Dear Lover, he takes a few electric chances that shake the surrounding trees of my neighborhood (yes, I've played this JOTD too loud on several occasions).

This is an anthem that has got me through a few rough recent months. It's hopeful, it asks all the right questions, and its pulse beats at a pace that no caffeine pill could recreate. In short, it's worth almost six minutes of your time.

"Are you ready for tomorrow?"


  1. nice stuff, i think you would enjoy my music blog: lots of downloads etc.

  2. Yeah man ! thats the stuff that feeds my soul :-)
    great lyrics !

  3. Great choice today! Matthew Ryan is my favorite. Love the intro to this song- well actually, love the whole song!