Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Listen to Josh Ritter's "Rattling Locks" on NPR

Josh Ritter's So Runs the World Away is less than a month away from being released around the world (unless you're planning on getting a vinyl copy at your local indie store on Record Store Day, which is April 17th).

I've had a chance to listen to the album, and I'll tell you that it's sure to be one of the best albums in 2010; you won't be disappointed if you're already a Josh Ritter fan. It's a wild record full of stories, lunacy, lanterns, and love. It has teeth and is not afraid to bite.

Since we live in an instantaneous world, here's a glimpse courtesy of NPR. Have a listen to "Rattling Locks" below!


  1. Jason, you already got to listen to it?! SO JEALOUS! I am from Josh's hometown and his brother used to peddle his first album to our english class.

  2. He grew up in Idaho, right? His new album is all that I expected it to be. It's different, but it's still him. Does that make sense? If not, I'm sure it will.