Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Jam of the Day | Nicole Atkins - Vultures

This is never going to stop, so I might as well just embrace the fact that I'm in love with 5,498 female singer-songwriters. Nicole Atkins is the latest, and boy, can she belt out a tune.

It's safe to say I'm looking forward to January 25th, when her new album, Mondo Amore, hits the Internets/shelves/Starbucks/etc.

For now, though, you get today's JOTD off Mondo Amore, "Vultures."  Atkins' voice just might haunt your dreams if you're not careful.

Nicole Atkins - Vultures


  1. the cover art is beyond awesome. im really digging the throwback vibe.

  2. i agree, the cover art is legit. i really like her! vulture is up for free download on nicole's facebook:

  3. The song is great! love that free download

  4. She's got a tour starting up in February. Really hope she has some dates in the Midwest, I'd love to see her live...