Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Jam of the Day | Boy & Bear - Rabbit Song

Of all the bands that played SXSW earlier this month, Boy & Bear have been voted most likely to succeed by more than a few in attendance. They seem completely poised to pop, with comparisons to everyone from Fleet Foxes, to Midlake, to those oh-so popular Mumford boys.

Their catchiest song to date, "Rabbit Song," is exactly what audiences and labels alike seem to be salivating for these days: melodic folksy grooves, beautiful harmonies, and a driving rhythm section that echoes the Appalachians all the way from Sydney. It is at times haunting but still conveys a subtle beauty that builds throughout, culminating in a crescendo of goodness that must make even their most popular of band comparisons a bit jealous.

Listen to it below and either wait for it to come out in the good ol' US of A, or pick up the import via Amazon right here.