Friday, April 15, 2011

Jam of the Day | Times New Viking - Ever Falling in Love

Contrary to popular belief, the members of Times New Viking are not art school dropouts; they’re art school graduates, dammit. And rather than follow the path of stuffy galleries and regular unemployment, they chose to start a band. They began inconspicuously in 2003 when it was particularly out of vogue to do it yourself. From their first noise-crusted basement tapes, Times New Viking’s star rose, while sounding like the best Messthetics one-off you always wanted to keep to yourself.

Our Jam of the Day, "Ever Falling in Love," is a new chapter, sure to attract an entirely new audience of intrigued listeners while keeping old fans perfectly satiated by not abandoning those early ideals. Rip it up, and start again guys. We're with you.

Preorder Dancer Equired, the band’s first album for Merge Records right here.

Times New Viking - Ever Falling in Love