Friday, May 6, 2011

10 to Spin | Lenka

When we asked Australian singer-songwriter Lenka to be part of our 10 to Spin series, we were pretty sure she would want to boogie. After all, her new latest album, Two, is filled with beats that will make you want to shake it in every way possible, and its first single, "Heart Skips a Beat," is good evidence of that. Here, just have a quick listen:

With that, we bring you Lenka's 10 to Spin (okay, it's actually a dancing dozen), which she describes as "songs that make me want to burst into spontaneous dance."

1 Hey Ya! by Andre 3000

This has got to be one of the best dance songs ever made. It's so infectious and the lyrics are rather inane and also sexy, which helps switch the brain off. Clearly, I will shake it like a polaroid picture when Andre commands it.

2 Rollerskate by Matias Aguayo

I only heard this song last year on Thanksgiving and i give thanks for discovering it because it has the smoothest groove that just makes me wanna do body roll isolations. It sounds like his voice is melting and also the video is radical for this song. The best of dodgy video art.

3 Cobrastyle by Robyn

Wicked wicked detailed groove. And when she says "boom" or "fool" it makes me feel like a gangster. I dance kinda like a raver to this song. Lots of box-shapes with the hands.

4 Don't Stop Me Now by Queen

I went through a stage in high-school when I would HAVE to do cartwheels every time I heard this song, and it was a very popular track for house parties in the 90s!  Nowadays, I just get up and have an ironic boogie, but it still effects me a lot.

5 Germ-free Adolescents by X-Ray Specs
When I first heard this song, years ago, I had this sensation like I wanted to puke and orgasm at the same time. I don't know what it is, but my dance moves to this song probably look quite strange. The lyrics are so so awesome. This is possibly the only punk song I like, but I like it a LOT.

6 Only Girl (In the World) by Rihanna

This is my jam at the moment. It makes me wanna get really arrogant on the dance floor, just as the lyrics suggest. The way that synth line carries on throughout the verses is so effective, it kind of puts you in a trance.

7 Big Time Sensuality by Björk

This is a song about partying and letting your body take over your mind, which is exactly what one should do on the dance floor. All early Björk sends me into a dance frenzy, because she is the first artist who made electronic music that I actually liked. And she's a goddess.

8 Get Ur Freak On by Missy Elliott

This video had awesome dancing in it and was so cool when it came out. I used to listen to it a lot on the treadmill actually, so I get an urge to jump up and start jog-dancing.

9 Jimmy by M.I.A.

I like to pull some vaguely Indian disco moves when I dance to this. Also, my husband's name is James, so it works great for me. So fun.

10 Crazy In Love by Beyonce

It's all about that body pump move she does in the bridge. I am inspired to emulate it best I can.

11 Eagle Rock by Daddy Cool

This was one of the few bands I heard as a kid that wasn't Trad jazz or blues. It makes me feel all loose and groovy. Like I'm a 70's parent going to a party in the Aussie bush. I guess there's a buried memory in there somewhere…

12 9 to 5 by Dolly Parton

It's got that feminist passion that makes me wanna pump my fist and swing my hips. Best done with a few other chicks surrounding our purses on the dance floor, but also very effective whilst doing the dishes.