Monday, May 23, 2011

Contest | Win One Four-Night Pass to Twangfest, June 8-11

Twangfest is back in its fifteenth year on June 8th - 11th (click here for tickets), and once again, the lineup is exceptional with musicians like Hayes Carll, Jill Andrews, Cassie Morgan and the Lonely Pine, Robbie Fulks with Nora O'Connor, and The Baseball Project. All of the action will be taking place at The Pageant and Blueberry Hill, making it four days of awesomeness on Delmar Boulevard.

And, thanks to the good people at Twangfest, we're going to send one lucky winner to all four nights of the fun!

Let's have some fun with this contest, shall we?

To enter, please let us know your favorite lyric from an artist/band who is playing Twangfest 15, or who has played Twangfest in years past (previous lineups can be found here). You can post this lyric in one of two ways:

1. Leave it as a comment on this post.

2. Leave it as a comment on our Facebook page.

The contest will run through May 26th, and we'll pick our favorite lyric and e-mail the winner on May 27th. Good luck!


  1. "Always remember, there was nothing worth sharing like the love that let us share our name."
    Avett Brothers, Murder in the City
    Twangfest X

  2. "Some people they love their wine and song. some are waitin for the lord to appear. Well you can pray and pray till your dying day but i’ve got my heaven right here."
    Kentucky Knife Fight - 'Got My Heaven'

  3. Thought I was doing fine, bout to get you off my mind, I see your face, then I'm wrapped around your pretty little finger again. - bruce robison, Wrapped.

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  5. "I am trying to break your heart"
    - J. C. Brooks and the Uptown Sound

  6. "Sometimes it takes balls to be a woman." Elizabeth Cook. Not that I would know.

  7. "She had a weakness for writers
    And I I was never that good at the words anyways"
    "nights Like These"