Friday, June 3, 2011

Jam of the Day | City & Colour - Fragile Bird

Photo by Vanessa Heins

The voice is unmistakable – immediately identifiable by those who know it and intensely intriguing to those who don’t. It belongs to Dallas Green, perhaps better known as the man who writes, records, and performs under the moniker of City and Colour. Already renowned across Canada and the UK, thanks to the success of his previous two full length albums, Green is set to propel his profile to a new plateau with the release of his third album, Little Hell, later this month.

The album's first single, and our Jam of the Day,“Fragile Bird,” finds Green relying heavily on those arduous experiences that put all the good times into perspective. Inspired by his wife’s frequent night terrors, the song examines the struggles we all face through tumultuous times. Speaking on the process of writing, Green sums the feeling up best: “I view writing as a very cathartic experience. It’s my way of coping with or processing things happening, whether they’re positive or not, and I think people can often identify with how they’re interpreted."

See if you can identify by downloading it below, and pick up Little Hell when it is released June 7th right here.

City & Colour - Fragile Bird