Thursday, June 30, 2011

Jam of the Day | Eddie Vedder - Can't Keep

Tomorrow night at The Fox Theatre, Eddie Vedder will be rocking with his ukulele, playing songs from his new album, Ukulele Songs, an album that’s really growing on us here at Speakers in Code. Of course, Vedder will also be playing Pearl Jam songs, and today’s JOTD is kinda one of those. “Can’t Keep” is taken from Pearl Jam’s Riot Act, but Vedder has given it new (and better) life on his solo project. Dude just rocks – it doesn’t matter what instrument he’s using.

I’m sure he’ll play almost all of Ukulele Songs tomorrow night -- that’s pretty much a given. But if I had to pick one Pearl Jam song I’d like to hear Vedder perform solo, it would probably be “Off He Goes.” And if he wants to throw in “Yellow Ledbetter” at the end, well, that’s just fine, too. Ya’ll know the lyrics, right?

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  1. Randall Roberts, I suggest you refrain from criticizing Glen because what you are saying is a bit ridiculous. The man sings and scream with so much emotion and conviction and shear talent that only way I would think to criticize him would be if he refrained from screaming. Glen Hansard is more rock'n roll than 90% of musicians today. Let the Irishman do his thing.