Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Jam of the Day | Diplo (Featuring Usher) - Climax

Thinking back over the last decade, we've come a long way as a society. Gay marriage is becoming more acceptable (although not fast enough), medicinal marijuana is being prescribed for everything from glaucoma to phantom knee aches, and we have a president who balls instead of riding horses around his ranch. But one thing lacking recently is a new, quality song for strippers to get busy to. So, thank you very much Diplo and Usher - you've provided the soundtrack for ladies hanging from baby oil-greased metal poles around the world for the next few decades.

Listen to "Climax" below and just try your best not to crawl across the floor like a tiger preparing to pounce on a antelope - it's damn near impossible. Also, make sure to warn anyone in the general vicinity you'll be taking any loose bills under $5 from them in about a minute.


  1. lol your post pretty much hit the nail on the head....all i have been doing is dancing like a stripper to this song! haha

  2. c'mon jimmy stop signing in as anonymous

  3. Some images, seen or unseen, are hard to remove from your brain. Jimmy lubed up dancing on a martini-shaped stage is a good example...