Monday, September 29, 2014

Jam of the Day / Premiere | Hemming - Hard On Myself

Photo by Linda Perry

I used to be so hard on myself
for so long

If you follow VH1's Make or Break: The Linda Perry Project, chances are you know Candice Martello, who records and performs under the name Hemming. A debut full-length album is in the works for a spring 2015 release, but today we're happy to premiere the video for Hemming's first single, "Hard On Myself." The song reveals an artist from Phildelphia whose lyrics and sound are Cat Power-like: relentless.

In October, Hemming will be on tour opening for Rachael Yamagata, the beginning of a golden road for Linda Perry's protege. Please enjoy the terrific "Hard On Myself" below.


  1. I followed TLPP and Candice you are wonderful. Best wishes.

  2. i watched linda perry's show faithfully every week. i learned so much from it. i truly loved this video. so powerful and beautiful. it grab's your attention right away. i love how it show's different part's of the city. remind's me of when i lived in la. hemming is such a talented and gifted artist. she sing's with such emotion and passion. totally from the heart. i loved this video. awsome job hemming. sharon andersen.

  3. WOW! This is incredible.