Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Lollapalooza 2016 Preview

Photo by Jason Gonulsen

Okay, Chicago. We know you're beautiful. Grant Park, down by the lake, where the Bulls celebrated six NBA Championships...what could be better?

Maybe when Lollapalooza is in Grant Park. That at least comes really close. This year, it's four days, which means 100,000 more people. And a load of more bands/EDM dudes. So here we go, starting tomorrow.

Here is our playlist to get you ready!


  1. Gorgeous playlist! Special the beginning of it! What can be better than the best old school rockers on the same event?
    As I see Lollapalooza is an annual festival but somehow I didn't hear about it. I really wondering to visit Bonnaroo this year but now I have one more great option. Interesting who will headline the Lollapalooza this year.
    Really like Radiohead, RHCP, U2, Depeche Mode. But since RHCP coming to NYC with 'The Getaway' red hot chili peppers tour 2017 usa I going to visit enjoy their live show much sooner. So excited about it!

  2. Can't wait for Lolla this year! Got my Lollapalooza tickets already and everything. Can't wait to see what the lineup is gonna end up lookin' like.