Monday, December 12, 2016

The 13 Best Sad Bastard Songs of 2016


White noise
I don't know if there's breathing or not
Butterflied arms tell me that this one has flown
Blood seems black against the skin of your porcelain back
A still life is the last I will see of you
A painting of a panic attack
He died in his sleep last night

It's been a tough year for me personally. I lost a great friend, a kind spirit who was always there for me. He passed in his sleep.

But we all move on. Through the struggle, through the sadness, through the panic. Through it all.

The intention of the annual Sad Bastard playlist is not to bum you out. It's to find the glimmer of hope, the crack of light that awaits. I listened to this last night while my 17-year-old dog was sleeping, and it was then that I realized: this is all I really want out of life.

Hope you enjoy these songs. Thanks to the artists who wrote them. And thank you for following Speakers in Code.

Peace and love,
Jason Gonulsen
Editor, Speakers in Code


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