The SiC 200: Our Favorite Songs From 2010-2014 (Group 2)

Five years and counting of Speakers in Code, and we have finally decided to catch up with ourselves. This isn't so much of a list than it is a collection of all the songs we love in one place. So, we're not calling it "The Best Songs..." We're just calling them our favorites -- no more, no less.

They are listed in groups of 50. In no particular order. We couldn't rank these gems if we tried.

But, we did write a line or two about them, so we hope you enjoy that, too.

(Note: Songs released in 2015 are not included.)

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Speakers in Code

"Even If I Don't" - Rachael Yamagata

"I miss you most in the morning, most every morning." Sigh.

"Clementine" - Sarah Jaffe

I respect that Sarah Jaffe quit writing songs as catchy as "Clementine," but damn: remember how good this was? (Still is.)

"Dearly Departed" - Shakey Graves

Featuring Esme Patterson, this is the catchy side of Shakey Graves, and it even has hand claps. Shakey, Esme, and hand claps: Love me that trio.

"Tarifa" - Sharon Van Etten

I think of every relationship I've ever been in, and I often think of this song. I actually think of so many Sharon Ven Etten songs. "Can't remember, I can't recall, no. I can't remember anything at all." Except I can.

"Paris or Amsterdam" - Basia Bulat

"Now anytime I hear a laugh as bright you come to mind." Makes me think about so many people I know. Or used to know.

"Lay Low" - Shovels & Rope

"You probably knew; your love is like glue." This song is like glue -- sticking and holding ever so slowly until it's finally attached to you permanently. 

"Do You" - Spoon

The best song from last year's incredible They Want My Soul. And believe me, it was tough to pick.

"Burnin' It Down" - Steve Earle

Steve Earle sticks the landing when he delivers the boom: "Thinking 'bout burning the Walmart down."

"For What It's Worth" - Stevie Nicks

Stevie's latest solo stuff has been hit or miss, but sometimes there is a bulls eye out of nowhere. And here it is. "Still forbidden...still outrageous."

"Goshen '97" - Strand of Oaks

The solo is courtesy of J Mascis, and it doesn't disappoint. "Goshen '97" is just a small part of the greatness of Strand of Oaks' HEAL. "I was lonely but I was having fun..."

"Floating Vibes" - Surfer Blood

Shit, I just love the beginning: how it builds and the rawness AND crispness of it. L"Forget the second coming, I need you in the here and now."

"I Was a Fool" - Tegan and Sara

"Do you remember me as devout?" Tegan and Sara might have "gone pop" on their last album, but it sure did work out okay.

"45" - The Gaslight Anthem

I showed up late to The Gaslight Anthem party. Luckily, this flame was still shining bright and took me in.

"Make It Out West" - The Greencards

The Greencards have always been one of my favorite bands since I saw them play at Gruene Hall. This standout track features Sam Bush.

"Rivers and Roads" - The Head and the Heart

"I miss your face like hell." Something about the way that line is used in this song. That's the magic of The Head and the Heart.

"Stubborn Love" - The Lumineers

This song is the heart and soul of their breakout album. And I don't care how many "hey's" and "ho's" you have in you.

"Numbers Don't Lie" - The Mynabirds

The Mynabirds are one of my favorite bands of the last five years, and it all started with this song. 

"Simple Song" - The Shins

There is something nostalgic about this song. Some kind of longing that is simply perfect. 

"The Wild Hunt" - The Tallest Man on Earth

"I left a nervous little boy out on the trail today." Sort of like leaving your cell phone at home and imagining a brave new world.

"Red Eyes" - The War on Drugs

This should have been in like every John Hughes movie, right?

"Tall Boots" - The Wild Feathers

"I promise to never leave, oh where would I go?" Yes. Perfect every time I hear it.

"To Myself" - Tift Merritt

I imagine being on a train looking out a window listening to this song. And I imagine it being so perfect, so freeing that I would never want to go back from where I started. Thank you, Tift Merritt.

"Troubled Times" - Tim Easton

A throwback sound of sorts. Tim Easton can really sing and play whatever he wants, and it sounds superb.

"Breakneck Speed" - Tokyo Police Club

"I remember when our voices used to sound the exact same." Totally remember listening to this on a very, very cold night in the car driving back from their show. 

"Field Song" - William Elliott Whitmore

William Elliott Whitmore is really happy to go to work in this song, and I always found that refreshing.

"Beautiful Girl" - William Fitzsimmons

Some might say every William Fitzsimmons album sounds sadder than the one before it, but man, how gorgeous is "Beautiful Girl"?

"Til The Casket Drops" - ZZ Ward

ZZ Ward runs on spirit and sass. She's also crazy talented with her voice and words. And she can even rap when she wants to.

"Backstreet Freestyle"- Kendrick Lamar

Okay, I could pick so many songs by Kendrick Lamar. But it's this one. It's always this one.

"25 Bucks" - Danny Brown

This one features Purity Ring, but the star is still Danny Brown, who raps really, really fast.

"Unfoucktheworld" - Angel Olsen

There's a reason why so many people think Angel Olsen is so great, and part of it is because she can make something so quiet sound so loud.

"Lover, Where Do You Live" - Highasakite

Convenience and dreams -- they do not often go hand in hand. And I think that's what this song is all about.

"Brainwash" - Cillie Barnes

That opening piano line gets things going for "Brainwash." And I just really like the way Cillie Barnes sings.

"Civilian" - Wye Oak

It feels so raw, and I love the way that it builds into the atmosphere.

"You Are Not Alone" - Mavis Staples

Written by Jeff Tweedy, this just sounds like it was made for Mavis' voice. "I wanna get it clear to you..."

"February Seven" - The Avett Brothers

 This is simple, but I like simple, and that's when The Avett Brothers are at their best. You know I'm right: see, "If It's the Beaches," "I and Love and You." Do I need to go on?

"Lost in the Light" - Bahamas

I saw this cat once in a dark dump of a rock club, with back-up singers flanked to his left. It was an exquisite, dense experience. 

"Poison & Wine" - The Civil Wars

 Man, I miss The Civil Wars. I don't know why they broke up and neither do you. But dammit, Joy and John Paul were magic together and it's a fucking shame they threw it all away. "I don't love you, but I always will." Makes a lot of sense now.

"I've Been Accused" - Cory Chisel

I've heard Cory Chisel sing this damn song live so many times, but believe it or not, I'll take the studio version any day of the week. Because let's face it: when you nail it, you just do. And he did. 

"Take Me To Church" - Hozier

"My lover's got humor." Delivery with range -- that is what Hozier does really well. 

"Deep Dark Wells" - Joe Pug

"As long as you're not finished, you can start all over again." I love that. It's so easy to forget that in life.

Stay Alive" - Jose Gonzalez

Written by Ryan Adams, and I know what you're thinking -- why didn't RA sing it? Well, listen to what Jose Gonzalez did with it. That's why.

"This Is Why We Fight" - The Decemberists

Although I will never be completely in love with Colin Meloy's voice (or maybe it's just how he sings), this one always does it for me.

 "Generator ^ First Floor" - Freelance Whales

Not entirely sure if this band is still a band, but what a way to open up a debut album. 

"Only a Clown" - Caitlin Rose

 Caitlin Rose has some sass in her, and I kinda like it. But that's for another blurb. This is a great song because of two things: Rose's voice, and the way she belts out the chorus; and whomever is playing the guitar. Could be Rose, I am not sure, and the Internets aren't telling me.

"Kings & Queens" - Brooke Fraser

 The lovely Brooke Fraser turned to pop last year, and a crazy thing happened -- it worked. Turns out, she's a boss when it comes to beats and this kind of stuff that I'm not so qualified to write about. But I like it, and sometimes that is good enough. Hell, sometimes that is the best thing.

"Shake It Out" - Florence + The Machine

They say females don't headline festivals, but last I looked, Flo is about to headline Lollapalooza with Paul McCartney and Metallica. And it's because of songs like this.

"Strong"- London Grammar

Hard to label a voice "unique," but dammit, Hannah Reid's voice is just that. When I heard her sing this live at Lollapalooza -- even with the EDM stage booming in the distance -- it was magic.

"High Hope" - Glen Hansard

It's okay if you miss the Swell Season, I get it. But did you listen to Glen Hansard's last solo album? I mean. 

"The Lion The Beast The Beat" - Grace Potter & The Nocturnals

One of the best rock songs of the past decade. There's a reason why it opens the album, because it takes you to a certain place. A place of rock. And that's what Grace Potter sometimes does.

"She Lit a Fire" -Lord Huron

"Last I saw her she was dancing on the moon." Ever seen a Lord Huron show it a hot, sweaty club? It's a little like that.