10 Reasons to Attend LouFest’s High School Battle of the Bands

This Saturday, the second round of the LouFest Music Festival High School Battle of the Bands will take place at Off Broadway from 5:00 – 8:00 PM. We first announced the competition back at the beginning of March, including the fact that Jason and I would be two of the three judges for both evenings of the Battle. It’s seriously been so much fun to be a part of this event and to witness the extreme talent that Saint Louis’ teenagers have to offer. So, we came up with a list of ten reasons you should get yo booty to Off Broadway this Saturday for round two of the big event.

1 It’s at Off Broadway. Should be ’nuff said, but we’ll explicate a titch bit: it’s one of the best venues in town.

2 Meet the LouFest crew! Brian, Rich, Jeff, and Mike – four of the nicest guys in music festival planning history – will be on hand at Saturday’s event. They’ve worked their asses off to bring our fair city the LouFest Musical Festival for a second year in a row, and Saturday would be the perfect time to thank them for investing their time and energy into Saint Louis.

3 Steve Leftridge of Pop Matters is the emcee. He flat out knows his music, and he’s got a silky smooth voice to boot.

4 It’s a high school fashion extravaganza! On the first night of the Battle of the Bands, there were more trends going on in the room than I had fingers and toes to count. Jorts. Flock of Seagulls haircuts. White skinny jeans. These kids know how to dress the part.

5 There will be some serious stage presence going on. Two Saturdays ago, Jason and I were blown away by the confidence that oozed from the youngins’ onstage. We’re talking talented-beyond-their-years readiness.

6 Adult beverages will be served. In some weird twist on a backwards prom or something, you can stand around and indulge in your favorite local brew while kiddos entertain you. My initial thought was that the bar would surely be closed while the bands played due to the raging amount of minors on the premises. But au contraire, mon frere. And, drink up, buttercup. (Just have a designated driver handy.)

7 Feel the love. Not gonna lie, it’s really cool to see the kids’ families and friends come out to support their bands. Last Saturday, I saw a cute five-year-old girl mouthing the words to her older brother’s rock ‘n’ roll songs, and it was apparent that these musicians are loved.

Last week’s contestants: Dubb Nubb, Feedback, 21 Days, Since 1902, Clockwork, and Belief

8 You can buy your LouFest tickets onsite! It’s easy and convenient. So, no excuses! Get a one-day pass for $38 or a two-day pass for $64. That’s some serious bang for your buck.
9 Listen to LouFest artists in between sets. Unfamilar with some of the names on the 2011 LouFest line-up? No problemo! Last week, we jammed to Old Lights, TV on the Radio, and Jon Hardy and The Public. This Saturday, you’ll have a chance to get to know the other fantastic artists who will be playing this year’s LouFest Music Festival in August.

10 The high school bands in the competition seriously rock hard. Have you ever had your ass metaphorically kicked by a preteen on a guitar? You haven’t lived until you do. Last week, we were blown away by the talent of the first night’s line-up. You’ll hear at least eighteen original songs, across a multitude of genres like indie-folk, jammy shoegaze, and heavy pop-metal. The Battle is a fantastic way to not only support creative teen artists but to support LouFest as well. The winning bands will get to play a set in Area K on the LouFest grounds, which, you know, is a pretty big deal.
Hope to see you at Off Broadway on Saturday! Come say hello.

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