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“There is no DIY, there is only Do It Together.”

Will Dailey believes that, and why shouldn’t he? His upcoming album, due on 8/26, is titled National Throat, and it’s being released independently, despite interest  from the “largest record label in the world.” Doing it together means doing it with you, the fans. You can feel this approach in the first single, “Sunken Ship,” especially when he sings, “I’m jumping overboard /And I’m swimming back to shore.” Let’s have a listen.

Our latest 10 to Spin playlist is from Dailey, and the theme is “Getting Free.” Enjoy his commentary for each song below, and subscribe to the playlist here!

For Free – Joni Mitchell

If there is a list to be made she should always be on it. Even if it’s a grocery list. Isle 7 get a box of Joni. There is a lifetime of exquisiteness to aspire to within her songs and recordings.

I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel To Be Free – Nina Simone

I remember the first time a friend played me Nina. I can still smell the room we were in and the see the dust floating in the air. She is otherworldly to me. She also found artistic refuge in France to which I can relate.

Radio Free Europe – REM

I sincerely love all of REM.  The lyrical and musical adventurism are lessons in being free at all times. I heard Sunken Ship on the radio and in Whole Foods in the same day. While that has nothing to do with the subject of this song, it somehow echoes in my mind after the trials it took to get to this album.

Free Girl Now – Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers

You ever stuck in one of those days when it feels people are talking about music more than listening to it? That they are talking about the music business more than getting busy playing or listening to it? Then turn it all off and turn on some Tom Petty loud. It clears the system. I am a free girl now.

Everything Is Free – Gillian Welch

Ouch. It is, I suppose.  But maybe it was supposed to be! This one has bummed me out and but it has also felt like a companion. I’m fortunate enough that there are people out there that buy enough of my records to make the record. Ever since I released Goodbye Red Bullet the business has been “falling apart” yet I have National Throat. Art does not exist without help.

I’m Free Now – Morphine

I have refused to leave Boston though friends have gone and the music business tries to convince me to move. The spirit of Morphine is alive in the streets here. It is now part of the folk lore here. You can’t beat that.

Free Until They Cut Me Down – Iron & Wine

Another artists that I became a life long fan of after hearing the first note. Not many artists make it feel like their whole catalogue is one long piece that feels like one whole. Like every drop of a painting coming to life. When I get pulled outside a dream Iron & Wine pulls me right back in.

Free – Cat Power

You Are Free is the kind of album I am checking myself with for National Throat. The variation and adventure from track to track. Anything can happen and I love that. For me, there is no need to make an album unless it’s gonna cover a lot of territory and stretch out the artist. I don’t want to passively listen to an album. You Are Free has that, Pearl Jam’s VS and Vitology have that, Sticky Fingers by the Stones… You know what I’m saying.

Freedom! ’90 – George Michael

Yes. Because sometimes I have to put on tight jeans when I’m walking away and into a better place. I actually comb my hair, put the top down anyway and unbutton two extra buttons. Drive down the main drag and smile at everyone while lip syncing this song. I’m gonna go-pro that shit next time.

I Feel Free – Cream

My father loved any band that had dynamic drummers. So there was a lot of Bonham, Moon and Ginger Baker around I had to get off a major label to feel safe and free to make the music I wanted to make. That music is National Throat. It exists because of the life, career and experiences I’ve had. It also exists because of all the magical songs that accompanied me to now. Of which the above are a small but significant fraction.

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