15 Inch House Speakers For Sale (2024 Update)

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When it comes to finding the right 15 inch house speakers for your home, there are a few key points to consider. Here’s a quick guide to help you make the right choice.

First, consider the size of the room you’ll be using the speakers in. Larger rooms require larger speakers to fill the space, while smaller rooms can get away with smaller speakers.

Second, evaluate the power of the speakers. You want to make sure that the speakers can handle the sound you want to produce. Look for speakers with a high wattage and an RMS rating that is appropriate for your needs.

Third, consider the frequency response of the speakers. This will determine how well the speakers can reproduce sound at different frequencies. Look for speakers with a broad frequency response range.

Fourth, consider the placement of the speakers. You want to make sure that you place them in the best possible spot to get the best sound. Placing the speakers in corners can help to boost the bass, while placing them away from walls can help to reduce echo.

Finally, consider the design of the speakers. Look for a design that fits in with your home aesthetic. Also, look for speakers that are easy to install and maintain.

These are just a few of the key points to consider when looking for 15 inch house speakers. With the right speakers, you can create an immersive sound experience in your home. Just make sure to do your research and find the right speakers for your needs.

10 Best Selling 15 Inch House Speakers

1. Cerwin Vega Sl-15 3-Way Floor Tower Speaker (15" Woofer, 5 1/4" Mid Driver, 1" Soft Dome Tweeter).

The Cerwin Vega SL-15 3-Way Floor Speaker is the perfect choice for any serious audio enthusiast. This speaker features a 15" woofer for punchy bass, a 5 1/4" midrange driver for crystal clear vocals and a 1" soft dome tweeter for crisp highs. This combination of components is designed to deliver a full and immersive audio experience.

The larger cabinet ensures bigger bass, while the Bass Reflex technology ensures extended lows. The bass is tight and controlled, while the midrange and treble are smooth and articulate. This allows you to hear every detail of your favorite music with stunning clarity.

The SL-15 has a sleek and modern design that will look great in any room. Its solid construction ensures durability and long-term reliability. This speaker is also easy to install and requires minimal setup. You can simply mount it on your wall or place it on your floor.

The Cerwin Vega SL-15 is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to experience top-notch audio quality. Its powerful sound and superior design ensure that you'll be able to enjoy your favorite music for years to come. With the SL-15, you'll never miss a beat!

2. Klipsch Spl-150sw 15 Inch Powered Subwoofer, Ebony

For those looking to take their audio experience to the next level, the Klipsch SPL-150SW 15 Inch Powered Subwoofer is the perfect addition. The subwoofer features a premium scratch-resistant finish in ebony and is equipped with a high efficiency class D amplifier with 400W RMS and 800W peak output. It also includes bass reflex via an exclusive front-firing internal flare port, allowing for increased placement flexibility.

The subwoofer also includes Klipsch’s WA 2 wireless kit for convenient setup and integration with compatible systems. Additionally, it comes with shock absorbing rubber feet, steel grille posts, and a woven cloth grille for an attractive, premium look and feel.

With its powerful output, flexible placement, and attractive design, the Klipsch SPL-150SW 15 Inch Powered Subwoofer is a must-have for any audio enthusiast. The subwoofer offers powerful, low-frequency response that will take your audio experience to the next level. It is the perfect addition to any home theater or audio setup.

3. Seismic Audio Speakers Pair Of Dual 15” Speakers, Pa/dj Speakers, Pro Audio, 1400 Watts Speakers

This Seismic Audio Speakers Pair of Dual 15” Speakers is an ideal choice for professional audio applications such as PA/DJ speakers, PRO audio, and more. Each speaker contains a 50-oz. magnet and 2” voice coil for crystal clear sound and noise rejection. The speaker cabinets are constructed with 5/8” thick plywood, outfitted with black carpet and black metal corners, and feature recessed handles and a full metal grille for a professional look.

The 15” speakers have heavy-duty jack plates which house two 1/4” inputs and two speak-on inputs for easy daisy-chaining and connection to nearly any set-up. These speakers are perfect for DJs, mains, PA use, keyboards, vocals, studio monitors, and other professional applications such as gigs, weddings, churches, and sound and studio monitors.

The rugged hardware of the Seismic Audio Speakers protects it with a fully metal grille on front, heavy-duty metal corners, and thick, durable rubber feet. The 1,400-watt peak power ensures that these speakers can easily keep up with any audio setup. Plus, the dual 15” speakers offer a wide frequency range, making them suitable for a variety of audio applications.

Whether you’re a DJ, musician, or audio engineer, the Seismic Audio Speakers Pair of Dual 15” Speakers is an ideal choice for professional audio applications. With its crystal-clear sound, noise rejection, and rugged hardware, these speakers are sure to meet your audio needs.

4. Qfx Pbx-61081 Rechargeable Portable Speaker | 8" Woofer | 2600w | Bluetooth, Aux, Sd, Fm | Handle, Wheels | 12 Lbs | Tailgating, Indoors/outdoors

The QFX PBX-61081-Silver Rechargeable Portable Speaker is the perfect sound system for any audio experience, indoors or outdoors. With an 8-inch woofer and 2,600 watts of power, you can enjoy clear and strong sound quality. The system includes a remote control, power cable, and auxiliary cable.

Transporting the speaker is made easy by its retractable handle and caster wheels, weighing only 12 pounds. You can bring the music in multiple ways with this wireless sound system, including Bluetooth, AUX cord, USB port, and micro-SD card, as well as an onboard FM radio.

The rechargeable battery allows for up to 5-6 hours of play time, so you don’t need to worry about plugging in to enjoy your music. For extended use, you can plug the sound system into any outlet to charge and play simultaneously.

The QFX PBX-61081-Silver Rechargeable Portable Speaker is perfect for all audio needs, whether you’re tailgating, indoors or outdoors. With up to 2,600 watts, easy transportation, multiple audio options, and a rechargeable battery, it’s the ideal sound system for any environment.

5. Dual 15" Pa/dj Speaker Cabinets, 800w Rms, Titanium Horns, Wheel Kits, Handles.

This Seismic Audio FL-155PC speaker cabinet pair is perfect for any professional DJ or PA system. Featuring two dual 15-inch PA/DJ cabinets, each cabinet has 800 watts RMS (1600 Watts Peak) of power and is designed to provide a full, deep sound. The woofers feature an 80 oz magnet and 3" voice coil for a strong, clear sound. The cabinets also include a titanium horn, rear handle, and wheel kit to make them easy to transport and move around.

The titanium horn is designed to provide a wide dispersion of sound, making it perfect for any large venue. The horns are also designed to reduce distortion and help filter out unwanted noise. The rear handle and wheel kit provide a convenient way to move the speaker cabinets, making it easier to transport them to different locations.

The Seismic Audio FL-155PC speaker cabinet pair is perfect for any professional DJ or PA system. With its 800 watts RMS (1600 Watts Peak) of power and its titanium horn, this speaker cabinet pair is sure to provide a full, deep sound that will fill any large venue. The rear handle and wheel kit also make it easy to transport these speaker cabinets and move them to different locations.

6. Prorreck Mx15 15" 2500w Pa System With Stands, Mic Effects, 48v Phantom Power, Audio Interface.

The PRORECK MX15 is an all in one PA system designed to provide a powerful sound experience. This set includes an 8-channel powered bluetooth mixer, (2) 15 inch passive speakers connected via 1/4" cable, (2) Rugged tripod speaker stands, (1) Wired microphone, (2) 19 Ft. 1/4" Cable for mixer to connect passive speakers, (1) power cable, (1) manual. The MX15 has 625 Watts RMS / 1250 Watts Program Power / 2500 Watts Peak.

The 8-channel powered mixer features bluetooth function to instantly pair with various devices such as iPhone, iPod, iPad, Android, and more with a line of sight of up to 66 feet. The built-in USB drive interface also allows to connect PC and playback MP3 files. It is compatible with condenser mic, dynamic mic, and guitars. The mixer provides individual volume controls, +48V phantom button, RCA input & output.

The MX15 is compact and lightweight, delivering a clear and distortion free sound. This system streams audio signal to passive speakers and then delivers music to audiences. With a wide frequency response (from 40-20KHz), the MX15 is suitable for amplifying any type of audio including music or vocals. This PA system is perfect for any occasion such as weddings, meetings, speeches, churches, class teaching, gymnastics, conferences, home theaters, and more. The MX15 is also great for connecting multiple musical instruments.

The MX15 is easy to transport and setup. The ergonomically shaped side handles on the mixer and passive speakers make them easy to carry and setup. The two rugged speaker stands are easy to fold and transport. It also comes with a mounting accessory to connect to the mixer rack on the market. The stand height is 2.4ft to 4ft, the mixer size is 5(H)x8(W)x16(L) inch, and the speaker size is 14x15x26inch. The MX15 comes with a one year warranty and 30 days return policy. It also comes with two individual packages.

7. Jbl (2) Pro Jrx215 15" 2000w Professional Passive Pa/dj Speakers 8 Ohm Jrx 215

The JBL Pro JRX215 is a powerful and reliable sound reinforcement loudspeaker system. This two-way system features an impressive 15" JBL low frequency driver with a 64 mm (2.5 in) diameter edge wound ribbon voice coil and a JBL 2414H-C 25 mm (1 in) polymer diaphragm compression driver. It also has a advanced network topology crossover design, along with high-voltage capacitors and inductors with massive cores and heavy gauge wire. Its progressive transition high frequency waveguide allows for accurate sound reproduction.

The JRX215 is housed in a 19 mm (0.75 in) MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) enclosure and features a SonicGuard that protects the high frequency driver from excess power without interrupting the performance. It also has strong, non-resonant, all-steel handles and an 18-gauge hexagon perforated steel grille. For added convenience, it has a dual-angle pole-mount socket that allows the speaker to tilt 10°.

This loudspeaker system has a power rating of 250 W / 1000W, a frequency range of 41 Hz – 18 kHz and a frequency response of 59 Hz – 13 kHz. It has a sensitivity of 99 dB SPL and a nominal impedance of 8 ohms. It is recommended to be used with an amplifier power of 250 W to 500 W into 8 ohms. It has a maximum SPL of 129 dB and a nominal dispersion of 90 x 50. The crossover frequency of this loudspeaker is 2.2 kHz and its dimensions are 699 mm x 460 mm x 432 mm (27.5 in x 18.1 in x 17 in) with a weight of 27.4 kg (60.5 lb). It has a JBL 2414H-C 1" exit compression driver mounted on a progressive transition waveguide and a JBL M115-8A low frequency driver. Additionally, this loudspeaker has parallel Neutrik Speakon NL-4 (x1) and .25in TS phone jack (x1) input connectors.

The JBL Pro JRX215 is an ideal sound reinforcement loudspeaker system for any professional application. With its impressive design and advanced features, it ensures clear and accurate sound reproduction for any performance.

8. 15.6" Laptop Tote Bag With Usb Charging, Pu Leather Business Shoulder Bag 2pcs Set, Black

This stylish Laptop Tote Bag for Women is the perfect work briefcase for busy professionals. Made of high-quality cross pattern PU leather and polyester lining, it is water-resistant, scratch-resistant, wear-resistant and anti-wrinkle. The bag measures 16.7 x 6.7x 12 inches and its reinforced flat bottom with 4 rivets reduces friction and scrape of the bottom of the bag while in daily use.

Along with the large main pocket designed for documents, books, gadgets and more, the bag also features an independent laptop compartment, a middle opened pocket, a middle zippered pocket, two small square pockets, two pen pockets, a small zipper pocket, a side-pocket for a power bank, and an anti-theft pocket on the outside. The laptop bag also includes a USB charging port for easy access to charge your phones and devices. Additionally, the bag includes an adjustable shoulder strap and handle and a detachable tassel ornament for a fashionable design.

The bag also comes with a complimentary small makeup organizer made of soft PU leather with a smooth zipper on the top closure. The organizer can store jewelry, USB cables, SD cards, Smart Speakers, headsets, earbuds, mice, USB chargers, and USB Flash Drives.

This laptop tote is the perfect accessory for work, school, cafes, shopping, parties, and travel. It makes for a wonderful Christmas or Thanksgiving gift for family and friends, and is a great gift for business women, teachers, and girlfriends. With this bag, you can now easily stay organized and stylish at the same time.

9. Preck Club 3000: 2×12" Sub + 8x Array Pa Speaker System W/bluetooth, Usb, Sd, Remote.

The RECK Club 3000 4000 Watt DJ/Powered PA Speaker System Combo Set is a comprehensive all-in-one package for audio amplification. It consists of one active subwoofer, one passive subwoofer, eight 4-inch array speakers, two speaker poles, a 30-feet speakon cable, six 8-inch 6.35mm cables, a 6-feet 6.35mm cable, a 33-feet 6.35mm cable, a remote control, and a user manual. The active subwoofer features a 12-inch amplifier for controlling the passive subwoofer and line array speakers.

The PA system is designed for easy setup and use. It offers Bluetooth, USB and SD card functions, and can pair with iPhone, iPod, iPad, and Android devices over a line-of-sight of up to 66 feet. The remote control allows you to switch modes, play/pause, switch to previous/next song, and increase/decrease volume from up to 20 feet. Additionally, the telescoping speaker pole can adjust the PA system from 65 inches to 80 inches, and the side handles enable easy transportation of the subwoofers.

The powered system comes with four-channel mono and stereo inputs (two mono XLR inputs for microphone or line-level source, one stereo 6.35mm input and one stereo RCA input) and one stereo RCA output, so it can easily connect to multiple musical instruments. It has a 4000 Watt Peak /1000 RMS, and a wide frequency response from 40-20KHz, making it suitable for amplifying any type of audio including music or vocals. The two subwoofers are constructed from MDF material to reduce resonance for distortion-free and accurate response, while eight tweeters and eight mid-tweeters ensure clear and deep stereo sound.

The RECK Club 3000 4000 Watt DJ/Powered PA Speaker System Combo Set is an ideal choice for a variety of events and venues, such as weddings, meetings, speeches, churches, class teaching, gymnastics, conferences, and home theaters. It is shipped in three separate packages.

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