Monday, May 31, 2010

Pajammy Jam of the Day | Gigi - Alone at the Pier (Feat. Rose Melberg)

Capturing the spirit of the pop music that flooded the Hit Parade in the early '60s is a tall order, and the songs on Gigi's new LP Maintainment decidedly develop a world and language of their own. With a reverent eye on the past and a deep respect for the airtight songsmithery of artists like Ellie Greenwich, Jeff Barry, and Shadow Morton (among countless others), the songs aren't content to be throwback-y pastiches or polka-dotted retro workouts but rather stand as attempts at working within a specific and incredibly rich tradition of pop music production.

Our Pajammy Jam of the Day "Alone At The Pier” is the Rose Melberg-sung standout diddy from the aforementioned LP - and it's simply a festival of '60s pop.

Happy Memorial Day - enjoy!

Gigi - Alone at the Pier