Monday, September 20, 2010

Fair Saint Louisans, Meet STL LOUD!

Here at Speakers in Code, we are in general wonderment and awe of the immense musical talent that our fellow Saint Louisans boast. Let's face it: most of these people work critical day jobs, passionately honing their craft during "free time" hours and funding their art with what might normally be a decent-sized savings account. It's a noble journey, indeed, and it doesn't go unnoticed. But, more people need to know about these guys. 

We feel, to quote the ever-eloquent Bonnie Tyler, our local music scene is "living in a powder keg and giving off sparks." And you really need it tonight. 

Want proof? 

Musician/songwriter Beth Bombara recently sailed past her Kickstarter pledge goal which will allow her to press her first LP on vinyl. And there are still five days left. Clearly, people are into it. 

Union Tree Review just put together a spankin' new video for "Interstate," directed by Sarah Worner and Edward Calvey and filmed in an unused storefront on Cherokee Street.

Just this month, bands like The Blind Eyes, The Dive Poets, and Via Dove literally brought the house down as (respectively) Fleetwood Mac, R.E.M., and Pearl Jam at An Undercover Weekend at The Firebird

So, naturally, we couldn't be more psyched to support a super duper new project, the brainchild of Ryan Albritton of R&R Music Labs. Proudly and aptly named STL LOUD, the effort is designed to bolster an already booming local music scene. Straight from the horse's mouth, here's what Ryan has to say about his new baby:

Welcome to the STL LOUD EP Project. More of any good thing is always better, so instead of one CD, let’s do a series of EPs as an ongoing tribute to St. Louis and all of the great music held herein. We will be recording a couple bands every month for this project, which should keep us on track for one release every three months. Yes- new, original, previously-unreleased, local music every 3 months!! Excited? …Not good enough? Ok- how about this, each release will be accompanied by a showcase at some unnamed local venue featuring the five or six artists on the EP. So now, in addition to the new, original, previously-unreleased, local music every three months, we also get to go to a show, or more precisely, many shows! This is starting to sound like a real celebration!

To read the entire release, head over to the R&R Music Labs bloggy blog. 

Speakers in Code, along with other local music blogs I Went To A Show, 5 Score Pachyderm, and A to Z, will be taking turns sharing the exciting details of the STL LOUD project. So, stay tuned in the coming weeks for band leaks, venue information, EP artwork, and more. 

Follow these guys on Twitter: @RRMUSICLABS, @bethbombara, @uniontreereview, @theblindeyes, @thedivepoets, @viadove, @iwtas, @5scorepachyderm, @rftmusic, and last but not least, us @speakersincode. Sadly, Bonnie Tyler doesn't have a Twitter account.