Monday, September 13, 2010

Jam of the Day | The Golden Filter - Hide Me

My biggest surprise of the first annual Hopscotch Festival that rocked individual worlds all across the Triangle area of North Carolina over the weekend was accidentally catching The Golden Filter simply by showing up a little early hear the next band.

I walked into their show, which filled the next-to-the-last time slot just before Washed Out took the stage at one in the mawnin', and was immediately berated with a gang of glowstick covered people, tussled blonde hair, eyeliner and fucking awesome energetic music that was much needed at that late point in the festival.

I'm not sure if I heard our Jam of the Day, "Hide Me," that night, but after researching the band a bit, it's the epitome of what their songs usually encompass. It's dreamy pop, with a twinge of energy to keep things moving enough to be totally entertaining.

Check it out. It was enough to excite an exhausted guy who had been through sixteen bands over a three-day period. That's one of the best endorsements I've ever given.

The Golden Filter - Hide Me