Monday, May 16, 2011

Jam of the Day | Metronomy - Everything Goes My Way

When England electropop outfit Metronomy released its debut record in 2006, they seemed a little more electro and a little less pop. With the release of the quartet's third album, The English Riviera (Because Music), and a change in the band's members, the tides have turned, at least for the time being. Metronomy's sensibilities now seem a little less electro and a little more pop.

"Everything Goes My Way" is a refined, stripped-down, laid-back love song that showcases the group's new pop penchant. The tune revisits the common sentiment that when one is out of love, life is dauntingly difficult, and when one has love, all aspects of existence seem a little more favorable. New drummer Anna Prior's sweet and smokey voice gently carries us through the tune and leads listeners through a captivating hook filled with lovely "ooh oohs," polite hand claps, and the rhythmic rattle of maracas. Get this tune on your most cool and relaxing summer playlist.

Buy The English Riviera here. Listen to "Everything Goes My Way" below.