Jam of the Day | Diego’s Umbrella – Richardson

Gypsy rock is a new one for me. I’m more of a lyrics guy (read: sad bastard), as you probably know, or might have guessed. But hey, music discovery never ends, so I’m happy to have been introduced to Diego’s Umbrella, who are “San Francisco‚Äôs Ambassadors of Gypsy Rock.” You’re probably wondering what that means, and my best advice to you is to listen to “Richardson,” today’s Jam of the Day, to let it all sink in. Yup, that should do it.

Diego’s Umbrella will, in fact, be rocking at this weekend’s Outside Lands Festival in San Fran, which will also be featuring equally important California rockers The Stone Foxes (the full lineup can be found here). If you didn’t know, The Foxes are currently running a contest where you can create your own video for their song, “Psycho.” Details to get in on that fun can be found here. Go on, find your inner Norman Bates.

Anyway. Back to Diego’s Umbrella. “Richardson” is today’s jam, so get set to rock out like your gypsy self. You know you want to.

Diego’s Umbrella – Richardson

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