Friday, January 18, 2013

Download | The Bottle Rockets (January 05, 2013, The Pageant, St. Louis, MO)

Early last year, we featured a stripped-down, acoustic Bottle Rockets show taped at the Wood House Concert series in St. Louis. (You can find that here.) Today, we bring you The Bottle Rockets in all their plugged-in, amplified glory.

Two weeks back, The Pageant played host to a special, free show celebrating Schlafly Beer's 21st Birthday and featuring local acts Old Lights, Bunnygrunt and The Bottle Rockets. Many thanks to all involved for making it a wonderful night.

You can download the show in its entirety in MP3 format here.

Or, download the show in lossless FLAC format here.

You can also stream the following tracks:

Big Lots of Love

Lucky Break

Gravity Fails

The Bottle Rockets
January 05, 2013
The Pageant
St. Louis, MO

Source: AKG C480B / CK61-ULS's (DIN, -10dB pad) > Sound Devices MixPre > Sony PCM-M10 (16/44.1)
Location: FOB, clamped to rail, ~40' back, ~2' LOC, ~10' high
Transfer: PCM-M10 > USB > Audacity 1.3.13-beta (fades, normalize, amplify, splits) > WAV > FLAC Frontend 1.7 (Level 5) + FLAC 1.2.1 > FLAC
Taped and Transferred by Chris Finn (

One Set
01. Intro >
02. Beer Drinkers & Hell Raisers
03. Big Lots of Love
04. Way It Used to Be >
05. 24 Hours a Day
06. Hard Times
07. Banter (Schlafly) >
08. I Wanna Come Home >
09. Facebook Jam > Every Kinda Everything >
10. Get on the Bus
11. Banter (Facebook Photo) *
12. Kerosene
13. When I Was Dumb
14. Lucky Break
15. Alone in Bad Company
16. Queen of the World
17. Shame on Me >
18. Wave That Flag >
19. Gas Girl
20. Happy Anniversary
21. Banter (Band Intros, Spain)
22. I'll Be Comin' Around >
23. Thousand Dollar Car >
24. Radar Gun
25. Indianapolis
26. Welfare Music >
27. Banter (Thank You's, Last Song) >
28. The Long Way
29. Applause, Banter

30. Pot of Gold
31. Gravity Fails

32. Tom Schlafly Speech (Bonus Track)

* Brian Henneman got a phone from the crowd for a crowd picture

Fades on tracks 01, 31 and 32
Old Lights and Bunnygrunt opened
Free concert celebrating Schlafly's 21st Birthday Party
Before The Bottle Rockets set Tom Schlafly delivered a speech, for archival purposes
it is included after the last track as 'Tom Schlafly Speech (Bonus Track)'

Brian Henneman (guitar)
John Horton (guitar)
Mark Ortmann (drums)
Keith Voegele (bass)