Jam of the Day | The Strokes – Tap Out

The Strokes will never top Is This It. There – it’s been said. It will never, ever, never, ever, never happen.  Their debut LP came out at one of those once-in-a-generation magical times, much like when grunge took over the world, when the music world was hemorrhaging for something real. They delivered that album into a world dominated by fake skater-bands, emo-whining, and yesterday’s leftovers clutching to remain relevant. They were immediately hoisted to god-like status, spawning the “The Band” movement that changed pop music for over a decade.

Comedown Machine is The Strokes fifth album, and in my opinion, their second-best.  It succeeds on every level their last album, Angles, did not.  It’s catchy as shit, entertaining as hell, and most importantly, it not only sounds like they’re having fun…but it also sounds like they’re trying again.

And that, my friends, means good things to come. Check out album-opener “Tap Out” below, and pick up that vinyl that comes out today.

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