Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Jam of the Day | London Grammar - Strong

A push notification flashes across my phone screen. I become frightened, anxious and sad. Does anyone ever hope for this? You've heard both sides and weighed every option. Your brain says one thing while your heart screams the opposite. The forces are heavily laden with influence, promising hope or doling despair, depending on which way you sway.

Excuse me for a while 
While I’m wide eyed, and I’m so damn caught in the middle

Faced with an impossibly difficult choice, would you give up without a fight, or move forward knowing very well it's a battle you could lose?

And a lion, a lion roars, would you not listen? 
If a child, a child cries, would you not listen?

We are babies and we are beasts. We love and we lose. We begin and we end. London Grammar exposes this war with "Strong," off their debut album, If You Wait.