6X9 Speakers Autozone For Sale (2023 Update)

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When shopping for 6×9 speakers, AutoZone is a great place to start. With its wide selection of car audio equipment, you can find the perfect set of speakers to upgrade your car’s sound system. Before you buy, it’s important to consider several key points. Here’s a quick guide to help you make the right decision.

First, think about the type of speakers you need. Do you prefer component or coaxial speakers? Component speakers offer superior sound quality and are ideal for those who want to customize their sound system. Coaxial speakers are easier to install and are more affordable, making them a great choice for those on a budget.

Second, consider the power handling of the speakers. The higher the power handling, the louder the speakers can get without distortion. For most cars, you’ll want speakers with a power handling of at least 50 watts.

Third, look for speakers with a high sensitivity rating. This rating measures how much sound is produced from a given amount of power. The higher the sensitivity rating, the more efficient the speakers will be.

Fourth, pay attention to the frequency response of the speakers. This is the range of frequencies the speakers can reproduce. For a full-range sound, look for speakers with a wide frequency response.

Finally, check the build quality of the speakers. Look for speakers that are well-constructed and made with durable materials like polypropylene or aluminum. This will ensure that the speakers last for many years.

When you’re shopping for 6×9 speakers at AutoZone, these five key points will help you find the perfect set. With a wide selection of car audio equipment, you can find the speakers that will make your car sound great.

10 Best Selling 6X9 Speakers Autozone

1. Pair Of Soundxtreme 6×9 520 Watt 4-Way Red Car Audio Stereo Coaxial Speakers – St694 (2 Speakers)

The SoundXtreme 6×9" 4-Way speaker set is an ideal choice for those looking to upgrade their car audio system. This set of two speakers features an impressive 140 watt RMS and 520 watt peak power, delivering a powerful and clear sound. Each speaker is crafted with an aluminum voice coil, 4 ohm impedance and a sensitivity of 92dB/1W/1m. The injection cone woofer guarantees a deep and rich bass and the frequency response of 30 – 20,000 Hz ensures a wide range of sound. With a woofer size of 6×9 inches (160×230 mm), these speakers are the perfect size for any car. And with the mounting hole diameter of 5-5/8 x 8-7/16 inches (143×215 mm), you can be sure that these speakers will fit perfectly in your car. The SoundXtreme 6×9" 4-Way speaker set is the perfect choice for anyone looking for an upgrade to their car audio system. With its powerful sound and reliable build, this set of speakers won't disappoint.

2. Boss Audio Ch6930 6×9" Car Speakers – 400w Max, 3 Way, Full Range.

The BOSS Audio Systems CH6930 Chaos Series 6 x 9 Inch Car Stereo Door Speakers are the perfect choice for a powerful sound system. Boasting 400 Watts Max, these speakers are perfect for a full range audio experience. The speakers come with a poly-injected cone with a rubber surround, plus a 1-inch high-temperature voice coil and a .75-inch Piezo tweeter, giving you the best sound possible.

The mounting depth is 3.2 inches and the mounting hole is 8.9 x 6 inches, making it easy to install. The dimensions are 9.25 x 6.5 x 4 inches and the item weight is 5.4 pounds (pair). The frequency response is from 50Hz to 20khz, with a sensitivity of 92 dB @ 1 watt/1 meter. The impedance is 4 ohms.

These speakers are perfect for a powerful car sound system. The quality materials and design ensure a powerful sound and long-lasting performance. Not only are these speakers aesthetically pleasing, but they are also built to last.

To make sure you get the best out of your purchase, BOSS Audio Systems provides a powerful 3-year platinum online dealer warranty when the purchase is made through Amazon.com. Professional installation of this product is also strongly encouraged to ensure proper and safe functionality.

The BOSS Audio Systems CH6930 Chaos Series 6 x 9 Inch Car Stereo Door Speakers are the perfect choice for a powerful sound system. With 400 Watts Max and a full range of audio frequencies, these speakers are sure to give you an amazing audio experience every time. Not to mention, the quality materials and design ensure a powerful sound and long-lasting performance.

3. Installbay – Ibbaf69 Acoustic Speaker Baffles 6×9 Inch – Pair

The InstallBay IBBAF69 Acoustic Speaker Baffles are a top-of-the-line pair of 6×9 inch baffles designed to provide exceptional sound quality for your audio system. Crafted with state-of-the-art technology and precision-engineered from premium materials, these speaker baffles are built to last and match your specific requirements.

These acoustic speaker baffles are designed to reduce reflections and noise from entering your audio system, ensuring that you get the most out of your sound. The baffles effectively dampen sound waves with their dense construction and help to disperse sound more evenly, creating a fuller soundstage. They also feature a universal fit that allows them to fit a variety of speaker shapes and sizes.

The InstallBay IBBAF69 Acoustic Speaker Baffles are an ideal choice for anyone looking to upgrade their audio system with a professional-grade solution. They provide an easy and effective way to improve the sound quality of your audio system without having to invest in expensive and time-consuming improvements. With their durable construction and universal fit, these baffles are sure to be an essential part of your audio setup.

4. Jvc Cs-J6930 400w 6×9 3-Way J Series Coaxial Car Speakers

The JVC CS-J6930 400W 6×9 3-Way J Series Coaxial Car Speakers provide top-of-the-line sound for your vehicle. These speakers boast a power handling peak of 400 watts and a power handling RMS of 45 watts, giving you the perfect balance of power and sound quality. The speakers feature a mica cone woofer, a hybrid surround and a poly-ether imide balanced dome tweeter, making them incredibly efficient and reliable. The unique design of the speakers ensures that you get the best sound quality in any vehicle.

The mica cone woofer allows for a powerful low-end sound, while the hybrid surround provides amazing sound dispersion and clarity. The poly-ether imide balanced dome tweeter is designed to achieve a smooth, balanced sound that is crystal clear and powerful. With its three-way design, these speakers provide excellent sound quality and a wide frequency range, making them perfect for anyone looking for a high-quality audio experience.

The JVC CS-J6930 400W 6×9 3-Way J Series Coaxial Car Speakers are the perfect addition to any audio system. With their powerful sound and wide range of frequencies, you'll be sure to get a great sound out of your vehicle. Whether you're listening to your favorite tunes or enjoying a movie in your car, these speakers will provide you with excellent sound quality that is sure to impress.

5. Unisex Autozone Mesh Flat Brim Baseball Cap

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This LHSPOSIFD Unisex Man's Baseball Hat is the perfect accessory for any season, whether you're running errands or enjoying the outdoors. With its adjustable buckle closure and high-quality material, it is sure to provide you with the secure fit and comfort you need.

6. Recoil Rcx694 Echo Series 4-Way 6×9-Inch Car Audio Coaxial Speaker System, Sold In Pairs

For car audio enthusiasts looking to make a statement, the RECOIL RCX694 Echo Series 4-Way 6X9-Inch Car Audio Coaxial Speaker System is the perfect way to upgrade your vehicle’s audio system. Designed for optimal performance and sound quality, this powerful speaker system can handle up to peak power of 280 watts per pair and 140 watts RMS per pair.

The Echo Series 6X9-inch 4-way full-range coaxial speakers feature lightweight thermal-formed polypropylene cones for crisp, accurate frequency reproduction. Nitrile butadiene rubber surrounds add durability and deeper mid-bass impact. With a 58mm mylar mid-range, a 28mm Tetoron tweeter, and a 18mm Piezo tweeter, the RCX694 offers a smooth, fatigue-free listening experience. Ferrite magnet motor creates a strong magnetic field for superior sound quality, while its small size allows for easy installation in nearly any car.

For superior sound quality and convenience, the RCX694 is the perfect choice for car audio enthusiasts. Its 4-way design ensures optimal sound accuracy and power handling, while its lightweight components ensure a durable build and longevity. With a built-in crossover network, you can rest assured that your music will sound its best. And, with its universal fit, you can enjoy this speaker system in nearly any car.

For those looking to upgrade their car audio system, the RECOIL RCX694 Echo Series 4-Way 6X9-Inch Car Audio Coaxial Speaker System is the perfect choice. With its superior sound quality, lightweight components, and universal fit, this speaker system is sure to make your car stereo stand out from the rest.

7. (Pair) Gravity 6×9 Inch 4-Way 380 Watts Coaxial Car Speakers Cea Rated – 6996h

These Gravity 6×9 inch 4-Way 380 Watts Coaxial Car Speakers CEA Rated – 6996H are an ideal addition to any car audio system. With peak power handling of 380 watts total, or 175 watts each, these speakers will provide superior sound quality and performance.

The silver alpha cellulose cones and moisture resistant rubber surround ensures long-lasting durability and high-quality sound. The neo mylar soft dome tweeter and 4 ohm impedance provide clear and accurate sound reproduction. With a sensitivity rating of 92dB and a frequency range of 30-22 kHz, these speakers are sure to bring out the best in your music.

The 20oz magnet and 25mm voice coil ensure that the speakers will deliver powerful and punchy bass, while the spade speaker terminals make it easier to install and secure the speakers into your car audio system. The sleek and modern design of the speakers makes them a perfect fit in any car, and their superior sound quality will help you enjoy your favorite music like never before.

For an enhanced listening experience and superior sound quality, these Gravity 6×9 inch 4-Way 380 Watts Coaxial Car Speakers CEA Rated – 6996H are a great choice. With their powerful performance and sleek design, these speakers are sure to make your car audio system sound better than ever.

8. Ct Sounds Bio-6×9-Cox 6×9 Inch Coaxial Car Speakers, 200 Watts Max, Pair

The CT Sounds BIO-6X9-COX 6×9 Inch Coaxial Car Speakers are the perfect upgrade to any factory car speakers, allowing you to enjoy a rich soundscape at an affordable price. These speakers have a 6”x9” size, making them easy to install in any car. They have an impedance of 4 Ohms and provide 50 Watts RMS and 100 Watts Max power per speaker, for a total system power of 100 Watts RMS and 200 Watts Max.

The BIO-6X9-COX speakers are a two-way full range car audio system that come with a silk dome tweeter and a polypropylene woofer. The combination of these two components creates a balanced tonal range that you won’t find anywhere else. The installation process is also incredibly easy, so you can get your car rocking much quicker.

The sound quality that these speakers offer is truly out of this world. You’ll be able to experience a sonic journey of rich mid-tones and crisp highs, giving you an experience like no other. With the CT Sounds BIO-6X9-COX 6×9 Inch Coaxial Car Speakers, you’ll be able to travel to the future and experience sound like never before.

9. Pyle 6×9/7×10 Quadriaxial Speakers, 500w, 4ohm, 3/4" Tweeters, Blue (Pair)

This Pyle 6×9/7×10 car Speaker 4-Way Quadriaxial Full Range Sound Audio is an excellent and high-quality sound speaker system. It is designed to accommodate most cars, measuring in at 9.89'' x 7.13'' x 3.89'' inches with a power cable length of 13 ft. This speaker system has a high-quality magnet structure of 60 oz. with a 6'' x 9'' voice coil standard that fits into OEM locations. It also has a 500-watt maximum power supply that increases the volume at a higher frequency, producing clearer and more appealing sound.

In addition, this speaker system has a blue poly injection cone that provides lots of toughness without increasing its weight. It also has a 1.5'' high-temperature ASV voice coil that is ideal for high-temperature and high-wattage applications. It also comes with a 3/4'' Piezo with 1'' Film Dome Tweeter and a 4-ohm impedance component audio speaker that compensates for the small wire present in many modern automobiles, allowing it to make the most of every 500 watts that your car radio can give.

This Pyle 6×9/7×10 car Speaker 4-Way Quadriaxial Full Range Sound Audio is an excellent choice for those looking for a high-quality sound speaker system for their car. It is designed for versatility and convenience and is capable of producing a richer and clearer sound. It is also equipped with a high-quality magnet structure and a 4-ohm impedance component audio speaker that allows it to make the most of every 500 watts that your car radio can give. With its excellent features, this sound speaker system is sure to enhance your audio experience.

6X9 Speakers Autozone FAQs

Can 6x9 be used as subwoofer?

Yes, 6×9 speakers can be used as subwoofers. They may not produce the same level of bass output as a full-size subwoofer, but they can provide a good amount of low-end sound when properly configured. For example, you can use the 6×9 subwoofer with an amplifier and a dedicated subwoofer enclosure that is properly tuned to the speaker. Additionally, you can use a line-level crossover or an active crossover in order to ensure the 6×9 speaker is only playing the frequencies that it is designed to reproduce. With the right setup, a 6×9 subwoofer can produce powerful bass while taking up less space than a traditional subwoofer.

Do 6x9 speakers produce bass?

Yes, 6×9 speakers can produce bass. However, they are not the ideal choice for bass response because the size of the speaker cone limits the amount of bass that can be produced. Additionally, the placement of the speakers in your car plays a major role in the amount of bass that can be produced. 6×9 speakers work best when placed in an enclosure that is designed to increase the bass response of the speakers. Additionally, the power output of the amplifier should be matched to the speakers to ensure that the speakers are not being overworked, which can lead to distortion. In short, 6×9 speakers can produce bass, but they are not the ideal choice for producing strong and clear bass frequencies.

What 6x9 have good bass?

When it comes to finding 6×9 speakers with good bass output, it is important to look for a few key features that make the speaker capable of producing strong, clear bass. Firstly, the size and power of the speaker should be considered; larger speakers with more powerful amplifiers will typically produce deeper and more powerful bass. Additionally, look for speakers that have low frequency response ratings (measured in Hz) below 40Hz; this will ensure that the speaker is capable of producing deep bass notes. Finally, look for speakers with advanced features like dual-voice coils and bass-reflex designs, which help to enhance the bass output. With these features in mind, there are several 6×9 speakers on the market that offer great bass performance, including models from Kicker, Rockford Fosgate, and JL Audio.

What is the most powerful 6x9?

The most powerful 6×9 speaker will depend on your particular needs and preferences. For many people, a 6×9 component speaker system will be the most powerful option, as these systems offer superior sound quality with a higher level of power handling. These systems typically feature multiple drivers for a full-range sound, and some models even feature a built-in amplifier for additional power. If you're looking for even more power, a 6×9 subwoofer is the way to go. These subwoofers are designed to deliver deep, powerful bass frequencies and can handle a considerable amount of power without sacrificing sound quality. When shopping for a 6×9 speaker, it's important to consider factors such as power handling, frequency response, and sensitivity to ensure you get the most out of your system.

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