7.1 Surround Sound Rear Speakers For Sale (2024 Update)

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When looking for 7.1 surround sound rear speakers, there are five key points to consider: sound quality, power handling, connection options, installation, and budget.

Sound quality is an important factor to consider when selecting 7.1 surround sound rear speakers. Look for speakers that produce clear, balanced sound with no distortion. Check the frequency response range and sensitivity rating to ensure the speakers can reproduce sound accurately and at the desired volume.

Power handling is also important. Look for speakers with a higher power handling rating that can handle more power and provide more volume. This will ensure that the speakers are able to handle the power from the receiver.

Connection options are important to consider when selecting 7.1 surround sound rear speakers. Look for speakers that can be connected to the receiver with the appropriate cables and connections. This will ensure that the speakers are compatible with the receiver and can be easily connected.

Installation is also a key factor to consider. Look for speakers that are easy to install and come with all the necessary hardware and instructions. This will ensure that the speakers are properly installed and provide the best sound quality.

Finally, it is important to consider your budget when selecting 7.1 surround sound rear speakers. Look for speakers that are within your budget while still providing good sound quality and power handling. This will ensure that you get the best value for your money.

Overall, when looking for 7.1 surround sound rear speakers, it is important to consider sound quality, power handling, connection options, installation, and budget. By taking these five key points into consideration, you can ensure that you get the best speakers to provide the best sound quality for your home theater system.

10 Best Selling 7.1 Surround Sound Rear Speakers

1. Nakamichi Shockwafe Pro 7.1.4ch 600w Dolby Atmos/dts:x Soundbar With 8" Sub, 2 Rear Surrounds. 360° Home Theater System.

The Nakamichi Shockwafe Pro 7.1.4 Channel 600W Dolby Atmos/DTS:X soundbar is the perfect addition to any home theater setup. With 70+ years of audio excellence, this soundbar is designed to transform your living room into a state-of-the-art movie theater, giving you true 360° cinema surround. The soundbar is built with our flagship Shockwafe Ultra SSE’s DNA, and is the winner of Best Dolby Atmos Soundbar Battle.

This soundbar comes with our exclusive SSE Technology, featuring 3 advanced audio processing engines working in harmony to enhance directionality, enlarge spaciousness and unlock extra details of any audio soundtrack. The soundbar produces up to 7.1.4 channels of uncompromising moving audio that flows all around you, and can fill the room with 105dB of sound.

The soundbar also features two 2-way rear speakers, the industry’s first, which produce spacious and dynamic surround sound. Each rear speaker is connected to the subwoofer via RCA wires and has a tweeter that reproduces high frequencies with captivating clarity, as well as a full-range driver that delivers surround effects with power and precision. The main soundbar unit features upgraded high performance speaker drivers, with signature front surround effects tweeters that deliver a 35% wider soundstage. The 8" down-firing wireless subwoofer delivers tight, room shaking low frequencies that enhance the impact of your home theater.

You can also enjoy Dolby Atmos surround via TV’s eARC when streaming with TV’s smart apps like Netflix, with advanced connectivity and Dolby Vision, 4K UHD pass-thru and High Dynamic Range (HDR). The soundbar also has multiple input options, including 1 HDMI ARC, 3 HDMI, 1 Optical and 1 Coaxial inputs, and the 52-key backlit remote allows you to easily control sources, DSP modes, individual channel and room size optimization.

The Nakamichi Shockwafe Pro 7.1.4 Channel 600W Dolby Atmos/DTS:X soundbar is the perfect choice for movie-lovers and audiophiles alike. This soundbar gives you the true 360° cinema surround experience and is the perfect addition to any home theater setup.

2. Dynasty Proaudio Wsa-5rp Wireless Surround Sound Rear Speakers With 50w Amp, 5.2g/5.8ghz Dual Band, 106 Rf Channels.

The DYNASTY PROAUDIO WSA-5RP Wireless Surround Sound Rear Speakers Kit is the perfect solution for those looking to add a wireless surround sound system to their home entertainment setup. The kit comes with two 50W amplifiers built-in, and features a 5.2G/5.8GHz dual-band selectable digital wireless connection with an advanced total 106 RF channel auto selection, allowing you to avoid interference with your 5G network while receiving near lossless audio and providing excellent transmission stability.

For easy connection to your A/V receiver system, the WSA-5RP comes with speaker line level input and stereo RCA input, allowing you to receive full band audio from any audio amplifier, A/V receiver or preamp. The built-in amplifiers are high-efficiency Class D amplifiers, allowing you to connect directly to any passive bookshelf or rear surround sound loudspeakers.

The WSA-5RP also provides an additional subwoofer mono input and output, allowing you to connect between an AV receiver and power/active subwoofer speaker or subwoofer amplifier. With a maximum operational distance of up to 100 ft (30m) between the transmitter and receiver (line of sight), the WSA-5RP delivers 24-bit 48KHz full CD quality high resolution/uncompressed audio.

The DYNASTY PROAUDIO WSA-5RP Wireless Surround Sound Rear Speakers Kit is the perfect choice for those looking for an efficient and easy-to-install wireless surround sound system. With its near lossless audio and excellent transmission stability, you can be sure that you will get the best sound quality for your home entertainment setup.

3. Fluance Sxbp2 Bipolar Surround Speakers, Black Ash (Pair)

The Fluance Elite High Definition 2-Way Bipolar Surround Speakers are designed to bring the cinema experience into the home. Offering an immersive bipolar radiation pattern for wide dispersion of sound, this surround sound system will provide an optimum surround imaging experience. The premium components ensure serious performance and natural sound, guaranteeing a seamless timbre to match with the Fluance SX Series and other high quality systems.

The speakers are expertly crafted with engineered MDF wood cabinetry to reduce cabinet resonance, and finished in a sleek black ash wood. This ensures the speakers will look great in any home theater setting. Additionally, the speakers come with a Full lifetime parts and labor manufacturer's direct warranty, and a lifetime customer support service.

The Fluance Elite High Definition 2-Way Bipolar Surround Speakers will provide a sound experience like no other. With their premium components and engineered MDF wood cabinetry, you can be sure of a reliable and powerful sound. The bipolar radiation pattern offers wide dispersion, while the seamless timbre allows it to match perfectly with other high quality systems. The full lifetime warranty and customer support services ensure you can enjoy this system for years to come.

4. Theater Solutions Ts65w In Wall 6.5" Speakers Surround Sound Home Theater Pair, White

The Theater Solutions TS65W in wall speakers are designed to offer superior sound performance within a compact and discreet form factor. These discrete speakers are ideal for home theater, surround sound, offices and commercial applications.

The TS65W features a 2-way design and functionality, offering 10-200 watts of power per speaker. With a frequency response of 32Hz-20kHz, the speakers are optimized for clear and accurate sound reproduction. The 6.5" woven fiber bulletproof cone woofers provide a deep and powerful bass, while the pivoting silk titanium dome tweeters deliver crisp and detailed highs.

The speakers feature spring loaded raw wire connections for easy installation. They also come with a unique wall-locking mounting system, which eliminates the need for mounting hardware. This allows for a secure and easy installation process. Cutout templates and full instructions are included, making installation even more straightforward.

The TS65W speakers have a cutout size of 10.5" X 7.125" per speaker, while the overall size is 12.125" X 8.6875" per speaker. The mounting depth is 3" per speaker. The paintable frames and grills make it easy to blend in with any decor, while the low-profile housing ensures minimal intrusiveness.

The Theater Solutions TS65W in wall speakers are designed and engineered in the USA for superior performance. They are an ideal choice for in wall or in ceiling home entertainment, surround sound, home theater, offices or commercial spaces. This listing and price is for a pair of two in wall speakers.

5. Sanus Htbs Speaker Stands – 28"-38" Height, Set Of 2.

The Sanus Adjustable Height Speaker Stand is the ideal choice for your home theater setup. Constructed from heavy-gauge steel for superior performance, the adjustable pair of speaker stands feature a wide stable base to deliver a high-quality audio experience.

The extendable tube is adjustable from 28" to 38", allowing you to customize your sound to your exact specifications. An easy-to-use collar makes height changes easy without the need for additional tools, while the concealed wire path provides a clean look and keeps speaker wires out of sight.

Engineered to hold small satellite and bookshelf speakers up to 3.5lbs, the speaker stands are compatible with Bose, Harmon Kardon, JBL, Sony, Samsung and more. They feature three mounting configurations—L-shaped brackets, top plate, and keyhole adapter—to maximize compatibility with your speakers.

Installation is easy and stress-free, with all necessary hardware included—carpet spikes, pads and screws. To top it off, the Sanus adjustable height speaker stand comes with a 5-year warranty and Minnesota-based customer service. Our experts are available seven days a week if you have any questions or run into any issues.

Experience the Sanus difference and enjoy a high-quality audio experience with the Sanus Adjustable Height Speaker Stand.

6. Razer Tiamat 7.1 V2 Headset: Dual Subwoofers, Audio Control Unit, Rotatable Boom Mic, Pc Compatible.

The Razer Tiamat 7.1 v2 Gaming Headset is the ultimate audio experience for gamers, delivering true 7.1 surround sound with 10 discreet drivers, 5 in each ear cup, for pinpoint positional accuracy. The headset also features an Audio Control Unit, allowing users to control the volume of each audio channel, or even toggle between true 7.1 surround and stereo audio for full customization. The Razer Tiamat 7.1 v2 is designed for maximum comfort, with years of ergonomic engineering and pro-gamer validation leading to its unique headband construction. This construction ensures balanced weight distribution and reduced clamping force so gamers can enjoy extended play without discomfort. The digital microphone also ensures natural sound reproduction and can be pulled down or flipped away as needed. Compatible with PC or motherboards with analog surround sound ports (3.5 mm audio jacks x 5 or more) for true 7.1 surround sound, the Razer Tiamat 7.1 v2 Gaming Headset is the perfect audio solution for gamers in search of the ultimate audio experience.

7. Acoustic Audio Aa321b Mountable Indoor Speakers 400 Watts Black Bookshelf Pair

The Acoustic Audio AA321B Mountable Indoor Speakers are the perfect solution for those looking for reliable sound quality in a compact size. These speakers offer full range sound coverage, with two 2.5" Polypropylene Woofers providing a frequency response of 150Hz-20Khz with 88dB at 8Ohm. The black ABS sealed cabinets are built to last, with spring loaded raw wire connectors and mounting brackets for secure installation.

The AA321B Mountable Indoor Speakers are simple to install, and only require an amplifier or receiver with raw speaker wire outputs. The power from your amplifier should be between 20-200 watts per channel, and the raw speaker wire should be connected to the speakers. The compact size of the speakers (3.5" x 3.5" x 4.5") ensures they won't take up too much space, while providing a big sound.

Whether you're looking to fill a room with sound or just need a reliable budget speaker, the Acoustic Audio AA321B Mountable Indoor Speakers are the perfect choice. With a durable design and excellent sound quality, these speakers are sure to provide reliable performance for years to come.

8. Polk Audio Blackstone Tl1 Satellite Speaker – Hi-Gloss, Powerport, Crisp Sound.

The Polk Audio Blackstone TL1 Satellite Speaker is the perfect way to bring the sound of a large system into your home. With a 2.5" driver and a 0.5" silk dome tweeter, this speaker provides realistic audio detailing for a soundstage comparable to any large system. The Aperiodic-Tuned Rear Port delivers bass extension and increases the audio when placed on a shelf or against a wall.

The TL1 features a unique curved shape based on Polk Audio's Time Lens Technology. This design allows the acoustic centers of the tweeter and mid-bass to be aligned in the same plane, creating an immersive experience similar to being in the movie itself.

The TL1 allows you to build your own 2.1, 3.1, 5.1, 6.1, 7.1 and beyond home theater system. Simply pair four to eight of these satellite speakers with a TL1 center channel and any subwoofer of your choice to create a surround sound system.

The TL1 is easy to connect and operate with any receiver. Use them as front speakers, left-right surrounds, or rear surrounds to maximize the effect. Despite its low price, the TL1 is still backed by Polk Audio's unmatched quality and expert engineering. Enjoy premium audio and a spectacular theater experience right in your own home.

9. Universal Speaker Stands, 31.22"-46.18" Height Adj., 11lbs Max, 1 Pair

The PERLESMITH Universal Speaker Stands are the perfect solution for any home audio setup. With adjustable height from 31.22" to 46.18", you can easily create the optimal listening "sweet spot" for you and your guests. Each stand can tilt 0-5° in all directions, allowing you to direct sound towards your seating area for the best audio experience.

These stands are designed to hold a variety of small satellite and bookshelf speakers up to 11 lbs in weight and can accommodate a variety of brands such as Klipsch, Sony, Yamaha, Harmon Kardon, Edifier, Polk, Samsung, Bose, Vizio, JBL, PA DJ, and others. The recast pole and solid base ensure that your speakers are secure and safe.

The PSSS2 speaker stands also feature a large hole (1.18"H x 0.59"W) to manage your cables for a clean and tidy appearance. The top plate can pan 180 degrees from 5.91 to 11.22 inches for easy fitting of different speaker sizes. All necessary mounting hardware is included in the package.

Experience the best in sound quality with the PERLESMITH Universal Speaker Stands. With their adjustable height, secure base, and cable management system, you can enjoy a worry-free listening experience. If you have any questions or concerns, our 24-hour customer service is always here to help.

7.1 Surround Sound Rear Speakers FAQs

Do you need 7.1 for Dolby Atmos?

No, you do not need 7.1 for Dolby Atmos. Dolby Atmos is a surround sound technology that includes up to 32 audio channels. It uses a combination of ceiling speakers and up-firing speakers to create a more immersive soundscape. 7.1 refers to the number of speakers in a traditional surround sound system, and is not necessary for Dolby Atmos. However, in order to get the full experience of Dolby Atmos, you need to have the correct equipment and setup, including a compatible soundbar, A/V receiver, or surround sound system with enough channels to accommodate Dolby Atmos. Additionally, you may need to upgrade your TV or streaming device to support Dolby Atmos audio. Once you have the correct equipment, setup, and sources, you can enjoy an immersive surround sound experience.

How many speakers do you need for 7.1 surround sound?

For 7.1 surround sound, you would need eight speakers total. This would include two front speakers, two side speakers, two rear speakers, a subwoofer, and a center speaker. The two front speakers should be placed in the front left and right of the room. The two side speakers should be placed slightly behind the front speakers on either side. The two rear speakers should be placed behind the listening position in the back of the room. The subwoofer should be placed in the front of the room, and the center speaker should be placed directly above or below the television. All of these speakers should be arranged in a way that provides an even balance of sound throughout the room.

Is 7.1 better than Atmos?

No, 7.1 is not necessarily better than Atmos. Atmos is a surround sound technology that uses up to 64 separate audio tracks and up to 128 speaker placements to create a truly immersive experience. 7.1 is a surround sound technology that only uses 8 speakers and 8 audio tracks, which is less than half of what Atmos offers. The differences in sound quality between the two technologies can vary depending on the type of content being played, the speakers used, and the room size. However, Atmos is generally considered to provide a more immersive experience with better sound quality when compared to 7.1. Ultimately, the choice between the two technologies comes down to personal preference and the types of content being played.

Where do you put 7.1 rear speakers?

7.1 rear speakers should be placed around the rear of the room, slightly above ear level. Ideally, the rear speakers should be placed behind the listener, slightly above the sides of the listening area. This will create the best surround sound experience for the listener, as the rear speakers will provide additional sound effects and a more immersive experience. The rear speakers should also be angled slightly towards the listener, allowing the sound to travel more effectively to the ears. Additionally, the rear speakers should be placed at least a few feet away from the walls in order to avoid muffling and echoing.

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