Advent Bookshelf Speakers For Sale (2024 Update)

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When it comes to finding the perfect Advent bookshelf speakers for your home audio setup, there are a few key points to consider. Here are five key points to help make your decision-making process easier:

1. Speaker size and shape: Make sure the speakers you choose match the size and shape of your bookshelf, as well as the size of the room. Consider both the height and the width of the speakers when making your decision.

2. Power: Consider the amount of power the speakers can handle, as well as the power of your amplifier. Make sure the two are compatible.

3. Frequency range: Look for speakers with a wide frequency range so you can enjoy all types of music.

4. Design: Look for speakers with a design that complements your home decor. Choose a style that fits your room and personal taste.

5. Price: Consider the price of the speakers you’re interested in. Look for quality speakers that fit within your budget.

When shopping for Advent bookshelf speakers, it’s important to take the time to consider each of these five points. Think about the size and shape of the speakers, the power, frequency range, design and price. Doing so will help ensure you get the perfect set of speakers for your home audio setup.

10 Best Selling Advent Bookshelf Speakers

1. Edifier P17 Passive Bookshelf Speakers (Pair), Wall-Mountable, 5.1/7.1/11.1 Compatible, Requires Amp/receiver.

The Edifier P17 Passive Bookshelf Speakers are designed to deliver powerful and dynamic sound. Each speaker houses a 4-inch Nomax diaphragm driver and a bass reflex port, creating deep and punchy bass response. With 19mm (3/4 inch) silk dome tweeters, the P17s reproduce crisp clear treble with much detail.

An amplifier or receiver is required to power these speakers, and Speaker wires are included. The speakers feature a built-in wall-mount bracket, making them perfect for setting up a 5.1, 7.1 or 11.1 side/rear surround sound setup. The wall mount design allows for easy installation and flexibility in positioning.

The P17s are built to last, with a high-quality construction and reliable components. The speakers come with a two-year warranty, guaranteeing high quality and reliability with hassle-free parts and labor in the USA and Canada.

The Edifier P17 Passive Bookshelf Speakers provide an immersive listening experience with its superior sound quality, reliable components, and wall mount design. With its built-in wall mount bracket, the P17s are perfect for any home theater setup. An amplifier or receiver is required to power the speakers, and with its two-year warranty, you can rest assured knowing these speakers are built to last.

2. Saiyin 40w X 2 Bluetooth Bookshelf Speakers With 5" Woofer, Optical/rca/sub Line Out.

The Saiyin Bluetooth Bookshelf Speakers offer a rich sound experience with their 5 inch woofer and 20 mm silk dome tweeter. These powered speakers are capable of delivering up to 40W x 2 of distortion-free sound. With Bluetooth 5.0, users can easily pair these bookshelf speakers with their smartphones, tablets, Macs, or laptops and stream audio wirelessly.

The speakers also come with multiple wired inputs, including Optical and coaxial inputs that support 24 bit 192k digital audio. These inputs allow for a lossless connection to TVs and other devices with 3.5mm headphone output or dual RCA output. Furthermore, the SUB OUT feature allows users to connect the speakers to any powered subwoofers, permitting users to enjoy a surround home theater listening experience.

The Saiyin Bluetooth Bookshelf Speakers come with a remote control that allows users to adjust the volume and toggle inputs at their fingertips. The speakers can also be controlled via buttons on top of them. These speakers have a dimension of 163*192*308mm and come with a three year warranty, guaranteeing high quality and reliability.

3. Saiyin 40w Bluetooth Bookshelf Speakers With 4" Woofer, Optical/aux Input And Subwoofer Line Out For Pc And Tvs.

The Saiyin Bluetooth Bookshelf Speakers are perfect for audiophiles and home entertainment enthusiasts. These powerful speakers are capable of producing up to 40W X 2 of sound, making them ideal for larger rooms. The bookshelf speakers have a 4 inch woofer that creates a surround sound experience, as well as a 0.5 inch silk dome tweeter that ensures crisp and clear sound quality.

In addition to wireless Bluetooth streaming, the speakers are equipped with multiple wired inputs, such as optical and coaxial, that support 24 bit 192k digital audio, allowing for lossless connection to TVs and computers. With a 3.5mm headphone output or dual RCA output, the speakers can be conveniently connected to a TV via optical and a record player via RCA at the same time.

The speakers come with a remote control that allows users to adjust the volume and toggle inputs from the comfort of their couch, as well as buttons on top of the speakers for manual control. The speakers are also backed by a 3-year warranty in the US, offering peace of mind for customers who purchase them.

The Saiyin Bluetooth Bookshelf Speakers are the perfect addition to any home theater or entertainment setup. With their powerful sound, multiple inputs, and remote and button controls, the speakers will have your music and movies sounding better than ever.

4. Polk Monitor Xt15 Speakers: Hi-Res Audio, Dolby Atmos/dts:x, 1" Tweeter/5.25" Woofer, Midnight Black

The Polk Monitor XT15 pair of bookshelf or surround speakers offer an immersive audio experience that can take your movie and music listening to the next level. Featuring a 1" Terylene tweeter and a 5.25" dynamically balanced woofer, the Monitor XT15 offers rich, clear audio with an open mid-range and punchy bass. With 4- and 8-ohm compatibility, these speakers are certified Hi-Res Audio and compatible with Dolby Atmos and DTS:X surround sound.

The Monitor XT15 speakers offer style and performance with a modern design that will blend in with any home décor. The speakers are designed to fit on a bookshelf or speaker stand (sold separately), allowing for versatile placement options. To get the most out of the speakers, create an affordable home theater setup by combining the Monitor XT15 with MXT60 tower pair, MXT30 center channel, MXT90 height module and a MXT12 sub. This will guarantee seamless speaker-to-speaker blending, ensuring maximum performance in a compact size.

The Monitor XT15 is ready to deliver high-resolution sound from all inputs including Apple Music, Amazon Music HD, Tidal, Spotify and more. So if you’re looking for an immersive sound experience, the Polk Monitor XT15 pair of bookshelf or surround speakers could be the perfect choice. Their stylish design and superior sound quality make them an excellent addition to any home audio setup.

5. Theater Solutions Ts30b Mountable Indoor Speakers Black Bookshelf Pair, 2.5 Inch (Pack Of 2)

The Theater Solutions TS30B Mountable Indoor Speakers are a great choice for a variety of audio applications. The passive speaker design allows for easy connection to any amplifier or receiver. The speakers feature high-quality full range sound coverage with 2.5-inch Poly treated cone woofers. Frequency response is 140Hz-20 kHz with 89dB at 8ohm for clear, accurate sound. The speakers come with durable, black ABS sealed cabinets with spring loaded raw wire connectors and mounting brackets for easy installation. The compact size of each speaker (3.5” x 3.375” x 4.25”) allows them to fit in any space. The speakers require an amplifier or receiver with raw speaker wire outputs and a power range of 20 to 200 watts per channel. The package includes two Theater Solutions by Goldwood TS30B speakers, mounting brackets with hardware, and an instruction manual.

The Theater Solutions TS30B Mountable Indoor Speakers are perfect for a variety of audio applications. Use them for home theater surround sound, whole house audio systems, business or retail installations, patios, decks, pool and spa settings. The high-quality sound and easy installation make these speakers a great choice for any audio setup.

6. Pyle Phqbs62 Bookshelf Speakers, 6.5", 240w Max, 1" Silk Tweeter, Aluminum Voice Coils, 5 Way Binding Post, Rubber Surrounds, Wood Grain Finish.

The Pyle 6.5" Home Wooden Bookshelf Speakers is an ideal audio system to bring out a powerful bass and an impactful experience for your listening. It features a maximum wattage of 240 watts and an RMS power of 120W, with rubber surrounds for enhancement. The 6.5" Home Wooden Bookshelf Speakers' classic wood finish serves as a fantastic complement to any home design.

The Pyle 6.5" Home Wooden Bookshelf Speakers ensures distortion-free sound with its 1” silk dome tweeter unit, aluminum voice coils, good response range, and 6-ohm impedance. This pair of speakers can be loud and clear at the same time. Position it on the desk to enjoy full of rich stereo effects. The wooden speaker dimensions measure 11.4" x 8.3" x 9.5" inches. It features a max power of 240W with a Rubber Surrounds on Woofer and Detachable Grill.

The Pyle 6.5" Home Wooden Bookshelf Speakers is designed to be very sturdy. With its exquisite design, you can fine-tune your Home Wooden Bookshelf Speakers while resting on the couch. This pair of speakers is ideal to use for the living room, bedroom, or even for the studio if intended.

The Pyle 6.5" Home Wooden Bookshelf Speakers is definitely the perfect audio system to bring out a powerful bass and an impactful experience for your listening. The classic wood finish serves as a fantastic complement to any home design. With its distortion-free sound, you can enjoy full of rich stereo effects. The very sturdy design also allows you to fine-tune your speakers while resting on the couch. Ideal to use for the living room, bedroom, or even for the studio if intended.

7. Polk Es20 Bookshelf Speakers – Hi-Res Audio, Atmos & Dts:x, 1" Tweeter & 6.5" Woofer, Power Port Bass (Pair, Walnut)

Polk Audio's Signature Elite ES20 Bookshelf Speaker is designed to deliver room-filling, crystal clear sound with a life-like soundstage. Featuring a Dynamically Balanced Acoustic Array with Precision Crossovers, complemented by a 1" Terylene Tweeter and a 6.5" Woofer, the ES20 provides an impressive performance.

The Polk patented Power Port Technology delivers 3dB louder bass output than conventional ported speakers, minimizing turbulence and distortion. With its 4- and 8-Ohm compatibility, the ES20 offers realistic sound reproduction with a high sensitivity. Stream your favourite music online via Apple Music, Amazon Music HD, Spotify, and more. Additionally, the ES20 is certified for Hi-Res Audio and Dolby Atmos & DTS:X compatible.

The ES20 is designed to look elegant and classy, with a bold and modern look that will make a statement with any home décor. Place it on the sideboard, a bookshelf or a speaker stand (sold separately) and use it as side, rear or elevation surround speaker for a true cinematic experience. Additionally, the timbre matched Polk components ensures seamless speaker-to-speaker blending with the Signature Elite series. Build your dream home theater with a pair of ES20, ES50 tower pair, ES30 center channel & any sub for a full 5.1 surround setup.

8. Premiere M1 Powered Monitor Speakers (Pair) With Bluetooth.

The Victrola Premiere M1 Powered Bookshelf Monitor Speakers (Pair) are the perfect home theater addition. This two-way speaker system features a 4" woofer and a 2" tweeter, powered by a 60W amplifier, that together deliver a rich and pure sound. With built-in Bluetooth 5.0, you can stream your favorite music from digital libraries and music apps, or connect your vinyl records and Bluetooth-enabled devices, such as smartphones and tablets. The speakers have a wireless range of 33', and feature an illuminated multi-function control knob for easy operation.

The Premiere M1 speakers have a stylish wood finish and removable grilles, making them a great addition to any interior. They can be placed on any flat surface, like a tabletop or bookshelf, or mounted on a desktop or floor stand (sold separately). The speakers are outfitted with dual analog aux inputs, one 3.5mm aux, and an analog stereo RCA input. You can even connect a Premiere S1 Subwoofer (sold separately) for additional bass.

Victrola is a legacy brand with over 115 years of expertise in producing vintage record players, wooden turntables, and accessories. The Victrola Premiere M1 Powered Bookshelf Monitor Speakers (Pair) are the perfect way to bring your vinyl record collection to life and create lifelong music memories with your loved ones.

9. Marley Get Together Duo Bluetooth Bookshelf Speakers

The House of Marley Get Together Duo is the perfect solution for music-lovers looking for a powerful and sustainable sound system. Featuring two bookshelf speakers with wireless Bluetooth connectivity, these speakers deliver superior sound quality with a 2*15W Bass Rating and 2*5W Tweeter Rating.

The portable Right speaker offers a full 20 hours of playtime from a rechargeable battery and includes a USB-C charging port for all-day listening. The Get Together Duo also offers seamless Bluetooth connectivity and full-range drivers for big sound. You can enjoy both speakers as a pair to blast powerful stereo sound, or switch to Mono Mode and take the Right speaker with you for a true wireless experience.

The Get Together Duo features sustainable materials, including natural bamboo, eco-friendly REWIND fabric and REGRIND silicone, and recyclable aluminum. The speakers are also delivered in 100% recyclable packaging, making them great for the environment.

House of Marley is built on the principles of superior quality, sustainability, and a commitment to charitable causes. Their mission is to enhance lives through great product experiences as well as using proceeds to support global reforestation and ocean conservation. With the Get Together Duo, you can enjoy premium sound quality while also doing your part to support the environment.

Advent Bookshelf Speakers FAQs

Are Advent Legacy speakers good?

Advent Legacy speakers are a good choice for those looking for a quality sound system. They are well-built, reliable, and offer good sound quality. The speakers come in various sizes and configurations, allowing you to customize your setup to fit your needs. The speakers feature solid construction, with a solid cabinet and nicely designed drivers. The sound quality is good, with a warm, full sound. The frequency response is good, with a wide range of frequencies and good clarity. They also have good bass response, with a deep, tight bass. Overall, the Advent Legacy speakers are a good choice for those looking for an affordable, reliable, and good sounding sound system.

Are Advent speakers any good?

Advent speakers are generally well-reviewed and have a reputation for providing good sound quality. They have been around since the 1970s, and over the years have consistently produced some of the best audio products available. They are known for their sound clarity, smooth frequency response, and wide dynamic range. Advent speakers are also fairly priced, making them a great option for budget-conscious shoppers. In addition, Advent speakers are generally durable and long-lasting, making them a good investment for audiophiles and home theater enthusiasts alike. Overall, Advent speakers are a great choice for anyone looking for good sound quality and value for their money.

Are Advent speakers still made?

Yes, Advent speakers are still made and available on the market. Advent is a brand of speakers produced by the American audio company Klipsch. They have been producing their speakers since the 1970s and have since become a well-known and respected brand. Advent speakers are known for their high-quality sound and excellent value for money. They are designed to be both durable and reliable, making them popular choices for both home and professional sound systems. Advent speakers come in a variety of sizes, styles, and prices, so there is something for everyone. Whether you are looking for something for your home entertainment system or a professional-grade sound system, Advent speakers are sure to provide an excellent audio experience.

Are mini Advent speakers good?

Mini Advent speakers can be good depending on what you are looking for. They typically have a smaller size and lower wattage than full size Advent speakers, which can make them perfect for small spaces or when you want a more subtle sound. However, they may not be able to produce the same quality of sound as larger speakers, especially when it comes to bass. Additionally, smaller speakers may lack the extra features and sound customization that some larger speakers offer. Ultimately, it depends on your needs and preferences. If you are looking for a compact speaker with a subtle sound, mini Advent speakers may be a good option for you. However, if you are looking for something with more power and features, you may want to consider larger Advent speakers.

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