Audio Source Speakers For Sale (2024 Update)

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When it comes to audio source speakers, there are several key points to consider. First, you need to think about the size of the speakers. You want to make sure that the speakers you choose are the right size for the space you have available. Second, consider the power output of the speakers. You need to make sure that the speakers you choose can handle the wattage of your audio source. Third, pay attention to the frequency response of the speakers. This will determine the range of sound the speakers can reproduce. Fourth, think about the type of connectors the speakers have. Depending on the type of audio source you have, you may need a specific type of connector. Finally, research the brand and look for reviews. This will help you determine if the speakers are reliable and of good quality.

When looking for audio source speakers, it is important to consider the size, power output, frequency response, type of connectors, and brand of the speakers. Doing research and reading reviews can help you make an informed decision and ensure that you get a good quality product. With the right audio source speakers, you can enjoy an enhanced listening experience.

10 Best Selling Audio Source Speakers

1. Osd Audio 7-Zone Automatic Speaker Selector – Dual Source And Remote Control – Atm7

The OSD Audio 7-Zone Automatic Speaker Selector is a powerful tool for managing and distributing amplified audio signals to up to seven different zones. The selector allows for two separate music sources to be chosen for each designated zone, and is equipped with a Multi-Zone Enable system for two-in working mode. Other features include a Zone In/Out Select, Master-Slave switch, and an IR Remote Controlled Front Panel Status LEDs for Power, Multi-zone, Master/Slave, Zone In/Out Select, In/Out Mode, and Zone Out/In Selector.

This device is passive and does not have any built-in impedance protection, and so it is important to use impedance matching in-wall volume controls to protect the amplifier from any potential load issues. The ATM7 also includes an IR remote control with a 10-meter operating distance, and it has backup memory function which makes it easy to program with any universal remote control.

The OSD Audio 7-Zone Automatic Speaker Selector is perfect for those who need to manage multiple sources of audio in different locations throughout their home. Its easy to use design and features make it an ideal choice for distributing audio signals with ease and convenience. Whether you are looking for a simple solution for the home or a more complex system for a large-scale project, the OSD Audio 7-Zone Automatic Speaker Selector is a great choice.

2. Marantz Pm8006 Integrated Amp W/ Electric Volume & Phono-Eq For Vinyl, Multi-Source Connectivity & Increased Power To Speakers.

The Marantz PM8006 Integrated Amplifier offers amazing sound quality, flexibility, and connection possibilities. It provides 70 watts per channel (70 x 2) of power, making it perfect for filling large rooms with rich sound. It features 6 audio inputs allowing you to enjoy the best playback from digital and analog sources such as CDs, turntables, and streaming services.

The Marantz PM8006 offers a host of features to make sure your music is delivered with the highest quality. It includes a pre-amp output, which allows you to connect to a larger power amplifier or integrate into a multi-channel home theater system. You can also add two high quality speakers to a separate room. It features Marantz’ proprietary high-grade Hyper-Dynamic Amplifier Modules (HDAMs) and a newly designed electric volume circuit to match Super Audio hi-res music for wide-bandwidth and high-speed reproduction.

The Marantz PM8006 also includes a headphone output that lets you control the headphone unit for the best quality music from even the most demanding headphones, without disturbing others. This makes it perfect for those who want to listen to their music in private.

For those who are serious about sound, the Marantz PM8006 Integrated Amplifier is an excellent choice. It offers powerful performance, flexible operations, and advanced features that make it the perfect choice for enjoying the highest quality music from any source.

3. Pyle Pslsw6 6-Ch. Speaker Selector Switch

The Pyle Multi-Zone A B Speaker Selector Switch is a powerful and convenient addition to any home theater setup. It is capable of powering up to 6 speaker pairs, with a maximum power of 100 Watts per channel and 8-ohm impedance speakers. It has a slim, compact design to fit discreetly into any home theater setup.

The selector switch features independent audio source channel volume controls, allowing you to customize the listening experience in your home. With the push button design, you can activate each pair individually and independently control the volume to each pair.

Setup is easy and straightforward. Simply connect the left and right outputs from your amp/receiver and/or another source to the left and right A/B inputs on the mini 6-channel multizone controller, connect up to 6 pairs/12 speakers, and you're ready to enjoy high quality audio performance.

For added convenience, the selector switch is equipped with front panel control switches consisting of rotary knobs for volume control and a master speaker switch. It also offers overload safety protection circuitry and long-term reliability.

Whether you're looking to upgrade your home theater setup or just want to enjoy high quality audio performance, the Pyle Multi-Zone A B Speaker Selector Switch is the perfect addition to your home. With its easy setup and independent audio source channel volume controls, you can have the perfect listening experience in no time.

4. Osd Two Sources, Six Pair Stereo Speaker Select Box With Volume Control Ssvc6

The OSD SSVC6D Two Sources, Six Pair Stereo Speaker Select Box with Volume Control is the perfect audio device for getting the right sound in every room in your house. With this device, you can distribute an amplified signal for up to six zones throughout the house, allowing you to choose which source is playing in each zone. The audio stays consistent with the SSVC6D's volume controls to raise or lower the volume of each listening zone.

The SSVC6D also features impedance-matching frequency protection circuitry that allows one amplifier to safely power multiple pairs of speakers without your amp or receiver overheating or damaging the equipment. Front mounted master a/b switches are dual source for each separate zone and allow for easy input and switching from one music source to another with on and off buttons.

Installation of the SSVC6D is easy, with removable phoenix connectors that accept up to a 14 gauge speaker cable to avoid frustration when connecting multiple speakers. The SSVC6D is the perfect device for anyone wanting to get the perfect sound in their home. With the added bonus of impedance-matching frequency protection and easy installation, this select box is the perfect choice for any audio enthusiast.

5. Osd Audio 350w Dual Source Speaker Amplifier – Class A/b Power Stereo, Amp300

With the OSD Audio 350W Dual Source Speaker Amplifier – Class A/B Power Stereo, AMP300, you can enjoy an exceptional listening experience with enhanced bass response in any audio system or home theater. This 2-channel powered amplifier can be configured as bridged or stereo, allowing you to choose between 470-watt bridged mode power or 350-watt stereo mode power.

The remote amp also allows for dual source switching, allowing you to switch easily from watching a movie on your DVD player to playing a game on your console. It has two sets of speaker outputs and is equipped with auto-on signal sensing or 12-volt trigger, master level controls, dual line-level inputs with override switching, and dual voltage of 110V/220V.

Its design is sleek and modern, with a brushed metal front panel including a volume control, power on/off button, and balance control knob. The balance control knob allows you to adjust the balance between the left and right channels for a customized listening experience.

The AMP300 is the perfect choice for professional-level audio installations, offering the highest quality sound and listening experience. With its ample power and convenient dual source switching, you can enjoy a truly immersive audio experience with your favorite media.

6. Htc Vive Deluxe Audio Strap

The HTC Vive Deluxe Audio Strap is the perfect addition to your VR setup. It's designed to provide a comfortable and convenient audio experience, allowing you to appreciate the 360-degree realistic sound for longer.

The Deluxe Audio Strap features an adjustable earphone design, allowing you to find the perfect fit. The interior padding ensures a comfortable fit and the adjustment dial allows for further customization. Additionally, the cable path can be placed at a side position, allowing for an even more immersive experience.

The earphones provide great sound quality, ensuring you won't miss any of the action. Plus, with the integrated design, setting up your audio is much more convenient than ever before.

The HTC Vive Deluxe Audio Strap is the perfect way to enhance your VR setup. Its adjustable design and integrated earphones ensure a comfortable and convenient audio experience. Plus, with the great sound quality, you won't miss a single detail of the action. Whether you're playing the latest games or exploring new worlds, the Deluxe Audio Strap is the perfect way to take your VR experience to the next level.

Audio Source Speakers FAQs

What are the 4 types of speakers?

The four types of speakers are full-range, woofer, tweeter, and subwoofer. Full-range speakers are the most common type and are typically found in home audio systems. They produce a wide range of sound frequencies, from bass to treble. Woofers are designed to produce low-frequency audio, such as bass and drums. Tweeters are designed to produce high-frequency audio, such as guitars and vocals. Subwoofers are designed to produce ultra-low frequencies, such as the rumble of a movie theater. When used together, these four types of speakers can create a richer and more dynamic sound experience.

What is audio sources?

Audio sources refer to any type of recorded sound, such as music, voice recordings, sound effects, and more. Audio sources can be either digital or analog, and can be recorded and stored on a variety of physical formats, including CDs, tapes, and vinyl records, as well as digital formats like MP3s and streaming audio. Audio sources can be used to create soundtracks and soundscapes for movies, video games, and other forms of media, and can also be utilized to create audio recordings and mixes for commercial release. Audio sources can also be used to enhance live performances, such as concerts and theater productions. Lastly, audio sources can be used to create music for production, such as jingles, background music, and more.

Who makes audio source speakers?

Audio Source is a leading manufacturer of home and professional audio speakers. Founded in 1999 by a group of audio enthusiasts, Audio Source produces a wide range of speakers, from bookshelf and outdoor speakers to high-end home theater systems. Their products are designed to provide superior sound quality and reliability at an affordable price. Audio Source speakers are used in a range of applications, from home theater and music listening to professional audio recording and monitoring. Their product line includes a variety of models to meet different needs, including powered, passive and wireless speakers. Audio Source is committed to providing customers with an outstanding quality of sound and customer service.

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