Battery Powered Bluetooth Speakers For Sale (2024 Update)

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When it comes to finding the right battery-powered Bluetooth speaker, there are a few key points you should consider. Whether you're looking for something to take with you on the go or want a permanent fixture in your home, here are five key points to think about before you buy.

Firstly, it's important to think about the size and weight of the speaker. If you're looking for something portable, you'll want a speaker that is lightweight and compact enough to fit in your bag. You should also consider the battery life; some speakers can last up to 20 hours on a single charge, while others offer much less.

Secondly, you'll want to consider the sound quality of the speaker. Look for speakers with high-quality drivers and good frequency response. You should also check the maximum volume and sound distortion levels to ensure you get the best sound possible.

Thirdly, you should consider the range of the speaker. Most Bluetooth speakers offer a range of up to 30 feet, but some can reach up to 100 feet. This is important if you plan on using the speaker outdoors or in a large room.

Fourthly, you should think about the features the speaker offers. Many speakers come with built-in microphones for hands-free calling, as well as built-in voice assistants like Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. You should also make sure the speaker is compatible with your device.

Finally, you should think about the price. Battery-powered Bluetooth speakers come in a variety of price ranges, so you should consider your budget before making a purchase.

By considering these five key points, you'll be able to find the perfect battery-powered Bluetooth speaker for your needs. Whether you're looking for a portable option to take on the go or something permanent to enjoy in your home, you'll be sure to find the right speaker for you.

10 Best Selling Battery Powered Bluetooth Speakers

1. Pyle Bluetooth Pa Speaker System 800w – Rechargeable, Ipod Dock, Wheels, Microphone & 1/4" To Rca Cable.

The Pyle Wireless Portable PA Speaker System is the perfect solution for a powerful and portable sound system. With a maximum power output of 800 watt peak and 400 watt RMS, this PA amplifier speaker is sure to make a statement with its 10” subwoofer, 4” mid range, and 4” tweeter for full range surround sound and impressive bass response.

This PA loud speaker is compatible with Bluetooth for wireless audio streaming, and is compatible with iPhone, Android, iPad, tablet, and PC. It also comes with a 30-pin iPod dock for added convenience. Plus, you can connect up to three mics simultaneously for a karaoke party! The Pyle PWMA1080IBT also includes a dynamic microphone, 1/4”-aux and RCA audio cables, as well as a 35mm stand mount.

The Pyle Wireless Portable PA Speaker System is also equipped with a front control panel for adjusting the bass, treble, and echo levels, as well as mic, guitar, audio, and iPod/MP3 volume levels. It even has a built-in rechargeable battery with up to 8 hours of battery life. Plus, it has a telescoping handle and caster wheels, making it convenient and portable. Battery terminal alligator clamp cables are also included.

All in all, the Pyle Wireless Portable PA Speaker System is an ideal choice for personal use at home or for outdoor gatherings and parties. With its impressive power and convenient portability, it’s sure to make your event a success.

2. Gemini As-12togo Portable Pa Speaker, 1500w 12" Woofer, Bluetooth, Battery-Powered.

Gemini Sound's AS-12TOGO Active 1500 Watts 12" Inch Woofer Wireless Battery Powered Portable Stand Mountable Bluetooth Rollable PA Tailgating Speaker DJ Booth Monitor On Wheels is the perfect portable PA speaker system for those looking for an easy-to-use audio solution. This rechargeable sound system offers powerful and pristine audio streaming via BLUETOOTH technology, allowing users to connect their device and play their favorite music or podcasts seamlessly.

The AS-12TOGO is equipped with inputs and volume controls for a wired microphone and instruments, making it perfect for singing, speeches, and musical performances. This PA system includes a wired microphone, 500W Class D amplifier, and 8" high excursion driver with 1" high temperature Voice Coil which all work together to provide an accurate and powerful listening experience.

Additionally, the AS-12TOGO is designed to make transporting and setup a breeze. It features a long-lasting battery, an easy-access charge meter and ports to keep it charged and ready to go. The lightweight form-factor and convenient carry handle make it easy to take the PA speaker with you wherever you go. Moreover, the PA speaker is flyable and stand mountable, allowing you to customize your setup to fit your needs.

In conclusion, the Gemini Sound AS-12TOGO is the perfect choice for anyone who needs an easy-to-use, powerful, and portable PA system. With its wireless BLUETOOTH capabilities and versatile setup options, you'll be able to get your music and audio out to your audience with ease.

3. Gemini Sound Sosp-8blk Floating Bluetooth Speaker, 420w Peak Power.

The Gemini Sound SOSP-8BLK is the ultimate party speaker for outdoor events. Featuring 400 Watts of peak power and Bluetooth technology, you can enjoy booming bass and clear treble from any compatible device. This waterproof speaker is designed with Multi-Color LED Woofer lights and a center strobe light, creating the perfect vibe for your outdoor party.

The Dual 8” Woofers provide smooth low-end bass and three 1” High Frequency Tweeters with Intelligent Stereo Orientation, delivering clear high-end treble. The Class D amplifier and waterproof design allow you to party worry-free. The sealed compartment in the back is perfect for storing your phone and/or wallet.

The IP67-Rated outdoor bluetooth speakers waterproof make transportation easy with ergonomic handles, and the voice control function means you can receive phone calls or use Siri without getting your phone wet. With these wireless speakers, you can carry them around untethered, making them the perfect choice for your next outdoor party.

The Gemini Sound SOSP-8BLK is the ideal speaker for pool parties, the beach, or any outdoor event. Create the perfect atmosphere and light up the night with the ultimate mobile and waterproof speakers for the best pool party. With its powerful sound, waterproof design, and multi-colored LED lights, the Gemini Sound SOSP-8BLK is the perfect way to bring the music to any outdoor event.

4. Pyle Psufm1280b Wireless Pa Speaker System – 700w Battery-Powered Rechargeable W/bluetooth, Mp3, Usb, Microsd, Fm, Aux, 1/4" Dj Lights.

The Pyle PSUFM1280B Wireless Portable PA Speaker System is an impressive sound and music solution for any setting. With 700 watts of power, the 12-inch subwoofer speaker provides full range stereo sound reproduction and treble bass echo volume control for an impressive bass response. Multi-colored LED party lights come with a power switch that can be turned on and off as desired.

Wireless Bluetooth streaming makes it easy to pair with today’s latest devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, computers, and more. You can stream music instantly, as well as utilize the one-button recording mode to capture audio as it is streamed through the speaker system or through the included wireless handheld microphone, making it great for karaoke, crowd control, and public gatherings.

In addition to the Bluetooth streaming capability, the Pyle PA Speaker System also includes four media input options, including a micro SD card, MP3, flash USB, and FM Radio. Simply load your card or flash drive and connect to the unit to get started. The PA loudspeaker also features a built-in convenient carry handle, wheels, and rechargeable battery for portability, making it easy to transport to any event.

Whether you’re hosting a party, DJing a club, or providing sound for a conference, the Pyle PSUFM1280B Wireless Portable PA Speaker System is a powerful and reliable sound and music solution. Enjoy the convenience of Bluetooth streaming and the four media input options to provide the perfect soundtrack for any event.

5. Ion Audio Power Glow 300 Bluetooth Speaker System, 300w Led/battery

ION Audio's Power Glow 300 Rechargeable Battery Powered Bluetooth Speaker System with LED Lights and Built-in Handles and Wheels is a powerful, 300-watt sound system that allows you to stream music from any Bluetooth-enabled device up to 100ft away. The system includes a bi-amplified 10” (254mm) woofer and a 1” (25.4mm) tweeter that deliver lifelike sound.

The user interface is easy to use, with a simple control knob that allows you to adjust sound quickly and conveniently. The rechargeable battery allows for long-lasting fun, while the wireless stereo-link feature lets you connect additional compatible ION speakers. The built-in handles and wheels make it easy to transport the device.

The system also features multi-colored lights that make the woofer glow in multiple colors and a multi-channel mixer with main volume and XLR inputs. Aux inputs let you easily connect non-Bluetooth devices, while the Echo effect on the microphone creates great karaoke. USB/SD card playback allows you to conveniently play material recorded on other devices, and microphone inputs let you connect your microphone for endless fun.

ION Audio's Power Glow 300 Rechargeable Battery Powered Bluetooth Speaker System is an ideal choice for anyone looking for a powerful, long-lasting sound system with convenient features like LED lights, built-in handles and wheels, and easy-to-use controls.

6. Rockville Go Party X10 Dual 10" Battery Powered Bluetooth Speaker+uhf Microphone

The Rockville Go Party X10 Dual 10" Battery Powered Bluetooth Party Speaker + UHF Microphone provides a complete package of sound and music at any party, home, DJ event, tailgating, camping, or any other application. This speaker has a peak power of 1,000 Watts and RMS of 200 Watts, and supports Bluetooth streaming with any smartphone, tablet, Alexa device, and more. With the True Wireless Stereo (TWS) feature, users can wirelessly link two speakers together for an amazing sound experience.

The X10 speaker is equipped with two high-power, long-throw 10” woofers with 1.5” voice coils, plus two ¼” microphone inputs with level and echo control. There is also a ¼” guitar input with level control and a 3.5 mm aux in. A convenient LED screen displays track information, battery life indicator, and more. A rear subwoofer port provides for deep pounding bass.

The built-in UHF microphone transmitter and included high-quality microphone provides further convenience. The mic priority function can be turned on or off, so when on, it lowers the music when the microphone is talking. The microphone also has a digital display and battery life indicator.

The Rockville Go Party X10 Dual 10" Battery Powered Bluetooth Party Speaker + UHF Microphone comes with an 110/220 Volt auto-switching power supply with external user serviceable fusing. The product dimensions are 12.2” x 11.4” x 34.3” inches, and the weight is 31.5 lbs. Connectivity technology includes Auxillary. All these features make the Rockville Go Party X10 Dual 10" Battery Powered Bluetooth Party Speaker + UHF Microphone the perfect choice for any party or event.

7. Electro-Voice Everse 8 8" 2-Way Battery-Powered Bluetooth Speaker W/afs & Music Ducking, Black

The Electro-Voice EVERSE 8 is a highly advanced 8” two-way battery powered loudspeaker designed to deliver superior sound quality and coverage to professionals and amateurs alike. Its lightweight and weatherized construction makes it an ideal choice for gigs and events indoors and outdoors, with extended battery life so you can rely on its performance for hours.

The EVERSE 8 is equipped with a suite of features that make it a truly user-friendly and versatile choice for all sorts of applications. Its QuickSmart Mobile app and Bluetooth connectivity give you the best-in-class control and streaming options, so you can easily control your sound from any location. An onboard mixer and studio-quality effects are also included, giving you the power to create custom sounds with ease.

For larger events, the EVERSE 8 is an ideal choice due to its high SPL and full-bandwidth coverage. This ensures that everyone in the audience will get to enjoy the same excellent sound quality, no matter where they’re standing. Its Automatic Feedback Suppression and Music Ducking features help to make the sound even more enjoyable, by reducing background noise and eliminating feedback.

Overall, the Electro-Voice EVERSE 8 is a great choice for any application that requires a powerful and reliable sound system. Its user-friendly features, extended battery life and robust design make it the perfect choice for musicians, DJs, fitness/activity instructors, events/gatherings, and more. With the EVERSE 8, you can be sure of a truly exceptional sound experience, anytime and anywhere.

8. Ecoxgear Ecoboulder+ Gdi-Exbld810 Bluetooth Speaker & Pa System (Gray)

The ECOXGEAR EcoBoulder+ GDI-EXBLD810 is a rugged and waterproof portable Bluetooth speaker and PA system. It’s designed to provide maximum sound quality and convenience, while also being able to withstand any environment.

The EcoBoulder+ is designed to be 100% waterproof and dustproof, meeting the IP67 international standards. This means it can withstand heavy rain, dirt, snow, or even being dropped in a pool, lake, or ocean – and it will still float. The Bluetooth 4.1 technology provides a streaming range up to 100 feet away, and it also has the ability to connect two EcoBoulders within 30 feet of each other for double the sound.

This speaker can be used with a variety of audio sources including Bluetooth, AM or FM, or a wired aux in connection. Depending on the power source, the EcoBoulder+ can provide up to 10 hours of continuous sound at full volume, or up to 100 hours at low volume. It also includes a 100-watt dynamic power amplifier for massive sound and a built-in two-band bass and treble equalizer. There are also five factory preset equalizer settings and a proprietary audio DSP chip.

In addition to its impressive sound capabilities, the EcoBoulder+ offers a waterproof removable storage compartment that keeps your phone and accessories dry. It also has an external microphone jack for PA or Karaoke function (mic sold separately).

The ECOXGEAR EcoBoulder+ GDI-EXBLD810 is the perfect combination of sound quality, convenience, and durability. It’s the perfect choice for any outdoor event or environment.

9. Jbl Flip 5 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker + Divvi! Case – Black

This JBL Flip 5 Waterproof Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Bundle is the perfect choice for a powerful audio experience. The bundle includes (1) JBL Flip 5 Waterproof Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker and (1) divvi! Protective Hardshell Case.

The JBL Flip 5 Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker is equipped with PartyBoost, which allows you to pair two JBL PartyBoost-compatible speakers together for stereo sound or link multiple JBL PartyBoost-compatible speakers to create a powerful sound. It has a full 12 hours of playback and a lithium-ion polymer battery with 17.28Wh (equivalent to 3.6V 4800mAh). The battery charge time is 2.5 hours (5V/3A) and music playtime is up to 12 hours, depending on the volume level and audio content. The JBL Flip 5 is also IPX7 waterproof, so you can bring it anywhere and make a splash.

The divvi! Protective Hardshell Case is also included in this bundle. It protects the JBL Flip 4 and 5 portable speakers with a soft velvet lining and nylon strap cradle. The storage compartment keeps accessories neatly organized, and the blue zipper with two pulls ensures the case is quickly fastened.

This JBL Flip 5 Waterproof Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Bundle is an ideal choice for those looking for a powerful audio experience. With PartyBoost, long playback time, IPX7 waterproof design, and a protective hardshell case, you can enjoy your music in any environment.

Battery Powered Bluetooth Speakers FAQs

Do Bluetooth speakers have battery?

Yes, many Bluetooth speakers have rechargeable batteries, allowing them to be used wirelessly without the need to be plugged into a power outlet. These batteries can be charged either via a USB port or with an AC adapter. Depending on the model, the battery life can range from around 3 hours up to 30 hours or more. Some Bluetooth speakers also have a built-in powerbank, allowing them to be used to charge other devices such as phones or tablets. The technology used for the battery and charging varies between manufacturers and models, so it's important to check the specification of the speaker before buying.

Do wireless speakers run on batteries?

Yes, wireless speakers can run on batteries. A variety of models are available, including those with rechargeable batteries, allowing users to use the speakers without having to connect them to a power outlet. The length of battery life will vary depending on the size of the speaker and the type of battery used. Some models are designed to be relatively energy efficient, while others may require more frequent charging. Additionally, the volume of the speaker and the type of music being played can also affect how long the battery will last.

How long does Bluetooth speaker battery last?

Most Bluetooth speakers have lithium-ion batteries that last anywhere from 4-20 hours depending on the size and power of the speakers, with higher-end models offering longer battery life. The average Bluetooth speaker battery life is around 8-10 hours, but this can be extended by using the speaker at a lower volume or turning off certain features such as Bluetooth and lights. Battery life can also be affected by factors such as temperature, so it's important to take good care of the speaker and ensure it is kept in a cool, dry place when not in use.

Which Bluetooth speaker has the best battery?

The JBL Flip 5 is one of the best Bluetooth speakers on the market when it comes to battery life. The Flip 5 has an impressive 12 hours of playtime on a single charge, meaning it can keep the party going all day long. The speaker also features a USB-C charging port, making it completely portable and easy to take with you wherever you go. In addition, the Flip 5 is waterproof and features JBL's signature sound and bass, making it perfect for any outdoor gathering. For those looking for a Bluetooth speaker with the best battery life, the JBL Flip 5 is a great choice.

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