Berkeley Commencement Speakers For Sale (2024 Update)

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Berkeley commencement speakers are an integral part of the graduation experience. They provide words of wisdom, support, and motivation to the graduating class as they embark on their next journey. As such, it is important to carefully consider who you choose to be the commencement speaker. Here are five key points to consider when looking for Berkeley commencement speakers:

1. Relevance: The speaker should have a connection to Berkeley, whether they are a professor, alumni, or otherwise. This will give the audience a sense of familiarity and relevance.

2. Credibility: Choose a speaker who is well-respected and has a proven track record. This will ensure that the audience is listening to someone of high caliber and trustworthiness.

3. Engaging: Look for a speaker who is dynamic and engaging. This will ensure that the audience is captivated and inspired by the speaker’s words.

4. Inspiring: The speaker should be motivating and encouraging. They should be able to provide the audience with an uplifting and inspiring message that will stay with them as they move into their future.

5. Preparation: Make sure the speaker is well prepared for the occasion. This means that the speaker should be knowledgeable about the audience, have a well-rehearsed speech, and be aware of the time constraints.

By considering these five key points when looking for Berkeley commencement speakers, you will be able to choose an individual who is best suited to give the graduation class the words of wisdom they need to take their next steps. Good luck!

10 Best Selling Berkeley Commencement Speakers

1. Uc Irvine Pennant Full Size Felt

This UC Irvine Pennant is the perfect way to show your school spirit and support your team no matter where you are. This full size pennant measures 12" x 30" and is crafted from a rigid felt blend material. The UC Irvine logos and insignias are screen printed onto the pennant, making it a perfect addition to any home, office, or party décor. The pennant also comes with a sewn pennant stick sleeve, which is either black or white depending on availability.

This officially licensed and approved product is the perfect way to show your allegiance to your favorite team. This pennant is great for any room and will be the envy of all your friends and family. The bold colors and vivid logos will be sure to draw attention and make a statement wherever it is displayed.

This pennant will be a great addition to any fan's collection. It is the ideal decoration for any game day party or just to show your school pride. With its vibrant colors and bold logos, this pennant will surely be the talk of the town. This is the perfect item to show your team spirit and support your team no matter where you are. Get your UC Irvine Pennant today and show your school pride!

2. Anatomy Models Bundle Set – 4 Stem Demonstration Tools, Ages 8+

This incredible Learning Resources Anatomy Models Bundle Set is the perfect way to explore the human body! It comes with four STEM anatomy demonstration tools that are ideal for ages 8 and up. With this miniature set, children can gain a deeper understanding of how organs and systems interact by manipulating them themselves. The models include a heart pump model, brain model, body model and skeleton model. Assembled, the heart model measures 5 inches, the brain model measures 3 3/4 inches, the body model measures 4 1/2 inches, and the skeleton model measures 9.2 inches.

Bring the classroom to life with this fantastic set of interactive tools! With the Learning Resources Anatomy Models Bundle Set, children can explore the wide world around them with science discovery toys and tools. This is a great way to help kids build observation and critical thinking skills used by real scientists. Learning Resources has been trusted by teachers and parents alike since 1984, so you can be sure you're getting quality educational materials.

Make this the smartest back-to-school yet with this incredible Learning Resources Anatomy Models Bundle Set. With these interactive tools, kids can learn about the human body in an exciting and engaging way. Perfect for classrooms, homeschools, or just as a fun activity, this set is an excellent way to build strong observation and critical thinking skills. Make this the best school year yet with this amazing set of educational tools!

3. Grad Gown Cap & Tassel Set 2023, High School & Bachelor, Black, 48

This GraduationMall Matte Graduation Gown Cap Tassel Set 2023 is perfect for high school and bachelor graduates. It includes a gown, a cap, and a tassel with removable 2023 year charms. The gown is made of thick matte polyester, with a smooth and strong zipper for easy wearing. The robe length is 48 inches and is designed to fit heights from 5'3" to 5'5", with a max chest size of 50 inches. The bottom of the gown should fall 8 to 10 inches off the ground, and around the end of the calf. If you desire a longer length, consider choosing one or two sizes larger.

This gown is easy to clean and maintain. It can be machine washed or dry cleaned, and ironing in low temperature is recommended to keep the gown wrinkle-free. This GraduationMall Matte Graduation Gown Cap Tassel Set 2023 is an ideal choice for high school and bachelor graduates. It is well-made, stylish, and easy to clean and maintain. So make sure to get yours today and be ready for your big graduation day!

4. Jet Creations Scarlet Macaw Inflatable Pet, 24" Tall

This Jet Creations Parrot Inflatable Pet is an eye-catching and realistic addition to any party, luau, or decoration. Standing at 24 inches in length, 5 inches in width at its widest part, and 10 inches tall from the top of the head to its talons, this Scarlet Macaw is sure to put a smile on guests’ faces.

This inflatable pet is made from heavy-duty vinyl, making it an ideal and safe choice for indoor and outdoor use. Not only is it phthalate-free, but it is also designed to last for years of use and enjoyment. The vibrant colors and long tail of this inflatable parrot make it a unique and fun party prop or decoration.

The Jet Creations Parrot Inflatable Pet makes an ideal gift for any occasion, including birthdays, graduations, luaus, and more. Add a unique and colorful touch to any event by adding this inflatable macaw to the decor. It is one of the best party supplies gifts available, and is sure to bring a smile to anyone who sees it.

This Scarlet Macaw is the perfect addition to any home or party. Brighten up any room or outdoor space with this inflatable parrot. Jet Creations offers the highest quality inflatables and decorations, making this Parrot Inflatable Pet a great choice for any occasion.

5. Graduation Cap & Gown Set 2023, Bulk, Matte Black, 48.

This GraduatePro Matte Graduation Cap and Gown 2023 Set is perfect for high school and college graduates. It features a loose-fitting style gown with a robe length of 48" that fits heights from 5'3" to 5'5" with a max chest size of 50". The one-sized cap has an elastic band that ranges from 19" to 23", making it adjustable and comfortable. The high-quality matte polyester fabric is breathable and lightweight, and the gown has a hidden zipper closure in the front for easy put on and off. It also has strong center pleats on the front and back shoulder for better recognition.

This set also includes a graduation hat, tassel, and a 2023 year charm. If you don't receive the 2023 year charm, please contact us first and we will arrange for you. We also offer batch ordering, so don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns. Our customer service team will do our best to serve you with a reply within 24 hours. Get your GraduatePro Matte Graduation Cap and Gown 2023 Set today and mark the special occasion in style!

6. Berkley Gulp! Floating Pinched Crawler Nightcrawler, 2-Inch

The Berkley Gulp! Floating Pinched Crawler Nightcrawler is the perfect choice for anglers looking to target trout and panfish. This bait is designed to provide a smaller presentation when fish are less likely to bite a larger bait. Its curved profile adds an extra lifelike action when twitched or shaken, creating the perfect opportunity for a catch.

The Floating Pinched Crawler is available in a nightcrawler color, making it easy for anglers to mimic a natural appearance in the water. Each crawler measures 2-inches in length and can be used with a variety of techniques. Whether you’re trolling, bobber fishing, or casting, the Floating Pinched Crawler can be used to your advantage.

The Floating Pinched Crawler is made from Berkley’s patented Gulp! formula, which is designed to last longer and be more effective than traditional baits. The formula contains scents and flavors that trigger a fish’s instinct to feed, making it the perfect choice for anglers looking for a reliable bait.

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7. Graduationmall Graduation Honor Cord 68" Gold

This GraduationMall Honor Cord is a perfect way to recognize your graduating students. It is made of high quality Polyester Yarn, making it sturdy and durable. With each cord designed with a knot and tassel, the overall design is vivid and elegant. The honor cord measures 68 inches with Tassel, 64 inches for the cord part and 4 inches for the tassel. It is an ideal gift for graduating students and classmates.

The Honor Cord from GraduationMall is of top quality, crafted from strong and reliable Polyester Yarn. Made with 3 ropes twisted together, the cord is sturdy and long-lasting. Its overall design is beautiful and eye-catching, with each end of the cord featuring a knot and tassel. The total length of the cord is 68 inches, with the cord part being 64 inches and the tassel part 4 inches.

This GraduationMall Honor Cord is a worthy recognition for graduating students. It is well-crafted, made with high quality Polyester Yarn and 3 ropes twisted together to make it durable and strong. The design is delicate and elegant, with each end featuring a knot and tassel. The total length of the cord is 68 inches, with the cord part being 64 inches and the tassel part 4 inches. It is an ideal gift for graduating students and their classmates.

8. Class Of 2023 Graduation Stole – Customized Congratulations Gift

The Doptika Customized Congratulations Graduation Stole is the perfect way to celebrate your graduation in style. Featuring a satin/polyester blend that has the perfect combination of shimmer and weight and a V-neck backing so that it doesn't bunch up at the back of the neck, this personalized graduation stole is a great way to show your school pride at graduation.

This graduation stole is perfect for senior pictures, graduation parties, or graduation ceremonies, or just to commemorate your achievements. You can customize your own wonderful design with various options, including choosing your club color or the color to reflect your achievement. You can also personalize the stole with your own name. The photo's pixel should be as high as possible, LARGER THAN 148*179px 72dpi, for perfect appearance and experience.

This is a great graduation gift for your friends, daughter, son, or any other graduate. It's a unique way to commemorate the achievements of your graduating class. Plus, with a total processing and shipping time of 10-12 DAYS, you can be sure that your stole will arrive in time for all the celebrations.

Show your school pride and celebrate your achievements with the Doptika Customized Congratulations Graduation Stole. With a range of colored satin stoles, you can find the perfect way to commemorate your graduation and make your graduation ceremony even more special.

9. Kindnotes Glass Keepsake Gift Jar With Sympathy Messages – Inspirational Scripts

The KindNotes Glass Keepsake Gift Jar with Sympathy Messages is a thoughtful gift for those who need comfort and support during a difficult time. This jar is filled with 31 different sympathy and inspirational messages in decorative envelopes, arranged to provide solace and reassurance to friends, families, and loved ones. The keepsake quality of the gift jar is enhanced by the addition of a satin ribbon and charm, and it is presented in a beautiful die-cut window gift box with silver foil.

If you are looking for the perfect gift to express your condolences, the KindNotes Glass Keepsake Gift Jar with Sympathy Messages is it. With its combination of sympathy and inspirational messages, this keepsake jar is sure to provide comfort and support in times of loss. It is a heartwarming gift for anyone who has experienced a loss and is sure to be appreciated.

For those looking for other designs and message categories, KindNotes also offers different designs and message categories, including an option with blank papers to write your own personal messages. All designs in this listing have the same set of messages, so please check our other listings for more options.

No matter the occasion or event, the KindNotes Glass Keepsake Gift Jar with Sympathy Messages is a thoughtful and meaningful gift that is sure to bring comfort and support in times of need.

10. Navy Blue & Gold Confetti Balloons Party Decor (70pcs, 12in)

This Navy Blue and Gold Confetti Balloons Party Decoration Supplies is the perfect decoration for any occasion. This set includes 70 pieces of 12 inch balloons in navy blue, pearl white, gold confetti, and gold metallic. It also comes with two strips and two foil ribbons for easy assembly. This set is perfect for any special occasion, such as Men's Navy Party, Birthday Party, Graduation, Bachelorette, Engagement, Baby Shower, Wedding, Valentine's Day, Anniversary Party, and Bridal Shower.

The balloons are made of high-quality, non-toxic latex, which ensures that they are safe to use. The gold confetti balloons can be filled with air or helium, and after they are filled, they can be rubbed gently with wool gloves, sweater, carpet, cloth, or hair and rolled to ensure that the inner confetti sticks to the inside of the balloon for a better effect.

This Navy Blue and Gold Confetti Balloons Party Decoration Supplies is a great way to add a romantic and festive atmosphere to any occasion. It is the perfect decoration to make your special event even more memorable. If you have any problems with the product after purchasing, we offer a one-year after-sale service and will provide replacement or refund.

Berkeley Commencement Speakers FAQs

How many people graduated from Berkeley 2022?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to provide an accurate answer to this question as the 2022 graduating class from Berkeley has not yet been determined. The number of graduates is dependent on the number of students enrolled at the school, the number of students who successfully complete their degree requirements, and other factors. Additionally, universities typically do not release the number of graduates until after the commencement ceremony, which is usually held in the spring or summer of the year. Therefore, it is not possible to provide an exact number of graduates at this time.

What happens at UC Berkeley commencement?

UC Berkeley commencement is an event that celebrates the achievements of graduating students. During the ceremony, students receive their diplomas, hear speeches from distinguished members of the university, and take part in various activities such as the ceremonial singing of the Cal fight song and the traditional lighting of the "Campanile Torch." In addition, awards are often given out to select students and faculty, and there is also a keynote address. Afterwards, the graduates are traditionally invited to join in the "Marching of the Grads" through the campus streets. Following the event, graduates and their families typically celebrate with a dinner or reception.

Who is the 2022 Berkeley commencement speaker?

At this time, the 2022 Berkeley commencement speaker has yet to be announced. However, it is not uncommon for distinguished public figures and prominent alumni to be invited to give the commencement address. Previous speakers have included President Barack Obama, Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor, and actor and philanthropist Tom Hanks. In addition, the University of California, Berkeley often invites a Nobel Laureate to provide the commencement address. It is likely that the 2022 speaker will be a similarly notable individual who can provide inspiring words of wisdom to graduating students.

Who was the 2015 UC Berkeley commencement speaker?

The 2015 UC Berkeley commencement speaker was former US Secretary of State and Nobel Peace Prize laureate Dr. Henry Kissinger. He focused on the need for the graduates to go beyond the confines of their education and use their knowledge to benefit society. He implored them to use what they had learned to contribute to the betterment of the world, noting that “the greatest task of our generation is to achieve a new level of global understanding and a new level of shared purpose.” He further encouraged the graduates to use their education to identify and solve global problems, and to remember that “what is morally right is often politically difficult.” He closed his address with a reminder that “the most important thing is to remember that you are part of a larger human family.”

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