The Best Songs of 2010 | 75 – 51

Artwork credit: Alyssa Shapkoff

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75 Arcade Fire – Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains)
All of the members of the multi-musicianed Arcade Fire are clearly critical to the band’s immense sound and stunning performances. With “Sprawl II,” however, Regine Chassagne rises above the collective and shines in this astoundingly beautiful critique of a bleak suburban landscape.

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74 Gold Panda – You
“You” is a fully textured, and for lack of a better word, squeaky track that is as mysterious as it is catchy. It’s electronic, but not all that dance-focused, so it’s one of those perfect songs to throw on a playlist for a run through the woods.

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73 Patty Griffin – Coming Home To Me
We knew Griffin could sing; what we didn’t know was that she could write a gospel tune. Damn.

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72 Mimicking Birds – Burning Stars
With a celestial intro that softly morphs into a mid-tempo indie-folk number (perfect for fans of Bon Iver and Iron & Wine), the song reassures that despite our inescapable mortality, we have to tend to one another now.
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71 The Walkmen – Angela Surf City
This rocker ranks right up there with 2004’s “The Rat” in the growing catalog of rollicking tunes from The Walkmen. Racing guitars. Pounding drums. Hamilton Leithauser’s unmistakable voice. A winning Walkmen combo.

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70 MGMT – I Found a Whistle
A bit of a departure for MGMT, “I Found a Whistle” is down-tempo and dirge-ish, mainly featuring a haunting organ sound. It, of course, has lyrics that are almost impossible to figure out, but we get the gist: he found a whistle. It works like a charm.

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69 Sally Seltmann – Harmony To My Heartbeat
We don’t care if you think this one’s a bit too sunny/cheery/cheesy. We dare you not to smile, clap your hands, and sing along.
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68 Electric President – Safe and Sound
On “Safe and Sound,” the duo of Ben Cooper and Alex Kane aren’t afraid to mix a little folk-pop with some electronic beats a la early David Gray and William Fitzsimmons. We likey.

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67 Big Boi feat. Gucci Mane – Shine Blockas
2010 has been a great year for Big Boi, and “Shine Blockas” proves it with a slick beat and the rapper’s southern drawl delivery. You simply can’t block his shine, shawty.

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66 Sonny and the Sunsets – Too Young to Burn
Channeling the classic stylings of Wayne Cochran & the C.C. Riders, “Too Young To Burn” is pure vintage-style west coast pop, telling a sordid tale of loss, regret, and otherworldly despair.
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65 Sarah Harmer – Captive
Sarah, if you’re out there, we’ll hold you captive anytime.
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64 Admiral Radley – I Heart California
It’s not a total surprise that this Earlimart/Grandaddy side project released an ode to California to kick off its debut album. Citrus, the symphony, fake tits, and drugs in diaper bags abound.
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63 Wild Nothing – Chinatown
Wild Nothing is Jack Tatum. Jack Tatum is Wild Nothing. “Chinatown” is the standout track from his debut record, Gemini. It is a dynamic lark of a tune.

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62 Small Black – Despicable Dogs
While “Despicable Dogs” is spinning, we can almost pretend winter is not upon us, as if we can hear the soil thawing as the sun decides to stick around a bit longer each day.
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61 Sam Quinn – Late the Other Night
After the everybodyfields split, Quinn didn’t know if he wanted to continue making music. So, we’re extra thankful to have this in our lives.
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60 Lissie – Stranger
There’s no way that any listener with a heartbeat won’t instantly fall in love with “Stranger,” a nod to ’60s girl groups like The Dixie Cups and The Shangri-Las, about a girl who’s not going to take any crap from a suspect guy.

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59 Deerhunter – Revival
“Revival” is one of the shortest tracks on Halcyon Digest and represents a condensed exemplar of Deerhunter’s shift away from the hyper-experimental and toward more structured tunes with pop-oriented sensibilities.

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58 Das Racist – Fashion Party
This is one of those awesome songs to throw on the iPod when we’re getting our workout on. The lyrics are funny, the beat is driving, and when Chairlift comes in at the end, it gives us that pep we need to give that elliptical hell.

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57 David Ford – Nothing At All
“Well, who needs education/ When you’ve got a degree?” We love those lines. And we’re sensing some sarcasm.
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56 First Aid Kit – Hard Believer
The “love is tough/ time is rough” harmonic chorus of “Hard Believer” sounds simplistic enough (hey, that rhymes), but the combo of both Soderbergs’ robust vocals adds a dimension of complexity that emphasizes that deep well of experience the girls have amassed in fewer than twenty years.
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55 Best Coast – Boyfriend
“Boyfriend” is the lead track on Best Coast’s Crazy For You, and the tune lays down the blueprint for the amazing record to follow: equal parts of the garage, surf, and ’50s – ’60s girl group genres with lyrics about relationships, loneliness, and longing (the cat and marijuana references start later in the record).

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54 Broken Social Scene – Texico Bitches
Even after seeing it performed live, we have no idea how Kevin Drew hits that high falsetto note multiple times without rupturing vocal chords. The song itself is pure indie goodness – with a conscious. But, it should have been “BP Bitches” after the events of the past year.

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53 Brooke Fraser w/ Aqualung – Who Are We Fooling
Fraser makes us cry at least once on every album. Just thought we’d warn you.
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52 Futurebirds – Yur Not Ded [listen to the demo] Equal parts southern barnburner and shoegaze-on-acid, “Yur Not Ded” stands at the crossroads of genres. And, like the title suggests, its raucous chorus will awaken even the most idle of hands.
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51 Twin Shadow – Slow
This new-wavey jam is a perfect specimen of Twin Shadow’s sound. It is danceable, accentuated by synth notes, but paced and pushed forward by steady drums and a racing guitar. George’s Lewis Jr’s voice channels Morrissey and we’re transported, happily, to the ’80s.

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