Big Speakers For Dj For Sale (2024 Update)

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When it comes to finding the best big speakers for DJing, there are a few key points to consider. Whether you’re a professional DJ or a hobbyist, having the right speakers can make all the difference in your performance. Here are five key points to keep in mind when searching for big speakers for DJing:

1. Power Output: It’s important to make sure the speakers you choose have the power output necessary to get the job done. Make sure you check the RMS (Root Mean Square) power output of the speakers to ensure they are capable of handling the sound levels you need.

2. Frequency Range: The frequency range of the speakers is also important. Make sure the speakers have a wide range that can handle both low and high frequencies. This will ensure you get the best sound quality possible.

3. Size: Size is often overlooked, but it’s important to make sure the speakers you choose are the right size for your needs. Bigger speakers will be able to handle higher sound levels, but if you’re limited on space, you may need to go with smaller speakers.

4. Price: Price is always a factor when it comes to purchasing speakers. Make sure you set yourself a budget and stick to it. Don’t overspend on speakers you don’t need.

5. Quality: Quality is perhaps the most important factor when it comes to purchasing speakers. Make sure you do your research and read reviews to ensure you’re getting the best quality possible.

In conclusion, if you’re in the market for big speakers for DJing, make sure you keep these five key points in mind. Do your research to ensure you’re getting the right power output, frequency range, size, price, and quality. With the right speakers, you’ll be able to take your DJing to the next level.

10 Best Selling Big Speakers For Dj

1. (2) Jbl Jrx225 Dual 15" Professional 4000w Passive Dj/pa Speakers 4 Ohm Jrx 225

The JBL JRX225 Dual 15" Professional 4000w Passive DJ/PA Speakers are designed to provide maximum sound performance with a powerful 2000 watt output. The dual JBL low frequency drivers feature a 64mm (2.5in) diameter edgewound ribbon voice coil for increased efficiency and power handling. The advanced network topology crossover design ensures a smooth and accurate sound output. The high-voltage capacitors and inductors feature massive cores and heavy gauge wires to ensure optimal performance.

The Progressive Transition high frequency waveguide ensures accurate sound reproduction and the SonicGuard protects the high frequency driver from excess power without interrupting the performance. The 19mm (.75in) MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) enclosure with non-resonant all-steel handles provides maximum durability for a long-lasting product. The dual-angle pole-mount socket allows the speaker to tilt 10 degrees to provide a more comfortable listening experience.

The JBL JRX225 Dual 15" Professional 4000w Passive DJ/PA Speakers offer a power rating of 500W/2000W, a frequency range of 42 Hz – 18 kHz, a frequency response of 62 Hz – 13 kHz, a sensitivity of 100 dB SPL, a nominal impedance of 4 ohms, a recommended amplifier power of 500W to 1000W into 4 ohms, a maximum SPL of 133 dB, a nominal dispersion of 90 x 50 and a crossover frequency of 2.2 kHz. With dimensions of 1092mm x 464mm x 432mm (43in x 18.3in x 17in) and a weight of 42.6 kg (94 lb), these speakers are perfect for any live performance or DJ setup.

2. Serato Ddj System With 2400w Powered Speakers, Stands, Mic & Software.

This DJ System is perfect for your next gig. It includes a DJ DDJ 4-deck Serato DJ Controller, Serato DJ Lite Software, and all the necessary cables for the ultimate setup. The controller features four decks, allowing you to mix and blend music like a pro. It is also compatible with all your favorite music streaming services, and you can even record and save your mixes directly to your computer.

The DJ System also includes two 1200 Watt 15" Adkins Pro Audio Powered Speakers and a pair of speaker stands. The speakers provide ample power, and their 15" woofers and 1" tweeters will take your sound to the next level. You'll be able to clearly hear your mixes, and your audience will be thoroughly impressed.

To top it off, the DJ System also includes a microphone and all the cables you'll need to connect everything. Just plug your computer into the built-in sound card and you're ready to go. With this setup, you can be sure to impress at your next gig. The combination of the DJ controller, speakers, and microphone will give you a professional sound that is sure to turn heads.

3. (2) Rockville Rpg15bt 15" 2000w Powered Bluetooth/usb Dj Speakers+stands+cables

The Rockville RPG15BT V2 15” 1000 Watt Powered DJ/PA Speaker is the perfect choice for any professional audio setup. With advanced Bluetooth 5.0 chipset, TWS (true wireless stereo) technology, and USB/SD digital MP3 music player, this high-powered system is sure to deliver distortion-free sound even at extreme SPLs.

The RPG15BT V2 comes with 1000 Watts Peak/500 Watts Program/250 Watts RMS and has a high power, long-throw 15" woofer with a 3" aluminum voice coil for incredibly deep bass and acoustic power. This system also features a frequency response of 35Hz-20KHz and a maximum SPL @1w/1m of 128dB peak / 125dB continuous.

In addition, the RPG15BT V2 comes with a digital effects signal processor for delay/echo effect, allowing you to time align your digital echo effect and control the echo delay, repeat interval and level. The LCD screen displays MP3 functions including Bluetooth connectivity, and a 5-band graphic equalizer allows you to customize your sound to your venue.

This package includes (2) Rockville RPG15BT V2 15" Powered 1000W DJ/PA Speakers, (2) XLR Female to Male Cables, (1) pair of Rockville adjustable tripod speaker/light stands, and (2) 20 foot XLR cables. With all these features and accessories, the Rockville RPG15BT V2 15” 1000 Watt Powered DJ/PA Speaker is the perfect choice for any professional audio setup.

4. Hercules Dj Monitor 32

The Hercules DJ MONITOR 32 is an ideal choice for those who want to enjoy a high-quality audio experience. It features a 3-inch woofer, a shifted tweeter for clearer rendering and a more noticeable stereo effect in the space, and dual bass vents. The cabinet is made from 6 mm (0. 24”) MDF, to ensure that it is both durable and lightweight. The satellite speaker delivers 15 Watts RMS power, providing a robust and well-rounded sound.

The Hercules DJ MONITOR 32 is perfect for DJs, music producers, and anyone who wants to enjoy their music to the fullest. The woofer delivers a deep and powerful bass, while the shifted tweeter enhances the stereo effect and provides a more vivid sound. The dual bass vents ensure that air can move freely, reducing distortion and providing a more consistent sound. The cabinet is made from MDF, which is both lightweight and robust, allowing you to take your music wherever you go.

The Hercules DJ MONITOR 32 is easy to set up and use. It is compatible with any audio device, including PCs and other digital media players. The sleek and stylish design will look great in any environment, and the convenient controls make it easy to adjust the volume and other settings. The Hercules DJ MONITOR 32 is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to enjoy their music in high-quality sound.

5. Hercules Djcontrol Mix Wireless Dj Controller For Smartphones (Ios/android), Djay App, 2 Decks

The Hercules DJControl Mix is a Bluetooth wireless DJ controller that is designed for use with both Android and iOS smartphones. It is also compatible with Android tablets and iPads. This controller makes it easy to mix your music on your smartphone with its Bluetooth Low Energy connection, which is simple and quick to set up.

The Hercules DJControl Mix is compatible with the djay app, available free of charge and for unlimited use on both Android and iOS. The controller has easy-to-use controls that allow you to take advantage of the full functionality of the djay app. There is no need to pay for the app, as you can simply close the pop-up window promoting you to upgrade to djay Pro when the app starts up.

The Hercules DJControl Mix is lightweight and portable, making it ideal for taking to gigs or parties. The controller also comes with a foldable smartphone stand, which makes it easy to view your screen while you mix. The stand is adjustable, so you can place your device at the perfect viewing angle.

The Hercules DJControl Mix is the perfect tool for any DJ who wants to take their mixing to the next level. It offers all the functionality of a professional DJ controller, but in a smaller and more portable package. The Bluetooth connection makes it easy to connect to your device, and the included foldable phone stand allows you to have a clear view of your screen while you mix. The djay app is easy to use, and with the controller you can take full advantage of its features without having to pay for the upgrade. Perfect for DJs of all levels, the Hercules DJControl Mix is a great way to bring your mixing to the next level.

Big Speakers For Dj FAQs

How many watts is a good DJ speaker?

A good DJ speaker for most needs is generally considered to be in the range of 350-500 Watts RMS. This is enough power to provide good sound in most venues and to be heard by a large number of people. It also provides enough headroom for loud volumes without distorting. Higher wattage speakers are available, but may not be necessary for most situations. For larger venues and louder performances, look for speakers with 1,000 watts or more. When shopping for a DJ speaker, make sure to look for speakers with a wide frequency range, good bass response, and good sound quality. Pay attention to the speaker’s size and weight, as well as its power handling, to ensure it will fit your setup and will be able to handle the sound levels you need.

What are the giant speakers called?

Giant speakers are typically referred to as PA (Public Address) speakers. PA speakers are generally used in large venues such as concert halls, stadiums, and arenas to amplify sound. PA speakers are usually powered by amplifiers, which increase the volume and clarity of the sound. The size of PA speakers vary depending on the size of the venue and the type of sound system used. Smaller venues may use two or four speakers, while larger venues may use up to a dozen or more. PA speakers are also used for DJing, sound reinforcement for live bands, and broadcasting announcements. PA speakers are designed to produce a powerful, high-quality sound that is loud enough to be heard by large audiences.

What power speakers do I need for DJ?

The power of the speakers you need for DJing depends on the size of the venue, the type of music you plan to play, and how loud you want the sound to be. If you're playing in a large venue, you'll need speakers with high power output ratings, such as those with at least 1000 Watts. If you're playing in a smaller venue, you can get away with speakers with lower power output ratings, such as those with 500 Watts. However, if you're playing loud music, you'll still need speakers with higher power ratings. Additionally, you will also need to consider the type of music you're playing. If you're playing bass-heavy music, then you'll need speakers with higher power output ratings. If you're playing more acoustic music, then you'll need speakers with lower power output ratings. Ultimately, it's best to consult with a professional audio technician who can recommend the right speakers for your needs.

Which speaker is best for DJ?

The best speaker for DJing depends on the size of your event, the type of music you are playing, and your budget. For larger events, powered speakers with a good bass response and a wide frequency range are ideal. These speakers should have enough wattage to handle the power of a DJ deck, and they should also have a high level of clarity so the sound is accurate and clear. For smaller events, unpowered speakers are often a great option as they are more affordable and have a simple setup. Lastly, when choosing a speaker for DJing, make sure it has enough inputs and outputs for all your equipment.

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