Bluetooth Ceiling Speakers With Light For Sale (2024 Update)

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Bluetooth ceiling speakers with light is a great way to add a modern touch to any room. With the ability to play music and light up your room, these speakers are a great way to add life to any living space. When looking for the perfect set of Bluetooth ceiling speakers with light, there are a few key points to consider.

First, make sure you choose a set of speakers that will fit in the space. Measure the ceiling height and width to make sure the speakers are the right size for your room. You also want to make sure the speakers are compatible with your device. Check for Bluetooth compatibility and make sure the audio output is compatible with your device.

Second, consider the sound quality. Look for speakers with high wattage for maximum sound quality. Look for speakers with adjustable bass and treble settings to customize the sound.

Third, make sure you check the light settings. Look for speakers with adjustable brightness and color settings. Many sets of speakers come with remote controls to easily adjust the lighting settings.

Fourth, consider the power source. Look for speakers that run on batteries or plugs into a wall outlet. Make sure you check the battery life and charging time before you buy.

Lastly, consider the cost. Look for speakers that are within your budget. Compare different models and read customer reviews to make sure you are getting the best value for your money.

By considering these five key points, you can find the perfect set of Bluetooth ceiling speakers with light for your home. With the right speakers, you can add beauty and life to any room in your home.

10 Best Selling Bluetooth Ceiling Speakers With Light

1. Smart Led Music Ceiling Light, 48w Rgb Dimmable, Wifi Compatible, With Remote/bluetooth Speaker, Alexa/google Home Compatible.

The ASALL Smart LED Music Ceiling Light is the perfect addition to any room in your home. This energy-efficient LED rainbow music ceiling lamp offers three control modes: remote control, app (Tuya Smart), and Amazon Alexa app. With the remote control, you can adjust the brightness, color temperature, music volume, and RGB functions. The high-quality Bluetooth speaker allows you to connect to your phone, tablet, or WiFi app and play your favorite music and stories. The lights will change with the rhythm and volume of the music, allowing you to immerse yourself in the fun of music.

The dimming feature provides a range of 2700k-4000k-6800k and 10%-100% brightness, as well as a noctilucent eye protection mode that emits non-flashing light to illuminate your space without damaging your eyes. The RGB feature allows you to select a color and rhythm mode, as well as a night mode, that can be used for family gatherings, discos, and relaxation. The timer and memory function allow you to set the time and music you want to hear and the brightness of white and yellow light you want to enjoy.

The eye protection design ensures no stroboscopic or noise, providing uniform lighting and no glare, protecting your eyes from glare and creating a pleasant atmosphere. The app intelligent control function allows you to control the switch, brightness, and color of light and music modes, as well as six color lighting effects, music rhythm mode, and scene mode. This product is suitable for multiple scenarios and is easy to install.

For your assurance, this product has been certified by FCC and BSCI,GS. We support a 2-year warranty if there is any fault with this ceiling lamp. Our customer service team is available 24/7 for inquiries. Make the ASALL Smart LED Music Ceiling Light part of your home today and enjoy all its benefits.

2. Rgb Led Ceiling Light – 28w, 6000lm, 11.8" Diam. – Bluetooth & Memory Function.

This LED Ceiling Light is the perfect lighting solution for any room of your home. With its adjustable brightness and RGB colour changing capabilities, you can easily choose from the three daily lighting options of cool white, neutral white and warm white, as well as sixteen million colours to create the perfect atmosphere. The brightness can be changed from 100% to 10%, ensuring that you get the perfect brightness for whatever you’re using the light for.

What sets this LED ceiling light apart from the rest is its Bluetooth connectivity and app control. Using Bluetooth 4.0 technology, you can connect your smartphone or tablet to the light and use the “i-link” app to make adjustments. This makes it the perfect choice for family celebrations or any other occasion where you need the perfect lighting.

The 28W, 6000 lm LED ceiling light has a diameter of 11.8in, meaning it produces an even light without glare or flicker. The light also has a starlight ceiling effect when it lights up, making it perfect for protecting your or your child’s eyes. Additionally, the memory function allows you to save your settings so that you don’t have to keep adjusting the brightness and colour temperature each time you use it.

Thanks to its IP54 waterproof protection class, this LED ceiling light is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. You can use it in your kitchen, bathroom, balcony, living room, bedroom, as well as in hotels, cafes, bars and more. The versatile lighting provided by this ceiling light is sure to meet all your lighting needs.

3. Low Profile Ceiling Fan W/ Light, Bluetooth Speaker & 6 Speed Reversible Blades.

The NUTCRUST Flush Mount Low Profile Ceiling Fan with Light and Bluetooth Speaker offers an innovative design and a secure and quiet design to provide a comfortable living environment for you and your family. This fan features Memory Mode and 6 speeds reversible, allowing you to get the ideal comfort. In addition, you can directly connect to the flush mount ceiling fan by using the mobile phone Bluetooth search and play mobile phone music and any APP sound.

The fan light has a top cover that is perfect for kids rooms, loft beds, or rooms with low ceilings, keeping you and your family safe from rotating blades and providing a beautiful addition to any room. The light (white light-neutral light-warm light) and intensity (stepless dimming) can be adjusted freely through the remote control (included) or APP (downloaded through the QR code on the manual), allowing you to create the perfect ambience in your room. The fan also features a sleep timer, so you can enjoy a good night's sleep with the help of the fan.

In addition, the fan light is energy-efficient and quiet, so you and your family can stay away from noise interference. The product also comes with a manual and installation video to help you assemble the fan easily. You can also enjoy return or exchange service within 60 days, and 1 year parts replacement service. If you have any questions, please contact the seller.

4. 6" Led Recessed Downlight W/ Bluetooth Speaker & Remote (1 Pack)

The GE LED+ Speaker Recessed Downlight Fixture is the perfect solution for creating a fully immersive atmosphere in any room. This 6-inch fixture offers a soft white light, along with built-in Bluetooth Speaker functionality, to provide the perfect combination of light and sound.

The LED+ Speaker Recessed Downlight Fixture is an energy efficient way to enjoy both light and sound from a single fixture. With a lifespan of 13.7 years based on 3 hours of daily use, this fixture is designed to last for years to come.

The Bluetooth speaker light bulb does not require any additional apps or downloads to connect. Simply pair your Bluetooth enabled device to the speaker light bulb to get the most out of your experience. The 65W LED indoor flood light in soft white will provide the perfect lighting for any room and offer a warmth like no other.

The GE LED+ Speaker Recessed Downlight Fixture is the perfect way to get more sound out of your LED speaker light bulbs. With its simple feature, this fixture will make your life a little better. So, why not create an atmosphere that perfectly matches your mood with this innovative and energy efficient light and sound fixture? The GE LED+ Speaker Recessed Downlight Fixture comes with a remote included, so you can easily control it from anywhere.

5. 42" Bluetooth Chandelier Ceiling Fan W/light & Music, Rgb Lights & Remote.

This modern ceiling fan with light is designed to bring fresh breezes and a touch of style to any room. With four large fan blades to supply more air, an intelligent lighting chandelier and a Bluetooth music player, it’s a great way to liven up a space. The retractable blades give this fan an extra touch of modernity, while the 7-color RGB lights and remote control allow you to customize the atmosphere.

The 4-inch speaker has great sound quality and volume, allowing everyone to enjoy music anywhere, anytime. Use the remote to set the colors to change automatically with the music melody to join the party or set the mood for a romantic date night. The pure copper coil motor is silent and energy efficient, so you can relax knowing that your fan is helping you save energy.

The 42-inch modern chandelier ceiling fan with lights and music speaker is designed to last, with a service life of up to 10 years. If any parts fail, we provide unconditional replacement service, so you can have peace of mind. With this fan, you can enjoy the fresh air, music, and extra touch of style in your home.

6. 36w Led Ceiling Light W/ Bluetooth Speaker, Remote Control, Timer & Rgb Color Change – 20in Flush Mounted For Living Room/bedroom.

This Floating Star Future 36W LED Ceiling Light with Bluetooth Speaker and Remote Control is an ideal choice for modern living rooms, bedrooms, and other indoor places. With a 20 inch width and a sleek flush-mounted design, this ceiling light adds a touch of sophistication to any home.

This ceiling light offers a variety of features that cater to different occasions. It has built-in Bluetooth speakers and RGB color-changing mode, allowing you to set the perfect atmosphere for family parties or other special events. The remote control allows you to adjust the brightness, color temperature, and music volume, while the night eye protection mode emits flicker-free light that won't hurt your eyes.

This LED ceiling light also has a wide Bluetooth contact range of 10m and is suitable for a variety of spaces, including homes, offices, corridors, stairs, basements, and bars. Additionally, the internal isolation drive provides high safety, and the metal chassis is designed to be durable and resistant to fading. Finally, this ceiling light is covered by a 1-year warranty to ensure its quality.

Overall, the Floating Star Future 36W LED Ceiling Light with Bluetooth Speaker and Remote Control is an excellent choice for anyone looking to add a modern touch to their home. With its adjustable features and eye-catching design, this ceiling light is sure to give any indoor space a stylish and inviting atmosphere.

7. 20" Bluetooth Enclosed Bladeless Flush Mount Ceiling Fan W/ Speakers & 100 Led Color Effects.

The Zvaiuk 20 inch Bluetooth Enclosed Bladeless Ceiling Fan is an innovative and stylish ceiling fan that offers a variety of features to suit any home. With multiple control methods, a sound function, adjustable air speed, and a wide selection of LED color effects, this fan is sure to be an impressive addition to any room.

The ceiling fan has a multi-function setup, allowing for more than one hundred light settings. You can control it by wall switch, remote control, or even the included cell phone app. The app, called "ilink," allows you to access the fan’s basic functions, including light color changes, wind speed adjustments, and even time settings. It also allows you to play music with the fan’s built-in speakers, so the light will change color with the music.

The fan’s adjustable air speed includes a six-speed wind speed adjustment and a reversing function. It operates quietly, and can be used safely in rooms measuring up to 130 square feet with low ceilings. The fan and the light can also be used separately, and it comes with a timer shut-off device.

This beautiful bladeless fan is suitable for installation and use in a variety of places, such as bedrooms, living rooms, playrooms, and even for parties or festivals. It’s sure to make a statement in any space. And with our customer service guarantee, you can be sure that you’ll be satisfied with your purchase. So why not add the Zvaiuk 20 inch Bluetooth Enclosed Bladeless Ceiling Fan to your home and enjoy a cool breeze and beautiful lighting effects?

8. 15" Led Music Ceiling Light W/ Bluetooth Speaker & Remote.

This HOREVO Upgrade 15 inch Dimmable LED Music Ceiling Light with Bluetooth Speaker 24W is the perfect addition to any family bedroom. This light is energy efficient, replacing a 100W fluorescent tube fixture and saving up to 65% on your electric bill. It also has a rated lifespan of 50,000 hrs, reducing re-lamp frequency. The lampshade is made of PMMA acrylic for high light permeability, with no radiation and no pollution.

This ceiling light has an eye protection design, with no stroboscopic or noise, giving a evenly glare-free light. This ensures your eyes are protected from harsh and glare lights, while creating a warm and comfortable family environment.

It has multiple choices of colors and modes and has a palette of over 300 colors. You can control the light with a smartphone app or the included remote, downloading either the i-lamp, ilight or ilightpro app. It also has a "Rhythm" mode, allowing you to enjoy party, Disco, and dancing lighting effects in your own home.

The light also has a timer function, allowing it to turn on and off according to a schedule set up through the app. It can also be used as an alarm clock, playing music when the light is on to wake you up.

This HOREVO Upgrade 15 inch Dimmable LED Music Ceiling Light with Bluetooth Speaker 24W is the perfect addition to any family bedroom, with its energy efficient design, eye protection design and multiple color and mode options.

9. 24w 36" Color Changing Kids Ceiling Fan With Lights, Bluetooth Speaker, And Remote Control.

Introducing the Retractable Ceiling Fan with Lights and Bluetooth Speaker, a revolutionary three-in-one chandelier fan that combines lighting, music, and air circulation for the perfect home. It features slim, stylish blades that can be retracted when not in use to prevent dust buildup, and a reversible rotation airflow function for changing the direction of the fan according to the season.

This chandelier fan also features a built-in Bluetooth music player, allowing you to stream music, podcasts, and more from your favorite devices. With the remote control, you can adjust fan speed, ceiling light illumination, and color temperature with the push of a button. Plus, with the timer function, you can easily automate your home’s comfort and convenience.

The Retractable Ceiling Fan with Lights and Bluetooth Speaker is made with easy installation and a sleek design that will complement any decor. Plus, with its powerful air flow and quiet performance on three different fan speeds, it’s the perfect addition to any home. Whether you need cool relief in the summer or indoor air cleaning in the winter, this fan has you covered.

So, upgrade your home’s lighting, music, and air circulation all at once with the Retractable Ceiling Fan with Lights and Bluetooth Speaker. And with its easy installation and stylish design, you’ll be able to enjoy the perfect home in no time.

10. Bluetooth Bladeless Ceiling Fan W/ Lights, App & Remote Control, 19.7

The DewShrimp Flush Mount Ceiling Fan with Lights is the perfect addition to any home, combining the functionality of a fan with the convenience of a Bluetooth speaker and light. Its innovative design keeps you and your family safe from rotating blades and adds beauty to the room. It features a low profile enclosed structure, which is ideal for kids rooms and loft beds, or rooms with low ceilings.

The fan comes with an app and remote control, allowing you to control the light (white light-neutral light-warm light) and intensity (stepless dimming) to create the perfect ambience in your room. It also has a memory mode so that when you turn off the fan with the remote, the last used setting will be remembered. There are also six speeds reversible settings so you can adjust the fan to get the ideal comfort. You can also play music directly from your mobile phone through its Bluetooth connection.

The fan is designed for safety and convenience. It is quiet and energy-efficient, so you and your family can stay away from noise interference and have a comfortable living environment. The installation is also easy and quick, with all components already assembled, and the steps are simple and easy to operate.

The DewShrimp Flush Mount Ceiling Fan with Lights is backed by a one-year warranty and lifetime service support. If you have any questions or concerns about the product, you can contact our customer service team for assistance. With its combination of convenience and safety, the DewShrimp fan is the perfect addition to any home.

Bluetooth Ceiling Speakers With Light FAQs

Do they make Bluetooth ceiling speakers?

Yes, Bluetooth ceiling speakers are available on the market. They are designed to provide convenience and flexibility while allowing you to enjoy your favorite tunes in any room. Bluetooth ceiling speakers are easy to install and can be connected to any device that supports Bluetooth. They are available in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors, making it easy to find the perfect fit for your home or office. Additionally, Bluetooth ceiling speakers offer great sound quality and can be customized to fit your listening preferences. Some models even come with additional features such as a built-in microphone or an LED light. Bluetooth ceiling speakers are a great way to enjoy music in any room and make a great addition to any home or office.

How are Bluetooth ceiling speakers powered?

Bluetooth ceiling speakers are powered either by batteries or by being wired to an outlet. Battery-powered Bluetooth ceiling speakers typically use an in-built rechargeable lithium-ion battery, which can be recharged via an external power source and provide up to 8 hours of playtime. Wired Bluetooth ceiling speakers are powered in the same way as conventional ceiling speakers, using either AC power (mains) or DC power (battery). Wired Bluetooth ceiling speakers need to be connected directly to the power source, whereas battery-powered Bluetooth ceiling speakers need to be recharged periodically. Both types of Bluetooth ceiling speakers provide excellent sound quality, but wired speakers are typically louder and more powerful.

How do ceiling speakers get power?

Ceiling speakers typically get power from a separate amplifier or receiver. This is usually connected to a wall outlet, or it can be connected to an existing home theater system. The speakers themselves are usually wired to the amplifier or receiver, which then sends the signal to the speakers. This type of setup ensures that the speakers receive the necessary power to work properly and to deliver the desired sound. In cases where the speakers are wired directly to the wall, they will need to be connected to a power source, such as a power adapter or a power strip.

How do you install Bluetooth speakers in a ceiling?

Installing Bluetooth speakers in a ceiling requires some advanced electrical and carpentry skills. To get started, first identify the correct location for the speakers and mark the area. It is important to ensure that the speaker is placed in the correct place so that the sound is spread evenly throughout the room. Next, attach the mounting bracket to the ceiling joist using screws or lag bolts. Then, attach the speaker to the bracket using the supplied screws. Connect the speaker wires to the receiver or amplifier. Finally, use a Bluetooth receiver to connect the speaker to your device. Ensure that the receiver is compatible with the speaker and that the Bluetooth connection is secure. Once complete, test the speaker before permanently fixing it in place.

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