Boston Acoustics Speakers Vintage For Sale (2024 Update)

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When it comes to vintage audio equipment, Boston Acoustics speakers have a long and rich history. Over the past four decades, these speakers have been at the forefront of sound technology and have been used by some of the greatest musicians in the world. Whether you’re looking for a vintage set of speakers for your home stereo system or a collector’s piece, there are a few key points to consider when shopping for Boston Acoustics speakers.

First, consider the size and shape of the speakers. Vintage Boston Acoustics speakers come in a variety of sizes and shapes, and it’s important to make sure the speakers you’re buying will fit in the space you have available. Additionally, the size and shape of the speakers will also affect the sound quality, so it’s important to make sure you’re getting the right size for your needs.

Second, look for speakers with a high wattage rating. The higher the wattage rating, the louder and clearer the sound will be. Additionally, higher wattage speakers will also be able to handle more power, so they’ll last longer and produce better sound quality.

Third, consider the age of the speakers. Older Boston Acoustics speakers are often more sought after by collectors, but they may also require more maintenance and care. If you’re looking for a set of vintage speakers that will last for years, you may want to look for a newer set.

Fourth, check the condition of the speakers. Look for signs of wear and tear, such as scratches, dents, and rust. Additionally, if you’re buying vintage speakers, make sure to check the wiring and connections to ensure they’re in good working order.

Finally, research the model. Different models of Boston Acoustics speakers have different features, so it’s important to make sure the model you’re buying is the right one for your needs. Look for reviews and ratings of the model you’re interested in to make sure it’s the right fit for you.

When shopping for vintage Boston Acoustics speakers, these are the five key points to consider. Make sure to check the size and shape of the speakers, look for a high wattage rating, consider the age of the speakers, check the condition of the speakers, and research the model. With these points in mind, you’ll be able to find the perfect vintage Boston Acoustics speakers for your needs.

10 Best Selling Boston Acoustics Speakers Vintage

1. Boston Acoustics 8 Inch Foam Speaker Repair Kit Fsk-8 (Pair)

Boston Acoustics 8 Inch Foam Speaker Repair Kit FSK-8 (Pair) is the perfect product for any average do-it-yourselfer. This kit comes with easy to follow illustrated instructions, and installation typically requires 30 minutes per speaker. Furthermore, Boston Acoustics provides free technical support and free shipping to any USA address. The company has been in business for over 20 years and has a proven track record of quality and customer satisfaction, evidenced by their being a #1 seller on Amazon.

The kit includes everything needed to repair the foam surround of a Boston Acoustics 8 inch speaker, including the foam surround itself, glue, and detailed instructions. The instructions provide clear guidance on how to remove the existing foam surround, prepare the speaker for the new foam, and install the new surround. The instructions also provide helpful advice on how to ensure a proper fit and seal.

Once installed, the new foam surround will restore the speaker to its original performance. The new foam will also help to protect the speaker from dust and dirt, which can lead to poor sound. The foam also helps to improve the sound by providing a better seal around the speaker cone.

The Boston Acoustics 8 Inch Foam Speaker Repair Kit FSK-8 (Pair) is an easy and cost-effective solution for any speaker repair project. It provides all the necessary components for a successful repair, along with helpful instructions. With the help of this kit, you can restore your speakers to their original condition and enjoy great sound for many years to come. Join thousands of customers that have installed our New-Edge-It speaker foam repair kits successfully!

2. Boston Acoustics Speaker Foam Surround Repair Kit (2) For Cr-8, Hd-7, Micro 80pv, And More.

If you own a Boston Acoustics speaker, you know the sound quality is second to none. But even the best speakers can wear out over time. To ensure your Boston Acoustics speaker is always producing the highest quality sound, it's important to replace the foam surround when it begins to degrade. That's why we're excited to offer the Boston Acoustics 7" Speaker Foam Surround Edge Repair Kit.

This kit includes everything you need to get your Boston Acoustics speaker back in action. It's compatible with the Boston CR-8, CR8, HD-7, HD7 Micro 80pv, and many other models that match the measurements. While occasional variances in Boston Acoustics frames may require you to trim approximately 1/16" off of the outer perimeter, the same surround that professional reconers use is included – not cheap Chinese imitations!

Installation is easy. The kit comes with complete instructions and videos to walk you through the process. And when you make the upgrade, you'll be sure you'll be getting the best sound quality out of your Boston Acoustics speaker.

If you want to keep your Boston Acoustics speaker in its best condition and make sure you're always getting the highest quality sound, the Boston Acoustics 7" Speaker Foam Surround Edge Repair Kit is the perfect solution. With everything you need for a complete installation, you can restore your speaker to its original glory with no hassle.

3. Boston Acoustics Style 8 Inch Woofer, A60 Series 2, A70 Series 2, T830, W-875

The Boston Acoustics Style 8" Woofer is a perfect addition to any sound system. This woofer offers a unique combination of size, power and response that is unsurpassed in the industry. With its 9" frame, this woofer has a hole cut-out of 7" (178mm) and a depth of 3.75" (95mm). It also features a 1" (25mm) voice coil and 12 oz magnet with bumped pole piece.

The woofer offers an impedance of 4 ohms, a Re of 3.7 ohms, a power of 60 watts RMS and a response of 37 Hz – 4 kHz. Its sensitivity is 88 dB, 1 watt, 1 meter and its Fs is 37 Hz. Its Vas is 1.72 cu. ft., Qms is 3.183, Qes is .726 and Qts is .591 with an Xmax of 3.25mm.

The SS Audio Boston Acoustics Style 8" Woofer is designed with a poly cone, screen dust cap and foam surround. It has been designed to offer superior sound quality and performance.

Although Boston Acoustics has discontinued this woofer, SS Audio has come up with the perfect solution. This woofer is an ideal choice for those wanting an alternative to their discontinued model. With its size, power and response, this woofer is sure to provide an outstanding audio experience.

4. Boston Acoustics 8 Inch T-1000, T-1030, T-830, Hd8, Hd9, Woofer Repair Kit Fsk-828 (Pair)

Boston Acoustics 8 Inch T-1000, T-1030, T-830, HD8, HD9, Woofer Repair Kit FSK-828 (Pair) is the perfect solution for any average do-it-yourselfer looking to repair their speakers. Installation is easy with step by step illustrated instructions, and can be completed in an average of 30 minutes per speaker. With the help of our online videos, installation is even easier.

At New-Edge-It, we provide our customers with the highest quality repair kits and services. We have been in business for over 20 years and are proud to be the #1 seller on Amazon. Our customers join thousands of others who have successfully installed our repair kits.

We provide free shipping to any USA address, and free technical support to further assist our customers in the installation process. Our commitment to quality customer service allows us to guarantee satisfaction with every purchase.

The Boston Acoustics 8 Inch T-1000, T-1030, T-830, HD8, HD9, Woofer Repair Kit FSK-828 (Pair) is an easy and cost-effective way to repair your speakers and restore their former glory. Our kits are designed for the average do-it-yourselfer and come with step by step instructions and free technical support to make installation a breeze. With over 20 years of experience and thousands of satisfied customers, New-Edge-It is the trusted leader in speaker repair.

5. Victrola Retro Wood Bluetooth Fm/am Radio With Rotary Dial, Espresso

Victrola's Retro Wood Bluetooth FM/AM Radio with Rotary Dial, Espresso is the perfect way to bring timeless style and modern technology into your home or office. This 9.5 inch by 6.3 inch by 4.9 inch radio has a classic vintage look with a walnut finish, making it the perfect addition to any decor. It also features built-in stereo speakers for a full range of sound quality, with a vintage tonal quality that won't distort.

The built-in Bluetooth allows you to quickly pair with smartphones, tablets, and laptops, so you can enjoy unlimited streaming from your favorite streaming apps, internet radio, or stored music. The knobs have a nice feel to them, and the power button doubles as a volume knob. The AM/FM tuner allows you to navigate through stations, and the bass and treble knobs let you customize your listening experience.

Victrola's 115-year commitment to craftsmanship is evident in the high-quality design and finishing of this radio. The stylish retro wood finish, strong built quality, practical design and mechanism, and well-balanced sound make this an item you'll be proud to own. Whether you're looking for a timeless classic to add to your home or office, or just a great way to enjoy music, Victrola's Retro Wood Bluetooth FM/AM Radio with Rotary Dial, Espresso is a great choice.

6. Greadio Walnut Wooden Fm Radio Speaker With Bluetooth 5.0, Tf Card & Mp3 Player.

This vintage radio speaker is the perfect combination of modern technology with a classic 1950s aesthetic. Crafted from natural walnut wood, it boasts the latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology, allowing for quick and easy connections to your smart devices. With a nostalgic appearance and FM radio function, you can enjoy a stereo rich sound of classic, country and rock music with this vintage radio bluetooth speaker.

The retro bluetooth speaker has a surprisingly loud volume with a 5-watt amplifier processing the audio output, while the bass enhancement system produces a stereo rich sound from the front. This mini retro radio only takes up a space of 4.4 x 2.7 x 2 inches and has a 1100mAh built-in rechargeable battery, offering up to 9 hours of playtime. You can take it with you wherever you go, whether it’s to the beach, camping, hiking, or just having a party in your backyard.

This retro bluetooth speaker is perfect for anyone who loves music and wants to stand out from the crowd with a unique vintage look. It also makes a great gift for any occasion, and is sure to be remembered. With the latest sound production technology, unique design and top-quality standard for retro radio, this vintage radio speaker is an ideal choice for leisure and formal occasions.

Plus, with a 1-year money back guarantee and a lifetime customer service, you can rest assured that you’re getting a reliable and risk-free product. So why not enjoy the classic music of the 1950s with this innovative vintage radio bluetooth speaker today?

7. Speaker Grill Fabric Cloth Cover, 67×20" Black

This 67×20 in /170×50 cm speaker grill fabric cloth cover is an ideal mesh replacement for home speakers, stage audio speakers and KTV boxes. It is made of chemical fiber, making it light and thin, yet rugged and durable – perfect for custom wall panels and entertainment centers. The cloth offers good sound transmission and dust resistance and is easy to clean.

This speaker cloth is scratch-resistant and offers excellent buffer protection. It can protect the acoustic equipment from dust, scratches and damage, while providing a great decoration. With its great permeability, lightweight and soft texture, it will not harm your device.

The speaker cloth can restore the vintage speaker's appearance to a like-new condition, and its sound effect is improved. It has the capacity to make deep bass directivity merge, weakening the directivity. This makes the treble, midrange and bass more harmonious, bringing you a better experience of enjoying music.

This multi-functional speaker cloth is suitable for large speakers, stage speakers, KTV boxes and more. If you have any questions, please contact us. This speaker grill fabric cloth cover is the perfect replacement speaker cloth to repair existing speakers' grilles and provides protection while being a great decoration.

8. Edifier P12 Passive Bookshelf Speakers – 2-Way, Wall-Mountable, Wood Color (Pair) – Requires Amp/receiver

The Edifier P12 Passive Bookshelf Speakers are a great choice for anyone looking to add a balanced, natural sound to their home theater setup. These speakers have 4-inch bass drivers and a bass reflex port to enhance bass and a 19mm (3/4 inch) silk dome tweeter to reproduce treble in every detail. The speakers also come with a built-in wall-mount bracket, allowing you to hang them as rear surround speakers for your home theater.

These speakers require an amplifier or receiver to operate, and speaker wires are included for your convenience. They have an impedance of 6 ohms and are guaranteed to be of high quality and reliability with a hassle-free parts and labor warranty for two years in USA and Canada.

The Edifier P12 Passive Bookshelf Speakers are an easy way to add excellent sound to your home theater. They have a wood color finish and provide a balanced natural sound with enhanced bass and treble. The wall-mount bracket makes it easy to install the speakers in any room and the included speaker wires make setup even simpler. With the two-year warranty, you can be sure that your Edifier P12 speakers will last for years to come.

9. Retro Bluetooth Speakers, 10w Wireless, 10-Hour Play, Fm Radio, Mic, Handsfree, Aux, Usb/sd, Hd Audio.

This Retro Bluetooth Speaker is a perfect decoration and artwork to match your lifestyle. It boasts a unique design, with a full-bodied HD stereo sound and unique surrounded bass that produces 360° degree sound with crisp highs, strong midrange and deep bass. It has a built-in 1800mah rechargeable battery providing up to 10-hour music playing time and 15-hour talking time at 50% volume.

This speaker is multi-functional with FM radio, wireless, AUX, USB flash drive, micro TF card, hands-free calling, up to 33 feet range, and Bluetooth 4.1. It is perfectly compatible with Windows, Android, iOS, Mac OS and Echo, and supports MP3 format.

For your convenience, this speaker has a 24 x 7 friendly customer support team ready to help if you have any problem while using it. You can buy with confidence knowing that all of our products have passed strict QC process before delivery.

Make a statement with this Retro Bluetooth Speaker. Its unique design and full-bodied HD stereo sound make it a must-have for any music enthusiast. With its multiple functions, rechargeable battery, and compatibility with most devices, you can now enjoy your favorite tunes in style.

10. Wood Wireless Sound Bar Speaker: Bluetooth 5.3, Usb, Aux-In For Pc, Monitor, Laptop, Tablets, Cellphone

Smalody Computer Speakers offer superior sound quality with rich bass and a fashionable wood design. These speakers are equipped with Bluetooth 5.3 and wired USB AUX-in connection for monitor, laptop, tablets, and cellphone use. Their 20 watts of power deliver surprisingly loud, space-filling volume from the dual precision stereotic drivers and proprietary bass radiator, allowing for a clear and disturbance-free stereo sound even at maximum volume.

The speaker box is made of Brazilian oak, with a luxurious fabric cover for a classic vintage look. This makes it an indispensable interior decoration for room decor, perfect for cafes, restaurants, vintage doll shops, and dance studios. The plug & play design of the PC speakers allows easy and convenient operation, with no driver software or 3.5 mm auxiliary cable required and a single USB design to avoid annoying cable management.

For added convenience, Smalody Computer Speakers come with an AUX cable, charging cable, user manual, and 24-hour customer service. The entire design of a wood box with deluxe backstop makes this Bluetooth speaker unique, making it the perfect gift for your loved ones. With Smalody PC speakers, you can enjoy fresh and vital sound quality and beautify your life.

Boston Acoustics Speakers Vintage FAQs

Are Boston Acoustics speakers any good?

Boston Acoustics speakers are renowned for their excellent sound quality. They are well-known for their clarity and accuracy, as well as their deep bass and dynamic range. They can reproduce a wide range of frequencies, which makes them suitable for both music and home theater applications. In addition, their sleek, modern designs make them a great choice for any home. They are also fairly affordable, so they can easily fit into most budgets. All in all, Boston Acoustics speakers are a great choice for those looking for great sound quality at a reasonable price.

Does Boston make good speakers?

Yes, Boston makes good speakers. They have a long history of producing quality audio products that deliver clear, accurate sound. Their loudspeakers feature advanced technologies such as waveguides, special materials, and advanced crossover networks, which allow them to deliver accurate sound with a wide soundstage. Their speakers are designed to work with the latest audio equipment, including amplifiers and receivers. Additionally, their speakers are designed to be durable and to withstand long-term use. Furthermore, Boston offers a variety of styles and options, making it easy to find the perfect speaker for any application. With their commitment to quality and innovation, Boston makes great speakers that are sure to please any music lover.

What happened to Boston Acoustics speakers?

Boston Acoustics was a well-known speaker brand that was in operation from 1979 to 2020. They specialized in high-end audio components, including speakers, subwoofers, amplifiers, and receivers. They were a major player in the audio industry and their products were highly regarded for their quality and performance.

In 2020, Boston Acoustics was acquired by D&M Holdings, Inc., a Japanese company that also owns other audio brands such as Denon, Marantz, and McIntosh. As a result of the acquisition, Boston Acoustic's products were no longer sold under the brand name. However, the products are still available under the D&M Holdings, Inc. umbrella and many of them still bear the Boston Acoustics logo.

Boston Acoustics was a beloved brand, and while their products are no longer being sold directly, many of their designs and products are still available and continue to be highly regarded.

What speakers sound like Boston Acoustics?

Boston Acoustics speakers offer a range of sound quality and clarity. Their line of speakers includes models that feature a range of sound reproduction capabilities, from high-end audiophile-grade speakers to budget-friendly models. Most of their products feature a combination of features such as high-quality woofers, tweeters, and crossovers for an accurate, balanced sound. Some of their speakers also feature advanced technologies such as WaveGuide technology for improved sound dispersion and Trillium technology for more immersive sound. Boston Acoustics speakers are designed to deliver a balanced, natural sound that can be enjoyed both indoors and outdoors. They also have a range of wireless speakers that offer convenient portability and Bluetooth connectivity.

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