Car Speakers Jl Audio For Sale (2024 Update)

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When looking for car speakers, JL Audio is one of the top brands to consider. They offer high-quality sound reproduction, a variety of speaker sizes and styles to fit any vehicle, and a long-lasting performance. Here are five key points to consider when shopping for car speakers from JL Audio:

1. Sound Quality: JL Audio speakers are designed to deliver crystal clear highs and robust bass. They also have a wide range of power handling capabilities, so you can find the right speaker for your car's audio system.

2. Speaker Size: JL Audio offers a variety of speaker sizes to fit any vehicle, from small sedans to large SUVs. Be sure to measure the speaker space in your car before you buy to ensure you get the right size.

3. Durability: JL Audio speakers are designed to last. They are constructed with high-quality materials and designed to withstand the elements, so you can enjoy your music for years to come.

4. Installation: Installing car speakers can be tricky, so make sure you have the right tools and knowledge before you start. If you're not confident in your DIY skills, you can always hire a professional to install your speakers for you.

5. Price: JL Audio speakers can range in price depending on the model and size. Be sure to compare prices and features to find the speaker that best fits your budget.

Overall, JL Audio is a great option when shopping for car speakers. With their high-quality sound, variety of sizes and styles, and durable construction, JL Audio speakers can provide you with years of reliable audio performance. Make sure to consider these five key points when looking for car speakers from JL Audio, and you'll be sure to find the perfect speaker for your vehicle.

10 Best Selling Car Speakers Jl Audio

1. Jbl Club 625sq – 6.5", Two-Way Premium Performance Car Audio Speaker

The JBL Club 625SQ is a 6.5" two-way premium performance car audio speaker designed to deliver superior sound quality. This speaker features JBL Pure Bass Sound, plus One Woofer Cones and an edge-driven silk dome tweeter for maximum sound clarity. The larger magnet and increased power handling allow for higher output with a 3 Ohm design.

The 625SQ offers superior sound quality through its advanced engineering and design. The Woofer Cones are designed to move more air for deeper, richer bass. The edge-driven silk dome tweeter provides crisp, clear highs, while the larger magnet and increased power handling allow for higher output.

The 625SQ is ideal for car audio enthusiasts who want superior sound quality. Its advanced engineering and design allow for a wide range of sound configurations, so you can customize your listening experience. The 3 Ohm design allows for more power handling and higher output, making it perfect for all types of audio systems.

The JBL Club 625SQ is the perfect choice for car audio enthusiasts who demand superior sound quality. Its advanced engineering and design provide superior sound clarity and powerful bass. The larger magnet and increased power handling allow for higher output, while the 3 Ohm design allows for more power handling and higher output. Whether you are looking for a speaker for your car audio system or just want to upgrade your sound, the JBL Club 625SQ is the perfect choice.

2. Mb Quart 800w 6-Speaker Audio System For Jeep Wrangler/gladiator (Jl/jt)

The MB Quart MBQJ-STG6A-1 Speaker System is a powerful and convenient solution for upgrading the sound of your Jeep Wrangler (JL) or Jeep Gladiator (JT). This complete system provides 800 watts of power, giving you high-definition sound that will make your drive more enjoyable.

The system is designed for easy installation, with a vehicle-specific wiring harness and powder-coated mounting plate for simple plug-and-play OEM-style installation. Additionally, a cutout template is included.

The upper dash includes two 3.5-inch coaxial speakers with a paper and mica blended cone and a 0.78-inch premium series magnesium dome tweeter. The stamped steel frame is designed for OEM fitment, and the compact high-energy neodymium magnet ensures big sound.

The lower dash includes two 6.5-inch mid-bass speakers in customer enclosures, designed to mount directly to factory enclosure locations. The shallow, lightweight composite frame provides maximum airspace, while the Y30 iron ferrite magnet ensures a rich sound.

The rear soundbar includes two 6×9-inch coaxial speakers with a durable paper and mica cone, and a one-inch magnesium dome tweeter. This provides improved midrange, midbass, and high-frequency output. Steel mounting plates, hardware, and replacement OEM-style grilles are included.

The system is powered by two 400-watt full range, water-resistant, two-channel Class D amplifiers. These amplifiers create big power with a small chassis design and a low current draw. An AAMPRO plug and play interface allows easy connection.

The MB Quart MBQJ-STG6A-1 Speaker System is a great way to upgrade your Jeep's sound system with premium audio quality. The system is designed for easy installation, and provides powerful sound with 800 watts of power.

3. 15" L7r Subwoofer Bundle With Ha-A1500.1 Amplifier & Amp Kit

This bundle from Kicker provides ultimate power and performance for car audio systems. It includes (2) 45L7R152 Car Audio L7R Square 15" Subwoofers, each delivering 1800 watts of powerful bass. The subs feature a square design for maximum sound quality and efficient air movement, as well as an injection-molded SoloKon™ cone for maximum cone and gasket surface without distortion. The subs are also equipped with the patented Ribbed Santoprene Surround for increased excursion and power handling.

In addition to the subs, the bundle also includes a Harmony HA-A1500.1 Amplifier and Amp Kit. The amplifier is designed to deliver maximum power to your car audio system, with 1,500 watts of power and a frequency response of 20Hz-200Hz. It also features two-ohm stable circuitry and a low-pass filter for maximum sound quality and performance. The amp kit includes everything you need to install and connect the amplifier to your car audio system.

With this bundle, you can rest assured that you will get the best sound quality and performance out of your car audio system. The combination of the subs and amplifier will provide powerful bass and crystal clear sound. Whether you are listening to music or watching movies, this bundle will make sure you get the most out of your car audio system.

4. Boss Audio Pt1000 2-Ch. Car Amp – 1000w, A/b, 2-8 Ohm, Mosfet, Bridgeable.

The BOSS Audio Systems PT1000 2 Channel Car Amplifier is a powerful, robust amplifier that offers 1000 watts of power. With its full range capabilities, it can run both speakers and subwoofers. Its Class A/B Topology ensures great sound quality with current flowing through the output transistors even when no audio signal is present. The Mosfet Power Supply provides precise voltage and current control by removing the output current sensing loss and eliminating secondary feedback circuitry.

The Variable Gain Control adjusts the amount of signal coming from the receiver to the amplifier. The Variable Bass Boost allows you to have full control over the amount of bass you want to pump out to your subwoofer(s). The amplifier is bridgeable, allowing you to dramatically increase the power output to your speakers and subwoofers.

The BOSS Audio Systems PT1000 2 Channel Car Amplifier has a maximum power of 500 Watts at 2-Ohms, 250 Watts at 4-Ohms, and 1000 Watts at 4 Ohms when bridged. It has dimensions of 9.5” x 10.31” x 2.25”, and a weight of 6.62 lbs.

For added peace of mind, BOSS Audio Systems provides a powerful 6 year Platinum Online Dealer warranty when the purchase is made through an authorized dealer. For optimal performance and safety, professional installation is highly recommended.

5. High-To-Low Car Audio Converter With Amp Control Wire.

The JL Audio High Low Converter is one of the most efficient car stereo subwoofer products on the market. This 4 channel high to low audio converter is made with premium quality plastic material that is resistant to cracking, rustproof, and provides long-term service. This product is designed to be simple to install, with its straightforward wiring process, and is perfect for replacing old or broken converters.

This car audio converter is suitable for connecting to original car CD, radio, DVD, host, and amplifier. It is professionally manufactured with high precision and superior performance. This product is used for converting high audio signal of the speaker to low frequency, giving users a superior experience.

The JL Audio High Low Converter is an excellent product for those looking for a reliable and efficient car stereo product. Its durable design and professional manufacturing make it a great choice for those seeking a high quality audio converter. Its easy installation process and wide range of applications make it an ideal product for any car stereo owner.

6. Rockford Fosgate Punch P300-12 Single 12" 300-Watt Amplified Subwoofer In Enclosure – Black

The Rockford Fosgate Punch P300-12 Amplified Subwoofer is a powerful all-in-one solution for a single 12” subwoofer. The self-contained enclosure is powered by a 300 Watt amplifier, making it an ideal choice for both aftermarket and OEM audio systems. The system is easy to install, with only power, ground and signal connections necessary to get it up and running.

The Punch P300-12 boasts a closed-loop design which ensures the optimal performance between the woofer, amplifier and enclosure. An adjustable 12db/Octave low pass crossover, built-in adjustable bass EQ, 0°/180° phase switch and a remote bass level control are also included, allowing for further customization.

The Punch P300-12 is designed with famous Rockford Fosgate build quality, and is backed by a full 1-year warranty when purchased from an authorized Rockford Fosgate reseller. Dimensions for the wedge enclosure are 15” x 19.8” x 11” x 7”.

The Rockford Fosgate Punch P300-12 Amplified Subwoofer is the perfect solution for anyone looking to add a powerful bass sound to their audio system. With its easy setup and customizable features, this subwoofer is sure to provide a high-quality sound. And with the full 1-year warranty from Rockford Fosgate, you can have peace of mind knowing that you are getting the best product possible.

7. Ds18 V4hl.v2 Hi/lo Converter – 4 Channel W/speaker Simulator & Remote Turn-On Output

The DS18 V4HL.V2 Hi/Lo Converter is an improved version of DS18’s 2 channel converter. This car stereo module high to low converter is designed to bridge the gap between your vehicles factory head unit and aftermarket amplifier. It allows you to take advantage of the benefits of an aftermarket sound system while still using the factory amplifier.

This high-level speaker signal converter has 2 channel L+R output so you can enjoy the full range of sound your aftermarket system has to offer. It also includes signal sensing technology that allows it to automatically turn on when a signal is detected. This makes it easy to mount in any location and also ensures a crystal clear signal with no distortion. The output voltage can be adjusted up to 8V.

The DS18 V4HL.V2 Hi/Lo Converter is a great device for those who are looking to upgrade their car audio system without having to replace the factory amplifier. It is the perfect solution for bridging the gap between factory and aftermarket audio systems. DS18 stands out from other brands with its progressive designs and commitment to delivering technologically advanced products. With the DS18 V4HL.V2 Hi/Lo Converter, you can easily upgrade your car audio system and enjoy the benefits of an aftermarket sound system.

8. Alpine I407-Wra-Jl Receiver With Mb Quart Stage 6 Speaker/amp Upgrade & Mbqjt-Suba-1 Sub System W/ Gladiator (Jt) For 2020/21.

The Alpine i407-WRA-JK 7-Inch Restyle Dash System, MB Quart MBQJ-STG6A-1 800 Watt Six Speaker Upgrade Kit, MBQJT-SUBA-1 400 Watt Two Underseat Subwoofer System, and 4-piece plastic pry tool bundle is the perfect solution for an upgraded Jeep Wrangler JL and Gladiator JT audio system. The digital media receiver is designed to fit perfectly into the vehicle, and does not require any discs. The 6.95" capacitive touchscreen provides an intuitive user experience, allowing for easy access to all of your favorite audio sources.

The MB Quart MBQJ-STG6A-1 800 Watt Six Speaker Upgrade Kit provides an incredible sound experience with its combination of high-quality components, such as two-way component sets, two-way coaxial sets, and two-way component woofers. The kit also includes a set of tweeters, helping to create a rich, full-range sound. This upgrade kit is the perfect addition to your Jeep audio system, and will ensure you are getting the most out of your listening experience.

The MBQJT-SUBA-1 400 Watt Two Underseat Subwoofer System is the perfect solution for creating a powerful, low-end bass sound. This system is designed to fit perfectly in the Jeep’s underseat space, and is built with high-quality components to ensure a long-lasting subwoofer system. The subwoofer is powered by a 400-watt amplifier and produces a deep, powerful bass sound.

Finally, the 4-piece plastic pry tool set ensures that your installation process is fast and easy. The tools are designed to help remove the factory radio and install the Alpine i407-WRA-JL Multimedia Receiver w/ MB Quart Stage 6 Speaker/Amp Upgrade.

The Alpine i407-WRA-JK 7-Inch Restyle Dash System, MB Quart MBQJ-STG6A-1 800 Watt Six Speaker Upgrade Kit, MBQJT-SUBA-1 400 Watt Two Underseat Subwoofer System, and 4-piece plastic pry tool bundle is the perfect way to upgrade the audio system on your Jeep Wrangler JL and Gladiator JT. This bundle includes all the parts you need to create an amazing audio system that will provide an incredible listening experience.

Car Speakers Jl Audio FAQs

Is JL Audio A good speaker brand?

Yes, JL Audio is a good speaker brand. The company has been in business since 1975 and has become a leader in the production of high-quality audio equipment for both home and car use. They specialize in subwoofers and amplifiers and offer a wide variety of models, making them a great choice for any audio enthusiast. Their products are known for their high-quality sound, deep bass and clear mids and highs. JL Audio also provides excellent customer service and a wide selection of accessories to help customize the sound of their speakers. All in all, JL Audio is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a quality speaker system.

Is JL Audio better than Fosgate?

The answer to this question really depends on individual preference and the application. JL Audio is known for their high-end car audio products, which often feature advanced technology and superior sound quality. Fosgate is a well-known brand that makes a wide range of audio products, from car audio to home theater systems. Both brands have their own strengths and weaknesses, so it really comes down to which one is better for a particular person's needs. JL Audio is widely regarded for its superior sound quality and advanced technology, while Fosgate offers more affordable options. Ultimately, the decision should be made based on the user's own preferences, budget, and needs.

Is JL Audio better than kicker?

The answer to this question depends on several factors, including personal preference and the intended application. Kicker is a well-known and established brand that has been producing audio equipment for many years. Their products have a reputation for being reliable, and they offer a wide variety of options. JL Audio is a more recent company, but they have quickly become a leader in car audio due to their innovative designs and advanced technology. Both companies offer excellent products that provide high-quality sound. Ultimately, the choice between JL Audio and Kicker will come down to personal preference and the specific application. It’s best to do your research and read reviews to get a better idea of which brand is best for you.

What is the difference between JBL and JL Audio?

JBL and JL Audio are two of the leading brands in the audio industry. While both offer high-quality audio products, there are some key differences between the two.

JBL is known for its wide range of audio products, from home audio systems to car audio systems, and high-end audio speakers for professional use. JBL's products are designed for affordability and value, with an emphasis on ease of use.

JL Audio, on the other hand, is known for their high-end audio products. JL Audio's products are designed for superior sound quality and performance, and they focus on creating products that are accurate and reliable. Their products are more expensive than those of JBL, but the quality of sound they produce is unmatched.

Overall, JBL offers a wide range of products for all types of budgets, while JL Audio focuses on creating professional-grade audio products. Both brands provide excellent audio products, and it mostly comes down to personal preference and budget to decide which one is the best for you.

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