Celebrate (Electric) President’s Day

Big ups to Heather over at I Am Fuel, You Are Friends for clueing me into the new Electric President album that was released last month. The duo of Ben Cooper and Alex Kane aren’t afraid to mix a little folk-pop with some electronic beats, and that combo always scores major points with me (think: early David Gray, the superb William Fitzsimmons). I became obsessed with the song “Insomnia” off the 2006 self-titled album while watching a rerun of The O.C. on the Soap Network last summer. Whatever, don’t judge me!

It is the. perfect. song. for one of those montages that closes out every episode of every teen drama ever aired. You know, the ones where each character spends Friday night alone to sullenly reflect on the stupid mistakes they made over the last fifty minutes? Yeah, like that. Anyway, ain’t no shame in my game; discovering Electric President makes up for the many, many brain cells lost on Marissa Cooper’s rebel antics and Sandy Cohen’s bagel breakfasts (with schmear).

Stream a new Electric President song here and head over to I Am Fuel, You Are Friends to download “Safe and Sound.”

The Violent Blue is out now on Fake Four Records.

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