Cheap Sonos Speakers For Sale (2024 Update)

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When it comes to home audio, Sonos speakers are some of the most popular and reliable on the market. But if you're looking for a good deal, you may be wondering what the best options are for cheap Sonos speakers. Here are five key points to keep in mind when shopping for a budget-friendly Sonos speaker:

1. Price: Of course, one of the most important factors when it comes to finding a cheap Sonos speaker is the price. You'll want to compare prices of different models to find the best deal.

2. Sound quality: Even if you're getting a good deal, you don't want to sacrifice sound quality. Look for reviews to get an idea of how the speaker sounds before you buy.

3. Connectivity: Make sure the speaker you choose is compatible with your other devices. If you want to use it with your TV, for example, make sure it has the necessary connections.

4. Features: Look for features that can add value to your experience, such as multi-room audio, voice commands, and more.

5. Warranty: Be sure to check the warranty for the speaker you're considering. This can give you peace of mind in case something goes wrong.

By keeping these five key points in mind, you can find the perfect cheap Sonos speaker for your needs. Do your research, compare prices, and read reviews to make sure you get the best deal. With a little bit of patience and effort, you can find a great speaker at an affordable price.

10 Best Selling Cheap Sonos Speakers

1. Sonos One/one Sl/play:1 Wall Mount Bracket (2-Pack, Black)

This pack of two adjustable wall mount brackets from ynVISION.DESIGN is the perfect solution for mounting your Sonos ONE, ONE SL, and Play:1 speakers. Available in either white or black, these mounts are designed to provide the ultimate flexibility when it comes to placement of your speakers.

The mounts are designed for quick and easy assembly, and come with built-in slots for cable management. They can be used on sheet rock, brick, concrete and wood stud walls, and come with all necessary mounting hardware included.

The tilting and swiveling functions of these mounts allow a variety of placement options. The tilt function allows up to -18° of tilt, while the swivel function allows up to 45° left and right. This allows you to find the perfect angle for your speakers, no matter where you decide to mount them.

Installation is easy, and a video is included in the pictures to show you how to separate the mount for installation. Once installed, your Sonos speakers will be securely and safely mounted, giving you the perfect sound experience.

If you’re looking for a secure, adjustable mount for your Sonos speakers, ynVISION.DESIGN’s adjustable wall mount bracket is the perfect solution. With its quick and easy assembly, built-in cable management slots, and tilt and swivel functions, you’ll be able to find the perfect placement for your speakers and enjoy the perfect sound experience.

2. Sonos One/one Sl/play:1 Speaker Stands (2), Height Adjustable Up To 48.3", 13.2 Lbs Load, Cable Management.

This stylish set of speaker stands from Mounting Dream are perfect for your SONOS ONE, One SL, and Play:1 speakers. Their sleek, elegant design perfectly matches the aesthetic of the SONOS speakers, making them the ideal addition to your home or theater entertainment system.

The speaker stands allow you to adjust the height from 39.6" to 48.3", giving you the perfect listening experience. The included cable hole (0.8" W x 1.7" H) allows you to completely conceal cords and wires at the back, giving your living space a clean and elegant look.

Made with high quality steel, these speaker stands are strong and reliable. The 11 x 11 inch wide base ensures the stands are stable and keep your speakers balanced and safe.

If you have any questions or concerns, the US-based customer service team at Mounting Dream is always on hand to provide pre-sale and after-sale support, as well as consulting service on product use and installation.

3. Sonos One/one Sl/play-1 Power Cord, 3ft, Standard Plug

The Vebner Power Cord is the perfect solution to power and connect your Sonos One, Sonos One SL, Sonos Play-1, and Ikea Symfonisk speakers. This 3-foot cable is designed to provide a clean and clutter-free look for your sound system.

The attention to detail in design ensures a perfect fit for your speakers, providing a snug fit that won’t loosen or become too tight to remove. The cables are also built to last, made from durable materials that won’t wear out or break over time.

This power cord is the perfect choice for Sonos speakers, providing reliable power and a neat and tidy look. The 3-foot length of the cord ensures that you’ll have enough slack to reach any power outlet. The black color of the cord will also blend in with the majority of setups, ensuring it won’t stand out or become an eyesore.

The Vebner 3-Foot Power Cord is a must-have for Sonos owners. It provides efficient power to your Sonos speakers and helps create a neat and orderly setup. The cable is compatible with Sonos One, Sonos One SL, Sonos Play-1 speakers, and Ikea Symfonisk speakers. It’s the perfect choice for anyone looking to maintain a clean and tidy sound system.

4. Sonos Wireless Speaker Stand (Pair) For One, Play:1 & 3 – White

The SANUS WSS2 Wireless Sonos Speaker Stand is designed to provide stability and maximize sound performance for the SONOS One, Play:1, and Play:3 speakers. This stand is crafted in partnership with Sonos to provide a modern, stylish aesthetic for any home theater, surround sound, or ambient listening setup. With a sleek anodized aluminum construction, this stand is both durable and stylish, and includes carpet spikes and rubber pads for stability on any surface.

The SANUS WSS2 Stand can be purchased as a single piece or in pairs to accommodate any sort of system arrangement. Additionally, the stand fits the Sonos PLAY:3 in either vertical or horizontal orientation for a customizable listening experience. The stand holds the speaker at the manufacturer's recommended listening height for optimal audio performance.

The SANUS WSS2 Wireless Sonos Speaker Stand is easy to install in 15 minutes or less, allowing more time to enjoy favorite music or movies. It also comes with a 5-year warranty and Minnesota-based customer service available 7 days a week. It is UL-Listed and Safety Certified, providing peace of mind to users.

The SANUS WSS2 Wireless Sonos Speaker Stand is the perfect choice for anyone wanting to maximize sound performance and stability with their Sonos One, Play:1, and Play:3 speakers. This stand is stylish, customizable, and easy to install, making it the ideal choice for any home theater or ambient listening system.

5. Sonos One/one Sl/play:1 Floor Stands (2-Pack, Black)

This two-pack of ynVISION.DESIGN Height Adjustable Floor Stands allow you to get the optimal listening experience for your Sonos One, One SL, or Play:1 speaker. Available in black or white, these stands are height adjustable from 27.6" – 50" and feature cable management to elegantly hide any cables attached to your speaker. Two adjustable base plates are included, with plastic pads ensuring stability on solid surfaces and steel spikes for carpeted surfaces. The unbranded design gives a cleaner look, allowing your speaker to take the spotlight.

When setting up your ynVISION.DESIGN Height Adjustable Floor Stands, please take care when passing the adjustable poles through each other and read the directions carefully. If a part has arrived broken, please reach out to our customer service so they can replace the piece as soon as possible.

These stands are the perfect way to get the most out of your Sonos One, One SL, or Play:1 speaker. The adjustable height and cable management make sure you get the optimal listening experience and the unbranded look allows your speaker to be the star of the show. Get the ynVISION.DESIGN Height Adjustable Floor Stands today and get the most out of your speaker.

6. Sonos Play 1/one Sl/one Speaker Power Cable (1.15ft/0.35m, White)

Lenink Power Cable Replacement Cord provides a perfect replacement solution for Sonos One, Sonos One SL, and Sonos Play 1 Speaker Accessories. It is extremely easy to use and requires no technical knowledge to install. This power cable is available in four different lengths – 4.9ft/1.5m, 1.64ft/0.5m, 1.15ft/0.35m, and 9.8ft/3m – to meet the requirements of your living space.

The cable is made of high-quality materials which not only extends the life and durability of the cable, but also ensures a stable transmission and a clean sound quality. The product is a replacement power cable, not original, and is not manufactured by Sonos. Lenink products have no affiliation with or endorsement from those brands.

The pack includes 1 power cable that is 0.35M in length. Plug and play and enjoy a reliable charging solution for your Speaker with no more cable clutter. Lenink Power Cable Replacement Cord is the perfect solution for replacing a broken cable or as a backup cable for your Sonos One, Sonos One SL, and Sonos Play 1 Speaker Accessories.

7. 2-Pack Yn-One Floor Stand For Sonos One, One Sl & Play:1 (Black)

This ynVISION.DESIGN Fixed Height Floor Stand is the perfect way to elevate your Sonos One, One SL, and Play:1 Speaker. This two-pack comes in either black or white and is designed to give a cleaner look and not draw attention away from the speaker.

The stands are 28.2 inches tall without the speaker, with a 9.8 inch ø diameter on the floor base and 1 inch ø diameter on the pole. The speaker shelf is 5 inches x 4.9 inches. Assembly is quick and easy and there is a built in channel for cable management. Additionally, rubber feet are included to reduce vibrations to the floor.

If you want to make sure your Sonos speakers are presented in the best way possible, this ynVISION.DESIGN Fixed Height Floor Stand is perfect for you. With the two-pack, you can have one in each room that your speakers are in, so you can have a unified look throughout your house.

This stand is designed to be the perfect accessory for your Sonos speaker. Its sleek, modern design will look great in any room and it is easy to assemble and use. The rubber feet reduce vibrations and the cable management channel ensures that your cables will remain neat and tidy.

If you want to make sure your Sonos speakers are presented in the best way possible, this ynVISION.DESIGN Fixed Height Floor Stand is perfect for you. With the two-pack, you can have one in each room that your speakers are in, so you can have a unified look throughout your house. This stand is an ideal way to display your Sonos speakers and make sure they look their best.

8. Sonos Play:1/one/one Sl Outdoor Speaker Cover – Black Heavy Duty – Dust, Water & Uv Protection.

This heavy duty black cover is designed to protect your Sonos Play:1 or Sonos One (1st gen and 2nd gen) speakers from dust, water, and UV rays when used outdoors. The cover measures 4.9 inches in width, 4.9 inches in depth, and 6.5 inches in height, so it fits perfectly around your speaker.

The cover is made of heavy-duty 600D polyester to ensure maximum protection. It also has a back and bottom wide double zippered opening, which allows the cover to be used on a wall mounted speaker and allows space for speaker connections.

With this cover, you can now safely take your Sonos speakers outdoors, prolonging their life. It is ideal for both travel and wall mounted speakers.

You can purchase this cover with confidence knowing that it is backed by a no questions money back guarantee. If for any reason, you are unsatisfied with your Sonos speaker cover, let us know and we will issue you a refund in full.

9. Sonos Wall Mount – Tool-Free Tilt & Swivel For Sonos One, Play:1 & Play:3 – Black (Wswm22-B1)

The Sanus adjustable wall mount is the perfect accessory for any Sonos speaker. It provides an easy, tool-free way to tilt and swivel your speakers, allowing you to point them in the exact direction you want for optimal listening. The sleek, subtle design adds a modern touch to any room, and the mount fits seamlessly with the Sonos ONE, PLAY:1 and PLAY:3 speakers.

Installation is fast and easy, taking no more than 15 minutes. It's compatible with drywall, wood stud, and concrete walls, so you can mount it anywhere. The mount is designed to provide 132° of smooth speaker swivel and 30° of tilt adjustment, so you can enjoy perfect audio from any direction in the room.

The Sanus adjustable wall mount is the perfect way to get the most out of your Sonos speakers. It's easy to install, tool-free, and provides a sleek and subtle design that will blend in with any room. The mount is compatible with the Sonos ONE, PLAY:1 and PLAY:3, but is also compatible with other speakers – simply check the compatibility list in the description. Enjoy perfect audio from any direction with the Sanus adjustable wall mount.

10. Sonos Beam Gen 2 (Black)

The Sonos Beam Gen 2 is a powerful, versatile soundbar that will bring your home entertainment to life. Enjoy vibrant bass, crystal clear dialogue, and a panoramic soundstage for a truly immersive experience. With Dolby Atmos, you will experience a 3D surround sound effect that will make you feel like you are in the middle of the action.

Stream music, radio, podcasts, and audiobooks from all your favorite services, even when the TV is off. Control the soundbar with the Sonos app and your TV remote, Apple AirPlay 2, and your voice using Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. Setup is easy; with only two cables, step-by-step guidance from the Sonos app, and smart Trueplay tuning, you’ll be up and running in no time.

Expand your Sonos system over time to enjoy true surround sound and multi-room listening. Everything connects over WiFi, so you can move freely around your home and enjoy great sound wherever you go. Whether you’re watching movies, playing games, listening to music, or just enjoying a night in, the Sonos Beam Gen 2 is the perfect soundbar for all your home entertainment needs.

Cheap Sonos Speakers FAQs

Are Sonos speakers ever on sale?

Yes, Sonos speakers do go on sale from time to time. Depending on the time of year, you may be able to find sales on Sonos products from retailers like Best Buy, Amazon, and Walmart. Additionally, Sonos regularly offers discounts and promotions on its own website and through its newsletter. You may also be able to find additional discounts for Sonos speakers if you purchase them as part of a bundle. Additionally, some retailers may offer special holiday promotions or discounts on Sonos products, so it's worth keeping an eye out for those.

How do I get a 30% discount on Sonos?

Sonos offers discounts from time to time and it would be wise to keep an eye out for those. You can sign up for their newsletter and follow them on social media to get notified about any upcoming promotions. Another way to get a 30% discount on Sonos is to look for bundle deals on their website. Bundles typically include multiple items at a discounted rate, so you can save up to 30% on your purchase. Additionally, you can look for sales or discounts on third-party websites like Amazon or Best Buy. You may also be able to get a discount by joining their referral program, which can provide up to a 30% discount on certain products. Lastly, you may be able to get a discount by signing up for a Sonos subscription. Sonos offers monthly and annual subscription plans that provide discounts on certain products, so you may be able to get a 30% discount this way.

Is Bose better than Sonos?

The answer to this question really depends on what you are looking for in a speaker system. Both Bose and Sonos offer a variety of high-quality sound systems with a range of features and price points. Bose is known for its advanced technology and superior sound quality, while Sonos is more affordable and has a flexible range of products that can be tailored to your needs.

Both companies offer speakers that are compatible with a variety of streaming services, but Bose also offers noise-cancelling technology, which is great for blocking out background noise and making your music sound better. Sonos, on the other hand, is known for its intuitive and user-friendly app, which makes it easy to adjust settings and access your music library.

Ultimately, it comes down to personal preference and what you are looking for in a speaker system. If you are looking for superior sound quality and advanced technology, then Bose may be the better choice. If you want an affordable and flexible system that is easy to set up and use, then Sonos may be the right choice for you.

What speaker is comparable to Sonos?

Bose is a popular brand that makes speakers that are comparable to Sonos. The Bose SoundTouch 30 Series III Wireless Music System is a great example of a speaker that can compete with Sonos in terms of sound quality and features. The Bose speaker offers crystal clear sound with powerful bass, as well as access to streaming services like Spotify, Pandora, and Amazon Music. It also has a built-in Wi-Fi connection which allows you to easily connect to your home network. Additionally, the Bose SoundTouch 30 Series III Wireless Music System has a sleek, modern design that fits in with any decor. It is also very user-friendly and allows users to control their music with the included remote or with their smartphone or tablet. Overall, the Bose SoundTouch 30 Series III Wireless Music System is an excellent option for anyone looking for a speaker that is comparable to Sonos.

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