Chrysler 300 Speakers For Sale (2024 Update)

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When it comes to buying speakers for your Chrysler 300, there are some key points to consider. Whether you’re looking for a sound system upgrade or just want to replace an existing speaker, here are five key points to keep in mind when shopping for Chrysler 300 speakers.

First and foremost, consider the size of the speakers. The Chrysler 300 has a limited amount of space and it’s important to make sure the speakers you choose will fit properly. Measure the space you have available and compare it to the dimensions of the speakers you’re considering.

Second, think about the type of sound you’re looking for. Do you prefer a crisp, clear sound with plenty of bass? Or do you prefer a warmer, more mellow sound? Different speakers offer different sound profiles, so make sure to pick the one that best suits your needs.

Third, consider the power handling of the speakers. This will determine how much power they can handle without distortion. Make sure to match the power handling of your speakers to the power of your amplifier.

Fourth, consider the mounting options. Many speakers can be mounted in the factory locations, while others may require more complex installation. Make sure to check the mounting options before you buy.

Finally, consider the price. Chrysler 300 speakers range in price from relatively inexpensive to quite expensive. Make sure to find the best balance of quality and price for your needs.

Overall, when shopping for speakers for your Chrysler 300, make sure to keep these five key points in mind. Consider the size, sound profile, power handling, mounting options, and price of the speakers you’re considering. With a little research, you’ll be sure to find the perfect speakers for your car.

10 Best Selling Chrysler 300 Speakers

1. 4 Pack Speaker Harness Adapter For Jeep Wrangler, Dodge Dakota, Chrysler Town & Country

This 72-6514 Speaker Harness Adapter is designed to be compatible with a wide range of vehicles, including Jeep, Chrysler, and Dodge. It is plug and play and includes four packs of two-pin Chrysler speaker wire harness adapters.

This speaker harness adapter is a great choice for Jeep owners. It is compatible with 2008-2012 Jeep Liberty, 2003-2017 Jeep Wrangler, 2014-2018 Jeep Renegade, 2007-2020 Jeep Compass, 2006-2010 Jeep Commander, 2014-2020 Jeep Cherokee, 2006-2010 Jeep Commander, 2002-2006 Jeep Wrangler TJ, 1999-2020 Jeep Grand Cherokee, 2007-2018 Jeep Patriot Wrangler Unlimited, and Jeep Wrangler JK.

The adapter is also compatible with Chrysler and Dodge models. It is compatible with 2015-2017 Chrysler 200, 2005-2019 Chrysler 300/300C, 2017-2020 Chrysler Pacifica, 2004-2017 Chrysler Town & Country, 2013-2014 Dodge Dart, 2008-2017 Dodge Grand Caravan, 2007-2012 Dodge Caliber, 2008-2019 Dodge Challenger, 2007-2014 Dodge Avenger, 2007-2019 Dodge Charger, 2003-2019 Dodge Ram 2500, 2009-2017 Dodge Journey, 2004-2019 Dodge Caravan, 2004-2005 Dodge Neon, 2019 Dodge Ram classic, 2007 Caliber SE, 2005-2007 Dodge Magnum, 1998 Dodge Ram Laramie, 2000-2020 Dodge Durango, 2002-2020 Dodge Ram 1500, 2003-2019 Dodge Ram 3500, and 2000-2008 Dodge Dakota.

This adapter is made with quality materials and is backed by a 10-year warranty. It offers a simple plug and play installation. It is designed to provide reliable performance, making it a great choice for those who want to upgrade their vehicles.

Overall, the 72-6514 Speaker Harness Adapter is an excellent choice for those who want to upgrade the speakers in their Jeep, Chrysler, or Dodge vehicles. It is compatible with a wide range of vehicles and offers a simple plug and play installation. It is made with quality materials and is backed by a 10-year warranty.

2. Speaker Harness Adapter For Jeep Wrangler, Chrysler, Dodge (4 Pack)

This 4 Pack 72-6514 Speaker Wire Harness Adapter Plug is compatible with Jeep Wrangler, Chrysler Town & Country, Dodge Dakota Front Rear Door Speaker Wiring Harness Adapter (4). This superior product is made for long lasting durability and is backed by a 20 year warranty.

This speaker wire harness adapter is compatible with a variety of Dodge vehicles, including the 2003 – 2019 Dodge Ram 2500, 2009 – 2017 Dodge Journey, 2004 – 2019 Dodge Caravan, 2004 – 2005 Dodge Neon, 2019 Dodge Ram classic, 2007 Dodge Caliber SE, 2005 – 2007 Dodge Magnum, 1998 Dodge Ram Laramie, 2000 – 2020 Dodge Durango, 2002 – 2020 Dodge Ram 1500, 2003 – 2019 Dodge Ram 3500, and 2000 – 2008 Dodge Dakota.

This adapter is also compatible with a variety of Chrysler and Dodge vehicles, including the 2015 – 2017 Chrysler 200, 2005 – 2019 Chrysler 300/300C, 2017 – 2020 Chrysler Pacifica, 2004 – 2017 Chrysler Town & Country, 2013 – 2014 Dodge Dart, 2008 – 2017 Dodge Grand Caravan, 2007 – 2012 Dodge Caliber, 2008 – 2019 Dodge Challenger, 2007 – 2014 Dodge Avenger, 2007 – 2019 Dodge Charger.

For Jeep vehicles, this adapter is compatible with the 2008 – 2012 Jeep Liberty, 2003 – 2017 Jeep Wrangler, 2014 – 2018 Jeep Renegade, 2007 – 2020 Jeep Compass, 2006 – 2010 Jeep Commander, 2014 – 2020 Jeep Cherokee, 2006 – 2010 Jeep Commander, 2002 – 2006 Jeep Wrangler TJ, 1999 – 2020 Jeep Grand Cherokee, 2007 – 2018 Jeep Patriot Wrangler Unlimited, and Jeep Wrangler JK.

This package includes 4 Plug and Play Speaker Harness Adapters for Dodge and 2 Pin Chrysler Speaker Wire Harness. With this product, you can rest assured that you’ll get a quality product backed by a 20 year warranty and excellent customer service.

3. Car Speaker Connector Harness Adapter 72-6512, 4pcs

The X AUTOHAUX 4pcs 72-6512 Car Speaker Connector Harness Adapter is a reliable solution for repairing car speaker harnesses that have been cut or broken off. It is designed to be compatible with a wide range of vehicles, including the Dodge Neon 2002-2005, Jeep Wrangler 1999-2003, Chrysler 300 2007-2016, Chrysler Town & Country 1991-2007, Dodge Caravan 1991-2007, Dodge Grand Caravan 2002-2007, Dodge Stratus 1995-2001, Jeep Cherokee 1997-2001, Dodge Avenger 1995-2000, Chrysler Sebring 1995-2006, Chrysler PT Cruiser 2001-2003, and Chrysler 300M 1999-2004.

This speaker connector harness adapter is constructed from durable plastic and metal for a lasting fit. It is easy to install, requiring no cutting into the original wires, and plugs directly into the harness. This 4pc set of speaker connectors will make it simple to repair your car speaker harness.

The X AUTOHAUX 4pcs 72-6512 Car Speaker Connector Harness Adapter is a great solution for repairing cut or broken car speaker harnesses. It is made to be compatible with a wide range of vehicles, is constructed from durable plastic and metal, and is easy to install, requiring no cutting into the original wires. This 4pc set of speaker connectors is an essential item for anyone looking to repair their car speaker harnesses.

4. Pedal Commander Pc31 For Chrysler 300 (2007+) – Throttle Response Controller

The Pedal Commander PC31 for Chrysler 300 (2007 and newer) is the perfect complement to your driving experience. This throttle response controller eliminates the delay from your electronic gas pedal, making your vehicle accelerate faster and giving it a night and day difference in performance.

The Pedal Commander offers 4 different modes: Eco, City, Sport, and Sport +. Each mode has 9 drive modes to fine-tune as you please, giving you complete control over your vehicle’s performance. The Eco mode significantly slows the throttle response to improve efficiency, while the other modes provide a more dynamic driving experience.

Installing the Pedal Commander is quick and easy, taking only about 6 minutes, and it is Bluetooth compatible so you can control the unit using the free Pedal Commander app. Best of all, it will not void your Chrysler 300’s warranty or leave any trace on your ECU.

Whether you are looking for Chrysler 300 parts or Chrysler 300 accessories, the Pedal Commander is an ideal choice for enhancing your driving experience. It offers quick and easy installation, and provides you with an array of adjustable settings to tailor the performance of your vehicle. With the Pedal Commander, you can rest assured that your Chrysler 300’s warranty will remain intact.

5. Skar 10" 1,200w Loaded Sub Enclosure For 2015-2020 Dodge Charger

The Skar Audio Single 10" 1,200 Watt Max Power Loaded Custom Fit Subwoofer Enclosure is the perfect solution for car audio enthusiasts looking for powerful sound and a perfect fit for their 2015-2020 Dodge Charger. This hand-molded enclosure is designed to provide precise engineering and compatibility with the vehicle. It includes a Skar Audio SDR-10 Dual 2-ohm Subwoofer which can deliver up to 600 watts of RMS power and up to 1,200 watts of max power.

This subwoofer enclosure is designed to fit in the right wheel well of the trunk. It includes all the necessary mounting hardware and accessories for installation. The unique design of the enclosure provides optimal sound quality and performance, with a high-density MDF construction, precision-cut mounting holes, and a black aviation-grade carpet finish.

The Skar Audio Single 10" Subwoofer Enclosure is perfect for anyone looking to upgrade their car audio system and get powerful bass with a perfect fit. The subwoofer is designed to provide deep and accurate sound, with precise engineering and compatibility with the vehicle. With up to 1,200 watts of max power, this subwoofer is sure to deliver powerful and clean sound. The included mounting hardware and accessories make the installation process simple and easy. So don't wait, upgrade your car audio system today with the Skar Audio Single 10" 1,200 Watt Max Power Loaded Custom Fit Subwoofer Enclosure.

6. Hieha 7" Double-Din Car Stereo W/ Carplay, Android Auto, Bluetooth, Backup Cam, Voice Control, Mirror Link & A/v Input.

The Hieha 7 Inch Double Din Car Stereo is the perfect upgrade for any car audio system. Compatible with both Apple Carplay and Android Auto, this car stereo allows you to enjoy map navigation, email, music, phone with contacts, music with intelligent voice assistant, and advanced voice control while you stay focused on the road. The car radio supports almost all IOS/Android smartphones allowing you to easily connect your mobile phone to synchronize any content to a big screen such as movies, pictures, and maps. With its 7” HD LCD Capacitive Touchscreen, the car radio offers exceptionally higher and clear resolution, supporting 1920x1080P high-definition movies and lossless music playback, bringing you an incredible viewing experience.

The car stereo also comes with a built-in Bluetooth and microphone, allowing you to make calls, listen to music and navigate the map, while keeping your hands on the wheel. In addition, the car stereo comes with a waterproof HD, night vision and 170° viewing angle backup camera, which will automatically display the rear image on the large touch screen when the car is in reverse, helping the driver to park more safely and easily.

The car audio receivers also support AM/FM radio tuner, USB playback (with charging function), AV, AUX interface input,7 color LED buttons, music player, video player, seamless phone integration, memory function, Steering wheel control, EQ Settings and more, making your driving more convenient and pleasant. With its 100% standard double din size and extra frame, the car stereo is compatible with most brands of car model, and is easy to install. If you have any questions about installation or using, Hieha is more than willing to help you solve the problem.

7. 7" Hd Car Stereo W/ Voice Control, Carplay, Bluetooth, Mirrorlink, Camera, Subwoofer, Steering Wheel Control, Usb/tf, Fm/am.

The SjoyBring Double Din Car Stereo is the perfect addition to any car, providing voice control through CarPlay, Bluetooth, and Mirror Link. With a seven inch HD capacitive touchscreen and physical buttons, it's easier than ever to take control while driving. The hands-free Bluetooth system provides a stable connection to any smartphone, allowing drivers to make phone calls, navigate, and play music without taking their attention away from the road.

Mirror Link allows Android and iOS phones to project their screens directly onto the car stereo, synchronizing movies, games, maps, and more. With a free reversing camera included, drivers can keep an eye out for obstacles while backing up. The camera is equipped with a night vision mode, ultra-wide viewing angle of 170 degrees, and a waterproof design.

When purchasing, please ensure the size of the car stereo matches the size of the dashboard opening. The most commonly used sizes for car series in the U.S. and Europe are 173x98mm (6.81×3.85inch), for cars in Asia 178x100mm (7x4inch), and for other cars 190x116mm (7.48×4.56inch). Additional accessories may be needed for installation, such as a wire harness adapter and a radio antenna adapter.

The SjoyBring Double Din Car Stereo is the perfect gift for special occasions, such as birthdays, Father's Day, Christmas, Thanksgiving Day, and Valentine's Day. With its advanced features, drivers can stay connected while keeping their hands on the wheel and their eyes on the road.

Chrysler 300 Speakers FAQs

How many speakers does a Chrysler 300 Touring have?

The Chrysler 300 Touring is equipped with an advanced audio system that includes six speakers. The system is designed to provide an immersive listening experience and features an AM/FM stereo, a single-disc CD/MP3 player, SiriusXM satellite radio, and auxiliary input jacks. The speakers are strategically placed throughout the cabin to provide a balanced sound. Additionally, the 300 Touring also features a 276-watt amplifier, a subwoofer, and an audio equalization system to further enhance the sound quality.

What size speakers are in a Chrysler 300?

The size of the speakers in a Chrysler 300 will depend on the specific model and trim level you have. Most models are equipped with a 6-speaker audio system, with each speaker measuring 6.5 inches in diameter. Higher trim levels may offer an 8-speaker system with the same size speakers. The speakers are typically mounted in the doors, dash, and rear deck, but the exact configuration may vary depending on the model and trim level. Additionally, some Chrysler 300 models may be available with an upgraded audio system, which may include additional speakers and/or larger speakers.

What speakers do Chrysler 300 have?

The Chrysler 300 comes with a six-speaker audio system that is designed to provide a full range of sound. The system is powered by a 100-watt amplifier and includes two tweeters, two mid-range speakers and two woofers. The tweeters are mounted in the A-pillars, providing crisp highs and improved sound staging. The mid-range speakers are located in the doors, giving a full range of mid-bass sound. The woofers are located in the rear deck, providing a deep bass sound. The system also includes a subwoofer, which is mounted in the trunk for an even deeper bass experience. The system is designed to provide a balanced sound for all types of music, from jazz to rock.

What speakers does Chrysler use?

Chrysler uses a variety of speakers in their vehicles depending on the model and trim. For example, the Chrysler 300 base model is equipped with four 6.5-inch speakers, while the higher trims of the 300 come with nine Alpine speakers, including two 3.5-inch tweeters and three 6.5-inch subwoofers. The Pacifica, on the other hand, comes with six Alpine speakers and a 10-inch subwoofer, while the Pacifica Hybrid comes with the same speaker system but with a 12-inch subwoofer. All of these speakers are designed to deliver superior sound quality and clarity, giving owners the best listening experience in their vehicle.

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