Competition Door Speakers For Sale (2024 Update)

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When looking for competition door speakers, there are five key points to consider. First, you want to look for a speaker with a high power rating. This will ensure that the speaker can hit the loudest, most intense levels of sound. Second, you want to look for a speaker with a good frequency range. This will ensure that the speaker can produce the best sound quality for both low and high frequencies. Third, you want to look for a speaker with a low impedance rating. This will ensure that the speaker can handle more power from the amplifier and will be more efficient. Fourth, you want to look for a speaker with a good soundstage. This will ensure that the sound can be spread across the entire car. Lastly, you want to look for a speaker with a good crossover. This will ensure that the sound is balanced and that the speaker is able to produce the best sound quality.

When looking for competition door speakers, it is important to do your research and find the best product for your needs. Make sure to read reviews from other customers and compare the specs of different models. Look for the power rating, frequency range, impedance rating, soundstage, and crossover before making a purchase. With these five key points in mind, you can be sure to find the perfect competition door speakers for your vehicle.

10 Best Selling Competition Door Speakers

1. Rockville Pair X6.5c Competition 6.5" 1000w Component Speakers/titanium Tweeters, Black,silver

The Rockville X6.5C Competition 6.5" 1000 Watt Component Car Audio Speakers and Titanium Tweeters are designed to deliver superior sound quality with a peak power rating of 1,000 watts per pair/500 watts each and CEA compliant RMS rating of 250 watts per pair/125 watts each. Each speaker includes a paper woofer cone with cloth edge for amazing bass and mids, a steel stamped basket, an oversized 1.5” ASV voice coil, and a 14 oz. high quality ferrite magnet. The cutout diameter is 5.78” inches and impedance is 4 ohms. The tweeter size is 3.86’' x 1.97” inches and the cutout diameter is 2.80” inches.

The speakers also feature an audiophile 2-way crossover with 12db/Octave Roll-Off and Tweeter Attenuation Adjustment of -3db, -6db. Frequency response is 40Hz – 20,000 Hz and sound pressure level is 90dB @ 1w/1m. The Fs is 110 Hz, Re is 3.6 Ohm, Qes is 1.024, Qts is 0.865, and Qms is 5.579. The titanium diaphragm tweeter has 1” Kapton voice coils and CCAW voice coil windings for premium sound quality. Pre-installed mounting screws are also included.

Rockville X6.5C Competition 6.5" 1000 Watt Component Car Audio Speakers and Titanium Tweeters are a superior sound system made with high quality material and components, offering amazing bass and mids, as well as a great frequency response and sound pressure level. This system is sure to give you superior sound quality and performance.

2. Fila 7-Pocket Large Rolling Duffel Bag, Black/blue, One Size

This Fila 7-Pocket Large Rolling Duffel Bag is an ideal companion for any traveler. With a large main compartment and multiple zippered pockets, it offers plenty of space for all of your belongings. The bag is crafted from durable polyester and designed with an internal handle system and in-line skate wheel system, allowing you to easily wheel the bag around. The dimensions of this bag are L-30 X W-13 X H-13, making it the perfect size for any journey.

The spacious main compartment is perfect for storing bulkier items, with plenty of space for clothes, shoes, and other items. The multiple zippered pockets are great for organizing smaller items, such as toiletries, electronics, and documents. The internal handle system and in-line skate wheel system allow you to effortlessly wheel the bag around, with minimal effort.

The Fila 7-Pocket Large Rolling Duffel Bag is perfect for any traveler looking for a reliable and convenient bag. With its durable construction and spacious main compartment, it’s sure to provide plenty of room for all of your items. The internal handle system and in-line skate wheel system make it easy to carry around and the perfect size for any journey.

3. Focal Es 165 Kx3 K2 Power 6-1/2" 3-Way Component Speakers

The Focal ES 165 KX3 K2 Power 6-1/2" 3-Way Component Speakers provide a powerful audio experience with the greatest sound quality. Featuring a Composite K2 Power “W” sandwich cone, the speakers deliver a dynamic response and precise sound reproduction. The tweeter is a TKMX (“M” profile aramid fiber inverted dome) for crisp and clear highs, while the Tuned Mass Damper (TMD) surround helps to minimize distortion and deliver extended bass.

The speakers are powerful and can handle up to 240 watts of max power and 120 watts of nominal power. With the highly efficient K2 Power system, the speakers deliver high-fidelity sound even at low volumes. The cone is stiff and lightweight, and the surround is designed to reduce distortion for a more accurate audio experience.

The Focal ES 165 KX3 K2 Power 6-1/2" 3-Way Component Speakers are an excellent choice for anyone looking for a powerful yet precise audio experience. With the K2 Power system, you can enjoy a wide frequency response and dynamic audio quality. The lightweight and stiff cone will ensure a fast response, while the TKMX tweeter provides crisp and clear highs. The Tuned Mass Damper (TMD) surround helps to minimize distortion and extend the bass response. With a max power of 240 watts and a nominal power of 120 watts, the speakers are perfect for any situation.

4. Hifonics (4) Zs653 6.5" 1200 Watt Car Stereo Coaxial Speakers

Hifonics ZS653 6.5" 600 Watt Car Stereo Speakers provide superior sound quality for every driving experience. Equipped with a Neo-Mylar soft dome tweeter, these speakers provide impact resistant elements for a clear, crisp sound. The alpha-cellulose cone is lightweight for speed, and very rigid for deep bass. The rubber surround is moisture resistant and offers high mid-bass impact. Highly conductive braided tinsel leads allow flexibility during high-power applications. The pure copper voice coil creates a strong magnetic field with a very thin extrusion, while the Kapton voice coil former ensures efficient heat dissipation. The epoxy-infused natural fiber spider allows flexibility while providing strength during the manufacturing process. The cooling system features an overcoil design, which allows air to be exchanged over the voice coil through the spider.

The passive Butterworth crossover provides a smooth transition of frequencies from midrange/midbass to tweeter elements. The anti-resonant stamped steel basket is very strong and minimizes harmonics or distortions from flex or ringing. The ferrite magnet motor is small enough to fit nearly any application. Spade connectors or the option to solder direct create the best connection, while the included grills protect the speaker from accidental damage. The one-inch neo-mylar soft dome tweeter offers clear highs and handles plenty of power without sounding harsh.

The RMS power handling (CEA426B) is 50, with a max power of 300. Speaker impedance is 4 Ohms. The frequency response +/- 3dB is 40 Hz – 22 kHz and the sensitivity (1 watt/1 meter) is 88 dB. The crossover point is 4 kHz and the crossover slope is 12 dB. The mounting diameter/cut out is 5.59" and the outside diameter is 7.01". The mounting depth/chassis depth is 2.13" and the total dimensions are 14.88 x 8.5 x 4.13 inches. The weight is 3.5 lbs. With Hifonics ZS653 6.5" 600 Watt Car Stereo Speakers, you’ll enjoy a superior sound for any driving experience.

5. Oculus Rift S Pc-Powered Vr Gaming Headset

The Oculus Rift S is the latest PC-powered virtual reality gaming headset from Oculus. With improved optics and ergonomic design, the Rift S offers an immersive and comfortable gaming experience. The improved lenses provide brighter and more vivid colors and reduce the “screen-door” effect, while the redesigned Halo headband stays securely and comfortably in place with a quick twist of the fit wheel.

The Oculus Touch controllers are also included, which let you slash, throw and grab with realistic precision, transporting your hands and gestures right into the game. Oculus Insight tracking provides room-scale tracking without external sensors, translating your movements into the virtual world no matter which way you're facing.

The Oculus Rift S is home to hundreds of games and exclusives in the Oculus Store, with even more coming soon. You can also join up with friends and discover communities around the world, as the Rift S requires your Facebook account to log in.

The Oculus Rift S offers a truly immersive and comfortable gaming experience, with improved optics, ergonomic design, and intuitive Oculus Touch controllers. With the Rift S, you can play hundreds of games and exclusives, meet up with friends, and discover communities around the world.

6. Skar Audio Ddx-12 D2 12" 1500 Watt Max Power Dual 2 Ohm Car Subwoofer

Skar Audio's DDX-12 D2 12" 1500 Watt Max Power Dual 2 Ohm Car Subwoofer is an impressive competition grade car subwoofer that packs a punch. Featuring a peak power of 1,500 watts and an RMS power of 1,000 watts, this subwoofer provides plenty of power to give you the bass you need. The double stack magnet and high temperature 2.5" copper voice coil are designed to provide you with the best sound quality possible.

The competition grade paper cone is stitched to a high roll foam surround, allowing for superior sound quality and durability. The advanced air flow cooling design ensures that your subwoofer stays cool during long periods of use. The frequency response range of this subwoofer is 25 Hz to 250 Hz and its sensitivity (SPL) is 88.0 dB.

The Skar Audio DDX-12 D2 12" 1500 Watt Max Power Dual 2 Ohm Car Subwoofer is perfect for any car audio enthusiast looking to upgrade their sound system. With its impressive 1,500 watt peak power and its competition grade design, this subwoofer is sure to provide you with the bass and sound quality that you need. Whether you're a novice or an expert, the Skar Audio DDX-12 D2 is sure to give you the sound quality and performance you need.

7. Nintendo Switch Console Replacement Housing Shell (Glossy Purple & Blue) With Kickstand – Joycon Shell Not Included

This eXtremeRate Chameleon Purple Blue Glossy Console Back Plate is a custom designed replacement cover for the Nintendo Switch console. It is precision cut to work exactly like the original shell and adds much more personality to your Switch than the boring standard gray color. It features a chameleon glossy color which looks like a chameleon changing color from purple to blue when seen from different perspectives.

Installation of this shell is easy. Simply disassemble your original back housing and kickstand from the Switch, then replace it with the eXtremeRate back plate and kickstand. Please note that the installation of this shell will void the warranty of your Switch. The package includes a replacement back case for the Nintendo Switch console with a kickstand (no electronics part included), PH00 and Y00 screwdrivers, and screws.

The eXtremeRate Chameleon Purple Blue Glossy Console Back Plate is a great way to customize your Switch. It is made of high-quality materials and is designed to be durable and last for a long time. Once installed, you will have a unique, vibrant looking Switch that stands out from the crowd. The installation process is straightforward and easy to follow. With this replacement back plate, your Switch will look better than ever.

Competition Door Speakers FAQs

Is upgrading door speakers worth it?

Upgrading door speakers can be worth it, depending on the type of sound you’re looking for. Having higher quality speakers can provide a more detailed and immersive sound experience, especially if you’re an audiophile. Factory installed speakers are often basic and lack the power and clarity of aftermarket speakers. Upgrading to higher-quality speakers can also reduce distortion and provide better sound balance. Additionally, if you’re listening to music with a lot of bass or treble, upgraded speakers can help to produce a fuller and more accurate sound. On the other hand, if you don’t require high-end audio quality, the cost of upgrading may not be worth it. Ultimately, it’s a personal decision that should be based on your individual needs and preferences.

What are the best door speakers for a car?

The best door speakers for a car depend on a variety of factors, such as budget, sound quality, size, and power. Generally, when selecting door speakers, it is important to ensure they can handle the power output of the car’s head unit. If the speakers are too weak, they may not be able to handle the power, resulting in a distorted sound. Additionally, it is important to make sure the size of the speakers is compatible with the car’s doors. Many higher-end speakers come with an adjustable mounting system, which may work better in some cars than others. It is also important to consider the sound quality of the speakers. More expensive speakers tend to offer higher sound quality, but budget-friendly models can still provide decent sound. Ultimately, the best door speakers for a car will vary based on the individual’s needs and preferences.

What are the clearest door speakers?

There is no single answer to the question of which door speakers are the clearest. It really depends on the specific needs of the listener and the environment in which the speakers will be placed. Generally, the more expensive the speaker, the better its sound quality will be. For example, component speakers with separate woofers and tweeters produce the best sound quality, as they are designed to deliver separate frequencies and are able to pick out the details in the music. Other factors to consider when choosing door speakers include the size of the speakers, the power rating, and the impedance level. Additionally, it is important to choose a speaker that is compatible with the amplifier or receiver in order to achieve the best sound quality.

What is a good RMS for door speakers?

The best RMS for door speakers will depend on the size and type of speakers you are using. Generally, it is recommended to have an RMS of at least 10 watts for a 6-inch speaker, 20 watts for a 8-inch speaker, and 40 watts for a 10-inch speaker. Additionally, you should ensure that the RMS rating of your amplifier is higher than the RMS rating of your speakers, as this will help ensure your audio doesn't get distorted. Furthermore, consider the power handling capabilities of the speakers you are using. This is the amount of power they can handle without distorting or damaging the speaker. Finally, if you are looking for a high-quality listening experience, aim for an RMS wattage that is double the speakers' power handling capabilities.

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