Computer Speakers For Gaming For Sale (2024 Update)

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When it comes to gaming, having the right equipment is essential to ensure the best experience. One of the most important components of a gaming setup is the computer speakers. Having the right computer speakers can greatly enhance the gaming experience by providing immersive sound quality and a wide range of features. In this guide, we will discuss the five key points to consider when looking for computer speakers for gaming.

The first point to consider is sound quality. This is perhaps the most important factor when it comes to gaming. High-quality speakers will provide an immersive sound experience, allowing you to hear every detail of the game. Look for speakers that have a wide frequency range and high maximum volume for the best sound quality.

The second point to consider is compatibility. Make sure that the speakers are compatible with your gaming setup. Most speakers will work with PCs, consoles, and mobile devices, but it is important to check that the speakers are compatible with your device.

The third point to consider is design. Look for speakers that are designed for gaming. Many gaming speakers come with features such as RGB lighting and custom EQ settings, which can help to improve the gaming experience.

The fourth point to consider is connectivity. Look for speakers that offer a variety of connectivity options, such as Bluetooth, USB, and 3.5mm audio jacks. This will ensure that you can easily connect the speakers to your device.

Finally, the fifth point to consider is price. Make sure to set a budget before you start shopping for speakers. This will help to ensure that you get the best value for your money.

In conclusion, there are a few key points to consider when looking for computer speakers for gaming. Make sure to look for speakers with high-quality sound, compatibility with your gaming setup, design features, connectivity options, and a reasonable price. This will help to ensure that you get the best gaming experience possible.

10 Best Selling Computer Speakers For Gaming

1. Redragon Gs550 Orpheus Pc Gaming Speakers, 2.0 Stereo, Usb-Powered.

The Redragon GS550 Orpheus PC Gaming Speakers are a sophisticated 2.0 channel stereo sound bar with a maneuverable and compact design. It is perfect for any home or office setup. The GS550 features advanced sound driver units for a full range of stereo sound, as well as a handy volume knob and on/off switch for precise volume control. Additionally, the USB powered speakers connect via 3.5mm audio and mic cables, allowing them to be used with a wide range of devices such as PCs, TVs, and laptops. The cables have a length of up to 31 inches (80 cm) between both speakers.

The GS550 also boasts a stylish Redragon themed red LED backlit to add a touch of elegance to any setup. This makes it the perfect choice for any gaming enthusiast or audiophile looking for a quality sound bar. The GS550 is easy to set up and offers great sound quality with its decent bass and clear treble. Whether it's standing individually on each side of the monitor or lying merged together underneath, the GS550 will provide the perfect addition to any gaming or home entertainment setup.

Overall, the Redragon GS550 Orpheus PC Gaming Speakers provide great value for money and are a great choice for any gaming setup. With its advanced sound driver unit, handy volume knob, and stylish backlit, the GS550 is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a sophisticated, high quality sound bar. It is easy to set up and use, and is sure to bring a touch of class to any gaming setup.

2. Usb-Powered 2.0 Stereo Computer Speakers W/ Rgb Light & Volume Control.

The INSMART Computer Speakers are perfect for PC/Laptops/Desktops/Phone/Ipad/Game Machine, providing a powerful audio experience. With a maximum power of 5W*2, these speakers deliver rich, balanced stereo and crystal clear acoustics to fill the room. An easy-to-use one-knob design on the front of the speakers allows you to turn on/off the switch and LED light and adjust the volume.

The speakers also feature a dynamic backlight, which provides a colorful RGB cycle illumination to enhance the atmosphere when listening to music and playing games. You can easily turn the light on/off by touching the switch. The small fuselage (6.8×3.5×3.1 inches) ensures that the speakers fit perfectly in any space.

In addition, the speakers offer a USB drive-free audio and 3.5mm AUX audio dual mode input, making it suitable for most mobile phones, iPads, laptops and Xbox One devices. The USB cable can be directly plugged into the PC USB port or any 5V charger power supply. Plus, with a headphone jack, you can plug in your headphones to enjoy movies and games without disturbing others.

Experience high-quality sound with the INSMART Computer Speakers. Its convenient one-knob design, RGB backlight and dual-mode input make this product perfect for gaming, music, movies and more. Enjoy a powerful audio experience with INSMART.

3. Razer Leviathan V2: Thx Spatial Audio Soundbar W/ Subwoofer, Chroma Rgb, Bluetooth 5.2 For Pc, Mobile & Nintendo Switch.

The Razer Leviathan V2 is the ultimate multi-driver PC gaming soundbar with powerful subwoofer. This all-in-one sound system is designed to provide full-range, high-fidelity sound that elevates your audio experience. With two full-range drivers, a down-firing subwoofer, and THX Spatial Audio, you’ll get pinpoint accuracy and a more realistic and detailed soundstage that makes movies, games, and music truly come alive.

The Razer Leviathan V2 features a compact desktop form factor that fits perfectly beneath a monitor to keep desktops clutter-free. Detachable rubber feet keep it angled towards you for minimal audio obstruction. With Bluetooth 5.2, you can enjoy smooth, stutter-free sound with a low-latency connection, as you switch from your PC to up to 8 other devices.

Powered by Razer Chroma, this soundbar offers 18 lighting zones and dynamic in-game lighting effects. With the Razer Audio App, you can customize the soundbar to best suit your entertainment needs. The Razer Synapse software also provides more control and greater convenience.

The Razer Leviathan V2 is the perfect soundbar for your PC gaming experience. With its multi-driver sound system, THX Spatial Audio, and Razer Chroma integration, you’ll be able to take your gaming to the next level. Whether you’re playing games, watching movies, or listening to music, the Razer Leviathan V2 will provide you with immersive audio that will make your entertainment come alive.

4. Gogroove Basspulse 2.1 Pc Speaker System W/ Red Led, 40w Subwoofer.

The GOgroove BassPULSE 2.1 Computer Speakers with Red LED Glow Lights and Powered Subwoofer is a complete gaming speaker system designed to make your music sound bigger and better. With its powerful 2.1 sound quality, it provides crystal clear audio with booming bass. The two full-range 5-watt satellite speakers and side-firing 10-watt subwoofer have 40 peak watts of power for a truly immersive listening experience.

The BassPULSE has convenient volume and bass control knobs on the side so you can adjust the sound to your preference. It also has bright red LED accent lights that glow and pulse to the beat of the music whenever the bass equalizer is turned up past 80%. The long wired cord gives you the freedom to arrange the speakers however you like, so you can customize your desk setup.

You can connect multiple devices so that you can stream audio from more than just your computer. The BassPULSE is compatible with any device that has a standard 3.5mm AUX input or headphone port, so you can enjoy high quality stereo sound on your desktop, laptop, or PC.

The GOgroove BassPULSE is a great choice for anyone looking for a gaming speaker system that delivers high quality sound with booming bass. It is also backed by a 3-Year Manufacturer's Warranty, so you can buy with confidence. Make your music sound bigger and better with the GOgroove BassPULSE 2.1 Computer Speakers.

5. Lingyi 12w Hifi Stereo Computer Sound Bar – Usb Pc Speakers With Rgb Lights.

LINGYI Computer Speakers are designed to provide users with a world-class listening experience. Featuring dual 6W drivers and unique digital signal processing, these speakers are capable of producing consistently clear, full sound at any volume, making them ideal for listening to music, watching videos and gaming.

In addition to its superior sound quality, the LINGYI Computer Speakers come equipped with a touch control RGB light with three lighting modes; Flow, Breathing, and Rhythm. These light modes can add immersion to the listening experience or can be turned off to enjoy a more tranquil atmosphere.

These computer speakers are easy to install, with plug and play USB power and 3.5mm audio interface. No drivers or softwares are required and no sound latency is experienced. Additionally, users can plug in headphones and a microphone for further entertainment options.

The speakers are easy to use, with a single rotating button for controlling all functions including power and volume. This allows users to quickly and easily adjust their listening experience with minimal disruption. The speakers are also designed to be compact, allowing them to fit into any space such as a living room or study, while still providing high quality sound.

The LINGYI Computer Speakers are compatible with desktops, PCs, laptops, Macs, tablets, projectors and monitors, making them a versatile and convenient choice. With its superior sound quality, RGB lights and easy to use design, these speakers are sure to provide users with a superior listening experience.

6. Computer Speakers, 2.0 Channels, Rgb Pc Speakers, 6 Color Modes, Usb Powered, Desktop, Pc/laptop/monitor, 3.5mm Aux, Gaming.

The XPZVOZ Computer Speakers are a great choice for those looking to enhance their audio experience. These 2.0 Channel Enhanced Stereo RGB PC Speakers provide an excellent bass quality and clear sound, allowing you to enjoy indoor movie videos, music, and games to the fullest.

The speakers are easy to set up and require no drivers. With a USB power cable and 3.5 mm AUX-in, they can be used with almost any device, including PCs, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. The side of the speakers also feature a dynamic RGB light mode, allowing you to customize the look and feel of your audio experience.

The volume of the speakers can also be easily adjusted with the buttons on the side. This ensures that you can find the perfect sound level each time. The speakers are also designed to be space-saving, taking up very little space on your computer desk and reducing cable clutter.

These speakers are the perfect choice for anyone looking to improve their listening experience. Whether it’s for work, class, or just watching videos and playing games, the XPZVOZ Computer Speakers can provide a pleasant experience and create a great musical atmosphere.

We provide a 24 month risk-free ironclad guarantee with every purchase of a laptop speaker. If you don’t have a positive experience for any reason, we will make sure you are satisfied with your purchase.

7. Redragon Gs500 Stentor 2.0 Pc Gaming Speaker, Usb Powered With 3.5mm Connector.

The Redragon GS500 Stentor PC Gaming Speaker is a 2.0 channel stereo desktop computer speaker that is designed to provide users with crystal clear sound and quality bass. With a stylish and compact design, this speaker is perfect for any tight desktop. It features advanced sound drive units with full range 2.0 channel stereo core, perfect for turning up the volume.

The Redragon GS500 Stentor also comes equipped with a handy volume knob and on/off switch that ensures a convenient and precise volume adjustment. It’s also geared up with extra audio and mic ports, allowing users to connect their other peripheral devices. The speaker is also powered by USB and comes with a 3.5mm connector, ensuring broad compatibility for use with PCs, TVs, and laptops.

The Redragon GS500 Stentor also features an indispensable red LED backlight, providing a unique, Redragon-themed look. With up to 33 in (85 cm) cable length between the two speakers, users are sure to enjoy a great sound experience.

The Redragon GS500 Stentor PC Gaming Speaker is a great choice for any PC gaming setup. With its crystal clear sound and quality bass, convenient volume control, broad compatibility, and stylish LED backlight, users will experience an immersive and enjoyable audio experience.

8. Redragon Gs510 Waltz Rgb 2.0 Pc Speakers, Led Modes, Enhanced Bass, Volume Control, Usb Powered.

The Redragon GS510 Waltz RGB Desktop Speakers are designed to provide superior sound quality and a visually appealing lighting bar. With advanced sound drive unit and full range 2.0 channel enhanced stereo core, these speakers offer clear and rich sound.

The RGB lighting bar allows users to switch between four different modes for various ambiances, and it can also be switched off if desired. Its minimalism modern urban design with solid frame keeps it in a calm and low key style. The handy volume knob and on/off switch provide convenient and precise volume adjustment.

These speakers are USB powered, with a 3.5mm audio and mic cable that allows it to be compatible with a wide range of devices, including PCs, TVs and Laptops. With up to 39 inches of cable length between the two sound units, it can be used on most desk devices. The cable length between the two speakers is up to 33 inches.

The Redragon GS510 Waltz RGB Desktop Speakers are an ideal choice for anyone looking for a reliable and aesthetically pleasing audio solution. With superior sound quality, RGB lighting and convenient volume knob, these speakers will enhance your listening experience.

9. Gaming Speaker With Rgb Light And Volume Control For Pc, Laptop, Phone, Tablet.

UHURU UGWS-10 Computer Gaming Speaker is the perfect soundbar for desktop, laptop, PC, phone, or tablet. It is designed with two full-range 52mm drivers and one passive radiator that provides a bass extension, producing a 10 Watts Peak/5 Watts RMS power and producing room-filling sound. It also has cool RGB light that can be turned on and off, giving your setup a game atmosphere and extraordinary fun.

This computer soundbar provides four connection methods: AUX-3.5mm, TF card, USB flash disk, and BT 5.0. Devices with Bluetooth can be connected via Bluetooth, and most devices equipped with a 3.5mm jack can be connected through AUX. The buttons are located at the top of the soundbar for easy reach and hassle-free control.

The built-in rechargeable 2000mAh lithium-ion battery provides the computer speaker with up to 5 hours of sublime music, and can be used while charging. Plus, it is built to fit under a flat panel monitor (15 x 2.56 x 2.97 inch) and minimizing clutter on your desktop, allowing for more valuable desk space while delivering great audio.

UHURU UGWS-10 Computer Gaming Speaker provides the perfect and immersive sound quality with convenience at your fingertips. It is the perfect addition to any setup, providing great audio and extraordinary fun.

10. Logitech Z-5300e Thx-Certified 280-Watt 5.1 Surround Sound Pc And Gaming Speaker System

This Logitech Z-5300e THX-Certified 280-Watt 5.1 Surround Sound PC and Gaming Speaker System is a must-have for anyone who wants to enhance their home theater experience. It is a PC multimedia home theater speaker system with 5 speakers and a subwoofer. The system is professionally designed and certified by THX to deliver clear and powerful sound. With a total nominal output power of 280 watts, it can produce a maximum RMS output of 560 watts.

The system offers a wide range of frequency response, from 35 Hz to 20,000 Hz, to ensure an immersive and detailed audio experience. The integrated audio amplifier ensures that each speaker delivers the best sound quality. This PC multimedia home theater speaker system is wired and easy to set up. With the four satellite speakers and one center channel speaker, the system is perfect for watching movies, playing games, or listening to music.

The Logitech Z-5300e speaker system is a great choice for those who want to take their home theater experience to the next level. It offers a powerful, immersive sound quality to make any audio experience more enjoyable. With its THX certification, it guarantees that the sound will be of the highest quality and will provide a great listening experience.

Computer Speakers For Gaming FAQs

Do PC gamers use speakers?

Yes, PC gamers often use speakers to enhance their gaming experience. Speakers are essential for playing games with sound. Not only do they provide a more immersive experience, but they also help gamers better identify sound cues to help them better navigate the game. Speakers also allow for a more accurate representation of the game's sound design and can help to bring out the details in the game's audio. Additionally, speakers can provide a more dynamic soundscape that can add to the overall atmosphere of the game. They are also great for allowing gamers to chat with friends while playing online. For these reasons, PC gamers often choose to use speakers while gaming.

What are gaming speakers for?

Gaming speakers are designed to provide enhanced audio for gaming applications. They are generally designed to provide richer sound quality, higher volumes, and a fuller range of sound than the average computer speaker. Gaming speakers are optimized to provide an immersive experience when playing video games, allowing gamers to fully experience the soundtracks, sound effects, and dialogue of their favorite games. Gaming speakers are also designed to be durable and long-lasting, able to withstand the rigors of frequent gaming sessions. Many gaming speakers also come with additional features such as surround sound, adjustable bass levels, and wireless connections to allow gamers to enjoy their games with the best audio possible.

What type of speakers are best for gaming?

The best type of speakers for gaming depend on the individual's needs and preferences. Generally, a 5.1 or 7.1 surround sound system is the optimal set-up for gaming. This type of system includes five or seven speakers and a subwoofer, which provide a more immersive and realistic audio experience. These systems use multiple channels of audio, allowing gamers to pinpoint where sounds are coming from in the game. Additionally, a good set of headphones with a powerful sound card or DAC can also provide an excellent gaming audio experience. Headphones can help reduce outside noise and provide a more immersive experience. Ultimately, the best type of speakers for gaming will depend on the individual's preferences and budget.

Which speaker is best for PC?

The best speaker for a PC depends on the user’s needs and budget. If you are a casual user who mainly listens to music, podcasts, and watches videos, a basic 2.1 speaker system with two speakers and a subwoofer should be sufficient. However, if you plan to use your PC for gaming or sound design, you will want to invest in a more powerful 5.1 or 7.1 surround sound system. This type of speaker system will give you more control over individual audio channels, allowing you to customize your audio experience. Additionally, if you are looking for a higher-end sound solution, you can invest in a soundbar or Bluetooth speakers, which provide great sound quality. Ultimately, the best speaker for your PC depends on your budget, usage, and preference.

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