Computer Speakers With Bass For Sale (2024 Update)

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Computer speakers with bass are essential for any audio setup. Whether you’re a music producer or just a casual listener, you want your music to sound its best. But with so many options on the market, it can be hard to find the right speakers. To help you out, here are five key points to consider when looking for computer speakers with bass:

1. Sound Quality: To get the most out of your music, you need speakers that deliver clear, crisp audio. Look for ones that offer a balanced response across the frequency range, with plenty of low-end power.

2. Power Output: Computer speakers with bass need to be powerful to bring out the best in your music. Look for speakers that can handle a high wattage output so you can enjoy your tunes at higher volumes.

3. Connectivity: You want speakers that offer a range of connectivity options so you can easily hook them up to your computer. Look for ones that offer USB, Bluetooth, and RCA inputs.

4. Design: The design of the speakers you choose is important, too. Look for ones that are built to last, with sturdy construction and good quality components.

5. Price: Finally, consider your budget. Computer speakers with bass can range from a few hundred dollars to thousands, so make sure you get the best value for your money.

In conclusion, when looking for computer speakers with bass, make sure you consider sound quality, power output, connectivity, design, and price. This will help you find the perfect set of speakers that will bring out the best in your music.

10 Best Selling Computer Speakers With Bass

1. Sanyun Sw102 Usb Pc Speakers, 5wx2, Deep Bass, Stereo 2.0, 3.5mm Aux, Black.

The Sanyun SW102 Computer Speakers offer an exceptional sound experience in a small package. Featuring 5Wx2 of power, these speakers are capable of producing deep bass tones in a small body with the help of two built-in bottom bass radiators. The design of these speakers is simple and elegant, with a metal and high-quality plastic construction that ensures stability and no vibrating sound. The black and silver color and blue oval lamp ring add to its attractive look.

The sound quality of these speakers is superb, with outstanding bass quality compared to other small speakers. The unique acoustic resonator structure and enclosed low-frequency aid design make the sound more penetrating and powerful. For the best stereo effect, two speakers should be placed at a distance of one meter from each other, forming an equilateral triangle with the listener.

These speakers are highly versatile, with a 3.5mm audio interface that is compatible with most music players. They come with a USB power supply, which can be plugged directly into the computer USB port or a 5V charger power supply. In addition, they have a high-quality cable and independent drive-by-wire design for stable sound transmission and convenient control.

Finally, these speakers come with a 1-year manufacturer's warranty and an unconditional 30-day money-back guarantee. These speakers are easy to use and require no setup or installation. Just plug the USB cable into your device or the charger and plug the 3.5mm jack into your audio device, and the Sanyun speakers will fill the room with your favorite music, movies or games.

2. Tomorow S211 2.1 Usb Speakers System With Subwoofer, 16w, 3.5mm Inputs, Pc/ps4/tv Compatible.

The OROW S211 New USB-Powered 2.1 Multimedia Speakers System is designed to bring superior sound quality to your home. With its sixteen watts of power, this system is perfect for any room size and is sure to impress with its deep bass, clear treble, and distortion-free sound.

The wooden box is nine millimeters thick, providing stability and reducing noise for a pure sound. The newly designed subwoofer enhances the bass performance, spreading the bass vibration directly to the ground. The USB-powered design liberates your AC outlet, making it perfect for outdoor parties and camping.

The subwoofer is small enough to fit in tight spaces, while the small speakers won’t take up the entire office space. For added convenience, the system includes 3.5mm audio inputs, making it compatible with PCs, PS4s, and TVs.

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your home theater system or just need a little extra oomph for your next outdoor gathering, the OROW S211 2.1 Multimedia Speakers System is the perfect choice. With sixteen watts of power, a newly designed subwoofer, and a nine-millimeter wooden box, you can’t go wrong.

3. Logitech Z333 2.1 Speakers – Volume Control, 3.5mm Jack – Compatible With Pc, Mobile, Tv, Dvd/blueray, And Game Consoles.

The Logitech Z333 2.1 Speakers provide bold 80 Watts Peak/40 Watts RMS power that delivers maximum loudness with two satellite speakers and a large subwoofer. Enjoy rich, clear and powerful sound with the added dimension of a front-facing subwoofer with a 5-inch driver that adds deep and intense bass to your music, movies and games.

The easy-access wired control pod allows you to quickly access power, volume and the headphone jack conveniently located on the front of the right speaker. You can also easily adjust the bass level with the dedicated control knob on the back of the subwoofer. The Logitech Z333 2.1 Speakers are compatible with computers running on any major operating system, such as Windows, Mac, Chromebooks, smartphones, tablets, televisions, MP3 players, DVD/Blueray players and game consoles like PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

The Logitech Z333 2.1 Speakers are the perfect choice for any setup. Enjoy maximum loudness and powerful sound with rich bass with the convenience of a wired control pod for an effortless listening experience. Connect up to two compatible devices via the 3.5 millimeter and RCA inputs and no need to disconnect when switching between audio sources. Experience strong bass that you can hear and feel and listen to your music privately via the headphone jack.

4. Bluetooth Wireless Pc Speakers 110db Deep Bass, Vintage Mini Soundbars.

This Computer Speakers Bluetooth Wireless from Foxnovo is the perfect addition to any home office setup. It features a retro classic design with its wooden texture, creating a nice aesthetic that seamlessly matches wood furniture. The sound bar is slim enough to fit below most monitors and with its 45° elevation design it makes it easier for sound to enter your ears.

The Computer Speakers Bluetooth Wireless is equipped with dual full-range 52mm magnetic drivers that deliver a louder 20W clear and crystal stereo, filling the room with sound. With a full cover steel mesh of speaker, it prevents music distortion even at max volume and rejects noise. Bluetooth 5.0 technology allows you to hear the sound from up to 50 feet away.

This sound bar is also equipped with a sound guide port which creates a rich bass and clearer vocals. Through DAC technology, it creates a wider two-channel soundstage, making treble, bass and midrange more natural and providing you with an immersive music experience.

The Computer Speakers Bluetooth Wireless is compatible with a variety of devices. It can be easily connected to a desktop/laptop/TV/phone/tablet/projector/game console/MP3/MP4/CD player and more. It also supports TF card, Micro SD card and Bluetooth 5.0 which pairs with any device in seconds.

This monitor speakers from Foxnovo is not only an excellent quality speaker but also an alarm clock. It features an LCD Display which allows you to view the time and set an alarm to wake you up conveniently. With the 4500mAh built-in battery, this gaming speakers can use more than 16 hours which is perfect for parties, picnics, camping, etc.

5. Enhance Sb 2.1 Computer Speakers With Subwoofer, Blue Led Gaming Sound System.

The ENHANCE SB 2.1 Computer Speakers with Subwoofer is a computer audio system designed for home and office setups. It is powered by an AC adapter and comes with a 60” cord, making it easy to connect to a variety of multimedia devices. This speaker set is equipped with a built-in subwoofer for 80-watt peak power, giving it a booming sound and a strong, loud bass for premium audio. For further audio customization, it has on-board volume and bass controls.

The speakers are designed with soft LED translucent lights to bring a vibrant look to any desk or office. These 5-watt drivers provide clear volume and listening capabilities. With a built-in light switch, they can also be turned off when needed. This speaker system is compatible with gaming PCs, desktops, and laptops.

The ENHANCE SB 2.1 Computer Speakers with Subwoofer is backed by a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty. Its technical specs include a satellite power of 2.5W x 2 and 10W, 15W RMS; 30W peak, an impedance of 8 ohm satellite and 6 ohm woofer, a sensitivity of 90dB, and a frequency response of 40Hz – 20KHz.

Bring booming and loud sound to your home or office with the ENHANCE SB 2.1 Computer Speakers with Subwoofer. Its powerful sound system, easy connection, and vibrant look make it the perfect choice for gaming PCs, desktops, and laptops. With its volume and bass controls, you can customize the audio levels to your liking. Enjoy premium sound and bass with this computer speaker set.

6. Logitech Z533 2.1 Multimedia Speaker System With Subwoofer

The Logitech Z533 2.1 Multimedia Speaker System is the perfect choice for a powerful, balanced and immersive audio experience. With 120 watts (60W of RMS power) of sound, you'll be able to fill a room with crystal-clear sound. The full-range drivers are designed to direct the sound in a way that ensures optimal acoustics, while the front-facing subwoofer provides rich, dynamic bass that you can feel.

The Logitech Z533 is designed to work with almost any audio source, including computers, tablets, smartphones, game consoles and TVs. Simply plug in with the 3.5 mm and RCA inputs and you’ll be ready to start listening. The wired control pod gives you easy access to power, volume and bass controls, as well as an extra 3.5 mm jack and a headphone jack.

For over 30 years, Logitech has been creating high-quality audio products that bring your sound to life. The Logitech Z533 is designed and tested in state-of-the-art Research and Development labs and held to the highest acoustic standards. It's engineered to provide the best audio experience, so you can trust that you're getting the most out of your sound.

7. Morow S213 18w Pc Speakers With Subwoofer & Wooden Enclosure.

The OROROW 2.1 Multimedia Speakers System with Subwoofer is the perfect audio solution for your laptop, PC, PS4, or TV. It is equipped with a 9mm thick, wooden box that is stable and thick, which effectively reduces noise and produces a more pure and good sound with deep bass and clear treble without distortion. The newly designed subwoofer enhances bass performance by directly spreading the bass vibration to the ground. The front knob allows you to easily adjust volume levels at your fingertips.

The system provides 18W of power, giving you just the right amount to fill the room without having to buy more than you need. The USB-powered 2.1 speakers provide a great option for outdoor parties and camping. The subwoofer is small enough to easily fit in a tight space, tucked away under a desk or bed, while the small speakers will not take up the entire office space.

The OROROW 2.1 Multimedia Speakers System with Subwoofer offers the perfect audio solution for all your needs. With its high-quality sound, deep bass, and easy-to-use features, you will be sure to enjoy your music, movies, or games. With its USB-powered design, you can easily take it with you on the go for a great audio experience anytime, anywhere.

8. 2.1 Led Speaker System With Heavy Bass, Usb Power For Pc/laptop/cellphone.

This Boomboxes Multimedia 2.1 Desktop Computer Speaker will bring you the ultimate music experience with its superior sound quality and innovative design. The speaker has a powerful bass and stereo sound that can be adjusted easily with the independent volume control, bass control and treble control. To make listening to your favorite music even easier, the speaker is equipped with a U disk socket, so you can plug in your USB and start listening right away.

This speaker is perfect for any occasion. Its sleek and modern design makes it suitable for every room, from your bedroom, to your office, to your desktop. With its USB power supply, you can enjoy your favorite music for hours on end. Its versatility makes it a perfect option for both PC and laptop use, as well as for your cell phone.

This Boomboxes Multimedia 2.1 Desktop Computer Speaker is the perfect choice for anyone looking to get the most out of their music. With its powerful sound and easy to use features, you'll be able to enjoy all your favorite tunes in no time. So don't wait, get your Boomboxes Multimedia 2.1 Desktop Computer Speaker today and enjoy music freely forever!

9. Audioengine Hd6 Powered Bookshelf Speakers | 150w, Aptx Hd Bluetooth, 24-Bit Dac (White)

The Audioengine HD6 Wireless Powered Speakers are the perfect addition to any home music system. Featuring built-in analog power amplifiers and aptX HD Bluetooth codec with 100 foot range and 24-bit DAC, these speakers provide premium sound quality for all your devices and apps without the need for network setup or passwords. Not to mention, the HD6’s high-end sound is wrapped in hand-built wood cabinets and no receiver is necessary.

In addition to its Bluetooth capabilities, the HD6 also features an optical audio input, subwoofer connection and a solid metal remote control. It also works with turntables with built-in or external preamps, all music players, TVs with an analog output, CD and DVD players, video game consoles and all products with 1/8" mini-jack or RCA outputs.

The HD6’s package includes a pair of Audioengine HD6 Wireless Powered Speakers, Bluetooth antenna, aluminum cased remote control, 4m speaker wire, power supply & cord, 2m 3.5mm mini-jack audio cable, 2m RCA audio cable, microfiber speaker bags and cable bags, setup guide, and a brochure. Furthermore, Audioengine’s 3-year transferable warranty and stellar US-based customer support provide you with extra assurance and peace of mind.

The HD6 Wireless Powered Speakers from Audioengine are designed to make your audio experience more enjoyable and memorable. With the ability to work with all your devices and apps without any network setup or passwords, you can now easily enjoy premium sound quality with extended wireless range. Audioengine has been changing the way people listen to music since 2005, and you can be sure that their passion for creating products with great sound quality and ease of use will make you want to listen to music every day.

10. Cyber Acoustics Ca-3090 2.1 Subwoofer Speaker System With 18w Power.

The Cyber Acoustics 2.1 Subwoofer Speaker System is the perfect addition to any home entertainment setup. Featuring 18 watts peak power (9 watts RMS) and a contemporary flat panel design, this system will bring amazing sound to any room in the house. The convenient control pod makes it easy to power on and off, adjust the master volume and connect your portable devices via the 3.5mm aux input. You can even plug in your headphones for private listening moments.

The subwoofer performance is impressive. A ported 4” side-firing poly carbon subwoofer delivers superior bass performance when combined with the 2” satellite drivers. You can expect an amazing listening experience with most any device. You can even adjust the bass volume on the subwoofer itself.

The Cyber Acoustics 2.1 Subwoofer Speaker System is a great choice for music, movies, gaming and multimedia computer laptops. Plus, it comes with a 1 year hassle free manufacturer warranty so you can be confident in the quality of your purchase. AC power 110V only. Transform your entertainment setup with this great speaker system.

Computer Speakers With Bass FAQs

Can speakers have bass?

Yes, speakers can have bass. The bass response of a speaker is determined by the size of its woofer, the power of its amplifier, and the construction of its enclosure. When looking for a speaker with good bass response, look for a large woofer, a powerful amplifier, and an enclosure built to maximize the speaker's sound output. A larger woofer can produce deeper bass notes, while a powerful amplifier will be able to drive the woofer more effectively. An enclosure that is well-built and designed to maximize the speaker's sound output can also help produce better bass. In addition, certain speaker technologies, such as subwoofers, are specifically designed to produce low-frequency sounds.

Do I need a subwoofer for computer speakers?

No, you do not need a subwoofer for computer speakers. Computer speakers are typically designed to produce full-range sounds, including low frequencies. A subwoofer is an optional addition for computer speakers and is typically only used for those who want to experience more powerful bass. If you are content with the bass coming from your computer speakers, then you do not need a subwoofer. If you want to experience more powerful bass, then you may want to consider adding a subwoofer. Subwoofers are designed to reproduce low-frequency sounds and can provide a more powerful bass punch. However, they will take up additional space and require an amplifier to drive them, so it’s important to consider all of the factors before adding a subwoofer. Ultimately, it’s up to the user to decide if they need a subwoofer or not.

Which brand speaker is best for PC?

When choosing the best speaker for your PC, it is important to consider the size, sound quality, and features you need. Generally, a good rule of thumb is to choose a brand that has a good reputation for sound quality. Some of the most popular brands for PC speakers include Logitech, Bose, Creative, and Klipsch. Logitech is known for its budget-friendly prices and decent sound quality, while Bose is renowned for its superior audio performance. Creative offers a wide range of speakers, from budget-friendly to high-end models. Klipsch speakers are known for their crisp and detailed sound, and most models come with a subwoofer for added bass. Ultimately, it really depends on your budget and the features you need. Consider what type of music you plan to listen to and make sure the speaker you choose can handle it. Also, make sure to check out reviews to get an idea of how the speaker performs before making a purchase.

Which speaker is best for bass?

For the best bass sound, a subwoofer is the best option. A subwoofer is a speaker specifically designed to reproduce low frequencies, and is typically used in home theater and music systems. Subwoofers are available in a variety of sizes, from small powered subs to large floor-standing models, and can be powered by an amplifier or a separate receiver. Additionally, most subwoofers are designed to be placed in a corner of the room, which helps to maximize the bass response. Having multiple subwoofers in a home theater setup can also help to create more accurate and powerful bass. For most music applications, a powered subwoofer is the ideal choice, as it can provide the most intense and accurate bass response.

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