Concert Preview | The 10 Best Jill Andrews Songs

Photo by Katie Guymon

Jill Andrews, a favorite here at Speakers in Code, hasn’t visited St. Louis since September of 2011, so we’re happy to have her back next week. This time around, she’ll be opening for Austin’s Bob Schneider on Tuesday, February 5th at Off Broadway. Tickets to the show are $20, and you can purchase yours here.

Andrews has released one EP and one full-length, The Mirror, in her career as a solo artist; she was also was part of Tennessee’s the everybodyfields, who released three albums in their career as a band. We’ve decided to pick through everything to form our ultimate Jill Andrews playlist.

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10. Another Man

You got a way of making things hard/ And I got a way of throwing your things out in the yard.” Before we get to the sad cuts, let’s just have fun for a few minutes.

9. The Mirror

Her second-best pop song. We’ll get to her best one in just a few. 

8. By Your Side

Her best country song as a member of the everybodyfields. And she can sing country just fine. 

7. Wasted Time/Everything is Okay

And are you happy? ‘Cause I’m so scared, afraid of losing again.” These are two songs, but they really go together as one, so that’s how I’m listing them. I think many of you out there have felt this way at an end of a relationship.

6. These Words

Are you ready to leave?” When Jill Andrews sings these lyrics, it’s hard not to feel something.

5. Sound of the Bells

Hold me in your arms and it will be like dancing.” Jill Andrews’ best pop song. 

4. City Noise

Ask me out of this crazy world and I’ll gladly go/ Heel to toe/ Simply follow you.” Sigh.

3. A Little Less

Bites like a razor when we’re apart/ A little less of my heart.” Double sigh. 

2. Lonely Anywhere

I walk in, you walk out of rooms everywhere. Andrews captured something really beautiful with this song: Feeling lonely when it seems as if the world is watching. Feeling lonely when you’re in a crowded room. Feeling lonely anywhere. 

1. Worth Keeping

Take your hands out of your pockets and hold me.” I could go on and on about what this song means to me, but we would be here forever. That, and my heart would probably explode.

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