Das Powered Speakers For Sale (2024 Update)

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When it comes to audio equipment, powered speakers are a great choice for both experienced and novice audiophiles. Powered speakers are self-contained units that contain an amplifier and drivers all in one package, making them incredibly easy to set up and use. Whether you’re looking for a powerful sound system for your home or a PA system for a live performance, powered speakers are a great option. Here are 5 key points to consider when looking for powered speakers:

1. Power Output: Power output refers to the maximum wattage of the speaker and should be considered when deciding how loud you need your speakers to be. If you’re looking for a powerful sound system, higher wattage is better.

2. Frequency Response: Frequency response refers to the range of frequencies the speaker can reproduce. A good frequency response range is between 20 Hz and 20 kHz.

3. Driver Size: The size of the drivers in a speaker will affect its sound quality. Generally, larger drivers produce better sound quality.

4. Connectivity: Make sure to check the connectivity options of the powered speaker. Most will have Bluetooth, USB, and/or RCA inputs.

5. Portability: If you’re looking for a portable speaker, make sure to check the weight and size of the speaker. Smaller, lighter speakers are easier to transport.

Overall, powered speakers are an excellent choice for anyone looking for a powerful sound system or PA system. They are incredibly easy to set up and use, and come in a variety of sizes and power outputs. When shopping for powered speakers, it’s important to consider the power output, frequency response, driver size, connectivity, and portability of the speaker to ensure you get the best sound quality for your needs.

10 Best Selling Das Powered Speakers

1. Alto Pro Tx308 8" Active Pa Speaker – 350w For Djs & Musicians.

The Alto Professional TX308 is a powerful, two-way active PA speaker system that provides 350 watts of Class D power. Its newly designed horn delivers stellar coverage of up to 90° H x 60° V. This PA cabinet is designed and tuned in the USA, featuring an 8-inch (203 mm) LF driver with 1.4-inch (35.6 mm) voice coil and a 1-inch (25.4 mm) titanium diaphragm HF compression driver. It is lightweight and easy to install, transport, and setup. Furthermore, it is suitable for pole-mounting or use as a wedge monitor.

The Alto Professional TX308 is equipped with a balanced XLR mic/line input, link output, and volume control. It also has an integrated analog limiter and overload protection circuitry. This PA speaker system is versatile and perfect for a variety of applications, including mobile DJs at weddings and parties, small venues, band practice, community and sports events, ceremonies, conferences, and spoken word performances.

The Alto Professional TX308 is a great choice for those who require an active PA speaker system with reliable sound quality and power. It is designed to be easy to transport and setup, making it an ideal solution for mobile DJs, musicians, small venues, ceremonies, and sports events. With its high-quality components, balanced inputs, and overload protection circuitry, the Alto Professional TX308 is the perfect choice for any sound reinforcement application.

2. Rockville Bpa10 10" Professional Powered Active 400w Dj Pa Speaker W Bluetooth, Black

The Rockville BPA10 10" Professional Powered Active 400w DJ PA Speaker is the perfect addition to any live sound or playback application. Featuring a high power long-throw 10'' woofer with 1.5" KSV voice coil for incredibly deep bass and acoustic power, the speaker has a maximum SPL of 102dB peak / 100dB continuous. It boasts 400 Watts Peak/200 Watts Program/100 Watts RMS and has a frequency response of 20Hz-20KHz.

The speaker also features Bluetooth signal input for wireless audio signal input from any Bluetooth enabled music player or phone. It also has a USB/SD digital MP3 music player and remote control for added convenience. Channel 1 has XLR and 1/4" TRS" inputs with volume control, while Channel 2 has RCA, and 1/8" aux inputs with volume control. There is also an XLR line output for connecting to additional powered speakers, a mixer, or a powered subwoofer.

The Rockville speaker has a LED screen which displays MP3 functions including BT connectivity and a built-in 2-band equalizer to adjust high and low frequencies independently. It has a compact and light weight system which delivers distortion free sound even at extreme SPL. The speaker also features a state-of-the-art 1'' pure titanium-diaphragm compression driver for crystal clear high-frequency reproduction and an ultra-wide dispersion, 45° large-format horizontal wave guide horn molded directly into cabinet.

The versatile trapezoidal enclosure design allows different positioning and the speaker has a built-in high quality crossover to filter out unwanted frequencies. It is constructed with high-quality components and rugged high impact ABS construction. It also has an amplifier clip limit LED indicator & power LED cabinet rear, a built-in FM radio with 10 presets and US/European Tunin, and a 110 / 220 Volt switchable power supply with external user serviceable fusing. The item actual dimensions are 12.41" Length x 11.5" Width x 19.31" Height and the item actual weight is 18.48 LBS with a shipping weight of 20.46 LBS.

3. Rockville Bpa8 8" Professional Powered Active 300w Dj Pa Speaker W Bluetooth, Black

The Rockville BPA8 is an 8" 300 Watt Active DJ/PA Speaker with built-in Bluetooth, designed for professional sound reinforcement and playback applications. It delivers up to 300 watts peak power and a maximum SPL of 95dB peak/92dB continuous, with a frequency response of 20Hz-20KHz. The built-in 2-band equalizer provides independent adjustment of high and low frequencies.

The speaker features a high-power long-throw 8" woofer with a 1.5" KSV voice coil for deep bass and acoustic power. It also comes with a USB/SD digital MP3 music player, LCD display, wireless remote control, and a built-in FM Radio with 10 presets and US/European tuning. Connectivity options include XLR, 1/4" TRS, RCA, and 1/8" aux inputs, as well as an XLR line output for connecting to additional powered speakers, a mixer, or a powered subwoofer.

The Rockville BPA8 is constructed with high-quality components and exceptionally rugged high impact ABS. It is compact, lightweight, and features a versatile trapezoidal enclosure design that allows for different positioning. The amplifier clip limit LED indicator and power LED cabinet rear further enhance the speaker's performance. The switchable 110/220V power supply with external user serviceable fusing ensures reliable operation. The Rockville BPA8 is an ideal choice for professional music playback and live sound applications.

4. Klipsch The Fives Powered Speaker System With Hdmi-Arc In Walnut

The Klipsch The Fives Powered Speaker System with HDMI-ARC in Walnut is an easy-to-use and powerful audio system designed to provide optimal high-definition sound. Crafted from the classic design legacy of Paul W. Klipsch, the speakers provide a high-fidelity sound from dedicated right and left speakers. The speakers offer a range of connection options for users to enjoy their favorite movies, music, and television.

The Klipsch The Fives Powered Speaker System is designed to provide an immersive listening experience. The integrated subwoofer and dedicated right and left speakers offer a powerful sound with deep bass and clear treble. The system also features a variety of connection options, allowing users to easily connect their devices. The speakers are equipped with Bluetooth, HDMI-ARC, optical, USB, and aux inputs, giving users the option to wirelessly stream content from their devices or directly connect them. Additionally, the speakers can be used with the Klipsch Stream App for convenient music streaming.

The Klipsch The Fives Powered Speaker System is designed to look great in any room. The speakers feature a modern design with walnut wood finishes. The sleek and stylish look of the speakers is sure to blend in with any home décor. The speakers are also equipped with tactile controls, making it easy to adjust the volume and sound settings with the simple press of a button.

The Klipsch The Fives Powered Speaker System is a great choice for those looking for a high-performance audio system. The powerful sound and variety of connection options make it easy to enjoy your favorite movies, music, and television. With its classic design, the speakers are sure to add a touch of style to any home.

5. 45w Bluetooth Speaker W/ Loud Bass, Wireless Stereo Pairing & Built-In Mic.

The ASIMOM Bluetooth Speaker for Home is a powerful and reliable audio solution for your home or office. Delivering up to 45W of power (60W Peak), this speaker provides impressive mids and crisp treble alongside a powerful bass. With Wireless Stereo Pairing technology, you can pair two of these speakers together for an immersive sound experience for music, news, audiobooks, and more.

The ASIMOM Bluetooth Speaker for Home is AC powered, eliminating any need for batteries, and includes a dedicated AC adapter for optimal performance. The speaker also supports a Micro SD card and AUX input for versatile connectivity options. Its modern design features a rhombus silhouette and superior fabric for an elegant look that can complement any home or office.

This Bluetooth home speaker can also be connected to a TV or projector, but it must have 3.5mm AUX output or Bluetooth capabilities. Before purchasing, please make sure your TV or digital products support analogue audio output, or else it will be unable to connect with the speaker.

For a reliable and powerful audio solution, the ASIMOM Bluetooth Speaker for Home is an ideal choice. With its impressive sound quality, versatile connectivity options, and modern design, this speaker is perfect for any home or office, and makes for the perfect gift.

6. 24w Hd Wireless Computer Speakers With Bass/treble Controls, Volume Knob, And 3.5mm Aux Input.

The TEWELL Computer Speaker is the perfect way to upgrade your sound experience. Its powerful 24-watt audio output is capable of filling up a large room of 15ft x 15ft with ease. You’ll be astonished by the deep bass produced by the Bass Reflex System, providing you with a whole new auditory experience of listening to music, watching movies, and playing games.

The rock-solid connection ensures that your devices maintain a strong, stable connection up to 33 ft away for a skip-free music experience. The 3.5mm jack also allows you to connect your computer, turntable, or projector to a world of great sound.

You’ll also appreciate the easy-to-use gold toggle switch and knob for volume control. This offers you a retro way to control your music and matches any décor. The TEWELL Computer Speaker is an unbeatable choice that delivers loud, clear sound with deep bass, and can be used in any bedroom, kitchen, or as a computer speaker.

Das Powered Speakers FAQs

Are DAS speakers any good?

Yes, DAS speakers can be very good. They are well known for their superior sound quality, reliability, and convenience. DAS speakers are designed for both indoor and outdoor use, and often feature advanced technologies such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, allowing you to stream music wirelessly. They typically offer excellent audio coverage and sound clarity, making them suitable for a range of applications. Additionally, DAS speakers are often very affordable, making them an attractive choice for those on a budget. Overall, DAS speakers can be a great option if you're looking for good quality sound at a reasonable price.

What is the price of 15 inch powered speaker?

The price of a 15 inch powered speaker will depend on the brand, model, and features. Generally speaking, you can expect to pay anywhere from $100 to several thousand dollars. If you are on a budget, there are many affordable powered speaker options available. Look for a model with a good power output, frequency response, and sound quality. Some common features to look for include Bluetooth or wireless capability, remote control, built-in mixer, and built-in EQ settings. You may also want to consider the size of the speaker and whether or not it is suitable for your needs. Ultimately, the price of the speaker should be determined by your budget and needs.

Where are DAS speakers made?

DAS Audio is a Spanish company that has been manufacturing professional sound systems since the 1970s. Their products are designed and manufactured in their headquarters in Valencia, Spain. DAS speakers are made with the highest quality components and materials, and are built to last. They are designed to deliver clear, high-quality sound with exceptional reliability and performance. DAS speakers are used in a variety of applications, from live sound reinforcement to studio monitoring to home entertainment. The company has a long-standing commitment to innovation, and their products are consistently praised for their sound quality and reliability. DAS Audio also offers a wide range of accessories and custom solutions, allowing customers to tailor their systems to their specific needs. With a dedication to quality craftsmanship and innovation, DAS Audio continues to be a leading provider of audio solutions.

Who owns Das Audio?

Das Audio is owned by the international audio and visual equipment manufacturer D.A.S. Audio. Founded in Spain in 1971, D.A.S. Audio has become an industry leader in the design and manufacture of professional sound systems for a variety of applications, from touring and large-scale events to permanent installations. The company has established a worldwide presence, with offices in Europe, Asia, and the Americas, and its products are used in some of the world's most prestigious venues. D.A.S. Audio is committed to engineering and producing the highest quality sound systems, with a focus on innovation and customer satisfaction. The company uses advanced acoustic modeling technology, rigorous testing, and an emphasis on customer service to ensure its products are of the highest caliber.

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