Digital Pro Audio Speakers For Sale (2024 Update)

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When it comes to digital pro audio speakers, it is important to consider a few key points before making a purchase. Here are five key points to consider when looking for digital pro audio speakers:

1. Power: Make sure the digital pro audio speakers you choose have enough power to meet your needs. This includes both the maximum power output and the type of power the unit requires.

2. Frequency Response: Look for speakers that are capable of producing a wide range of frequencies. This will ensure that the audio sounds clear and balanced.

3. Connectivity: Ensure that the digital pro audio speakers are compatible with your other audio equipment. Make sure they have the appropriate inputs and outputs.

4. Durability: Look for digital pro audio speakers that are built to last. This means they should be made from quality materials and have a robust design.

5. Price: Consider your budget when shopping for digital pro audio speakers. Look for speakers that offer great value for money.

When shopping for digital pro audio speakers, it is important to keep these five key points in mind. Doing so will help you find the perfect speakers to meet your needs. With the right digital pro audio speakers, you can enjoy crystal clear audio with powerful bass and crisp highs.

10 Best Selling Digital Pro Audio Speakers

1. A07 Tpa3255 300wx2 Hifi Class D Stereo Amp 2.0 Audio Amplifier For Passive Speaker

The AIYIMA A07 power amplifier is an advanced piece of audio equipment, designed for those with a passion for HiFi sound. Utilizing a TPA3255D2 amp chip and NE5532 op-amp chip, the amplifier delivers clear, quiet audio, running at a cool temperature. Its simple, compact design makes it an attractive addition to any home audio setup.

The A07 is a 2.0 channel integrated class D amplifier, with a maximum power output of 300 Watt per channel. It features two input options: a 3.5mm AUX Audio input as well as an RCA Audio input. The 3.5mm interface can also be used as an Aux Audio output, allowing connections to powered devices such as speakers, amplifiers and active subwoofers.

The amplifier is supplied with a DC 32V 5A Power Adapter, allowing users to upgrade their power supply and make the most of the amplifier’s maximum 300W x2 power output. For best results, users should choose the correct passive speaker power for their system.

The AIYIMA A07 power amplifier is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a high-quality audio experience. It can be used with a computer, tube preamp or other home theatre system, letting you unleash your ears with crystal clear sound.

2. 6500w Digital Stereo Pa System, 2-Ch Power Amp For Home Speaker System.

The Technical Pro Professional Portable PA System is an all-in-one solution for your home audio needs. This 2-channel digital stereo power amplifier boasts 6500 watts of peak power, making it ideal for any size home entertainment system. The integrated inputs include XLR, 1/4'', and RCA, while the outputs feature banana binding post, Speakon, and 1/4''. With an input sensitivity of .775V (0dBu), this amplifier is designed to precisely power even the most demanding of audio components.

The amplifier is equipped with a spectrum LED display, dual cooling speed fans, and precise LED meters to monitor performance. Its “CAF” (Complete Air Flow) ventilation system uses an automatic variable-speed fan for smooth and quiet operation. The high-quality components and exceptionally rugged construction ensure long life and quality performance. The frequency response is 20Hz-20kHz ±1 dB and the damping factor is >200 @ 8 ohm. The signal to noise ratio is -105 dB unweighted 20Hz-20kHz, and the total harmonic distortion is <0.02%. The input impedance is 20 kohm balanced/ 10 kohm unbalanced.

The Technical Pro Professional Portable PA System offers an impressive 6500 watts of peak power, making it ideal for any size home audio system. Its integrated inputs and outputs, precise LED meters, and high-quality components make it a reliable and powerful amplifier. Its “CAF” ventilation system ensures smooth and quiet operation, while its frequency response, damping factor, signal to noise ratio, and total harmonic distortion ensure crisp and clear sound.

3. Lyxpro Xlr 3-Pin Female To Male 10' Right Angle Cable For Pro Audio Gear.

The LyxPro 10 Feet Right Angle XLR Female to Male 3 Pin Mic Cord is the perfect solution for connecting professional microphones to an audio interface or mixer, mixer outputs to speakers and all other audio music and sound needs. Constructed with a twin conductive PVC inner shield and 98% braided shield Cotton Yarn wrap, it effectively reduces noise and all noise and static interruptions, while professionally cancelling out hum and noise while improving high frequency response.

The Gold Plated contact points relieve cable strain and the Black metal housing connectors with self locking connectors provide a stable connection, so you don't have to worry about cable stability. This cable is also great for DMX lighting applications on Live stage performance, concert halls, school, church, studio lighting and recording.

The LyxPro 10 Feet Right Angle XLR Female to Male 3 Pin Mic Cord is available in multiple colors and sizes for easy cable identification and management, ensuring that you can find the perfect cable for your needs. And with a 5 year LyxPro complimentary warranty, you can rest assured that you're getting a quality product with 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed.

4. Playstation Dualsense Wireless Controller – Cosmic Red

The PlayStation DualSense Wireless Controller in Cosmic Red offers an immersive gaming experience like never before. Featuring haptic feedback and adaptive triggers, the controller allows gamers to feel their in-game actions and environment. With the built-in microphone and 3.5mm jack, gamers can easily chat online or connect a headset for added convenience. The iconic design features enhanced sticks, allowing for precision control. Plus, the built-in speaker offers higher-fidelity sound effects in supported games.

The DualSense Wireless Controller is designed to provide gamers with an immersive and tactile gaming experience. With haptic feedback and adaptive triggers, gamers can feel their in-game actions and environment, and the controller even responds to their input. For example, when firing a gun, gamers can feel the gun’s recoil and tension in their hands. The analog sticks are also enhanced, allowing for more precise and responsive control.

The controller also features a built-in microphone and 3.5mm jack, allowing gamers to chat online with friends and connect a headset for a more immersive experience. Additionally, gamers can record and broadcast their gameplay sessions with the press of the create button. The built-in speaker also offers higher-fidelity sound effects in compatible games.

The DualSense Wireless Controller is compatible with PS5 and PC, but not PS4. It offers an optimal gaming experience with its haptic feedback and adaptive triggers, enhanced sticks, and built-in microphone and speaker. Whether playing alone or with friends, the PlayStation DualSense Wireless Controller in Cosmic Red is sure to provide an engaging and immersive gaming experience.

5. 6000w 6 Zone Digital Hybrid Amp Preamp Tuner W/bluetooth, Usb, Sd, 2 Mic, Bass/treble, Fan & Lcd.

The Technical Pro TPHA6X1000UBT is a 6000-watt peak power hybrid amplifier designed to provide powerful and versatile amplification in any audio setup. The amplifier features multiple input and output modes, including RCA (2 audio sources), USB, SD Card, and MP3 (3.5mm).

The TPHA6X1000UBT also features Bluetooth connectivity, allowing it to wirelessly sync with today’s latest devices including smartphones, tablets, and laptops. With a wireless range of up to 35 feet, you’ll be able to stream audio from your favorite devices without any hassle.

The amplifier also includes a variety of audio modification features, allowing you to customize the output to match the venue and input. With a built-in interface, you can easily regulate bass, treble, and balance. Additionally, the amplifier includes an LCD display and a cooling speed fan, allowing you to keep track of the audio output and temperature.

The TPHA6X1000UBT is capable of taking audio from a variety of sources, including RCA, USB memory sticks, and SD cards. This makes it perfect for any application, from parties and special events to professional audio installations. With its powerful output, multiple input and output modes, and convenient customization features, the TPHA6X1000UBT is the perfect amplifier for any serious audio setup.

6. 24k Gold Plated Toslink Mini-Toslink Digital Optical Audio Cable

The FosPower 24K Gold Plated Toslink to Mini Toslink Digital Optical S/PDIF Audio Cable is the perfect solution for your digital audio needs. It features a mini 3.5mm Toslink/optical cable that transmits digital (optical) audio only.

This cable is compatible with iMacs, TVs and Notebooks that have a built in 3.5mm OPTICAL port. It is not compatible with iPhones/smartphones that do not have an optical 3.5mm port. The premium fiber core and metal connectors of this cable ensure low-loss, low-jitter, maximum signal transfer and eliminate RF, EM, and ground loop interference. The 24K Gold-plated Ferrules and Strain-Relief PVC Jacket resist corrosion, reduce tarnish, and provide maximum protection for the fiber tip. The PVC jacket contributes to the OD5.0mm strain-relief construction that not only provides flexibility, but also protects the cable from kinks.

This cable is backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty, so you can rest assured that it will provide reliable performance for years to come. So, if you're looking for a cable that can provide a clean, clear signal for all your digital audio needs, the FosPower 24K Gold Plated Toslink to Mini Toslink Digital Optical S/PDIF Audio Cable is the perfect choice.

7. 1more Titanium Triple Driver In-Ear Headphones With Lightning Connector

The 1More Triple Driver In Ear Headphones are designed for Apple iOS users who demand premium sound quality. These headphones come with a Lightning Connector for quicker and easier connection to compatible devices.

The headphones feature an exclusive five-directional controller, allowing users to make crystal clear calls, activate voice control, adjust volume, and change tracks effortlessly. This controller is located at the bottom of the cable, and it is easy to use and navigate.

The headphones are equipped with two balanced armatures and one titanium dynamic driver, delivering superior definition with lossless clarity. The armatures act like mini tweeters, while the dynamic driver functions like a mini speaker. The headphones also feature a high definition DAC which further enhances the sound.

The earpieces are ergonomically designed, with oblique angles that naturally fit the ear canals for a comfortable and secure fit. There are nine included ear tip sizes, allowing users to find the perfect fit which will ensure ultimate sound clarity and isolation.

The headphones are expertly tuned by Grammy winning sound engineer Luca Bignardi, for a fully balanced and detailed soundstage. The combination of the three drivers, HD DAC, ergonomics design and expert tuning ensures that the headphones deliver the highest quality sound experience.

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