Dj Equipment Speakers For Sale (2024 Update)

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When it comes to DJ equipment, speakers are an integral part of the setup. Whether you’re playing at a club or throwing a house party, having the right speakers can make all the difference. With so many options available, it can be difficult to decide which DJ equipment speakers are the best for your needs. Here are five key points to consider when looking for the perfect set of speakers for your DJ setup:

1. Sound Quality: The quality of sound produced by your speakers is essential for any DJ setup. Look for speakers with a balanced sound and clear highs and lows.

2. Power Output: The amount of power output your speakers can handle should be taken into consideration. Make sure the power output of your speakers is strong enough to handle the volume you’ll be playing at.

3. Connectivity: Make sure your speakers have the right type of connectivity for your setup. Look for speakers with Bluetooth, RCA, and XLR connections.

4. Portability: Consider how easy it is to move your speakers around. Look for speakers with handles and wheels to make transportation easier.

5. Durability: Look for speakers that are built to last. Check reviews to make sure the speakers you’re considering are reliable and won’t break down after a few uses.

By considering these five key points when looking for DJ equipment speakers, you’ll be sure to find the perfect set of speakers for your setup. Take the time to do your research and find the speakers that will best suit your needs. With the right speakers, you’ll be able to create the perfect sound for your DJ setup.

10 Best Selling Dj Equipment Speakers

1. Mixtrack Pro Fx Dj System W/ Serato Dj Lite & Lighted Speakers (4000w)

No matter the occasion, get ready to rock your party with the Professional DJ System. Featuring the Mixtrack Pro FX DJ Controller, Serato DJ Lite Software and a pair of 2000 Watt Powered Lighted Dual 15" speakers, this system is perfect for bringing a professional level of sound to any event.

The Mixtrack Pro FX DJ Controller is the perfect hub for your sound system. This controller is designed to provide the user with a comprehensive range of controls and options, making it easy to mix and manipulate music. It also comes with a variety of sound effects and filters to give your performance the edge.

The Serato DJ Lite Software provides an intuitive and easy-to-use interface, allowing users to access an extensive library of music and sound effects, as well as a range of additional features such as beat synchronization, looping and cueing. This software is compatible with both Mac and PC and provides a powerful platform for DJs to take control of their performance.

The included pair of 2000 Watt Powered Lighted Dual 15" speakers provides a powerful sound that can easily fill a room. With the integrated lighting, you can create a captivating atmosphere and really bring the music to life. The speakers also come with a microphone, allowing you to add your own vocals to the mix.

The Professional DJ System is ideal for DJs, backyard weddings, graduation parties, pool parties, coffee house performances, recitals, reunions, anniversary observations and more. With this system, you can be sure to bring a professional level of sound to any event. So get ready to rock your party with the Professional DJ System.

2. Pioneer Dj Xdj-Rx3 Digital Dj System

The Pioneer DJ XDJ-RX3 Digital DJ System is the perfect choice for DJs looking to take their mixing and performance to the next level. This all-in-one digital DJ system features a 10.1" touch screen display, rekordbox/Serato DJ Pro software support, Nexus performance options, 16 performance pads, and onboard effects.

The 10.1" touch screen display allows for intuitive and easy control over the system, allowing DJs to access the system's many functions quickly and easily. Additionally, the XDJ-RX3 supports rekordbox/Serato DJ Pro software, allowing DJs to access and mix tracks from their existing music library.

The XDJ-RX3 also features Nexus performance options, allowing DJs to access a range of customizable performance features, including Hot Cues, Beat Jump, and Slip Mode. The system's 16 performance pads allow DJs to access and trigger various audio samples and effects, adding even more creative possibilities to your performance.

Finally, the system features a range of onboard effects, allowing DJs to add further creative elements to their mixes. These effects include echo, delay, filter, and reverb, allowing DJs to create unique and exciting soundscapes.

The Pioneer DJ XDJ-RX3 Digital DJ System is the perfect choice for DJs looking to take their performance to the next level. With its intuitive 10.1" touch screen display, rekordbox/Serato DJ Pro software support, Nexus performance options, 16 performance pads, and onboard effects, DJs will have access to all the tools they need to craft unique and exciting mixes.

3. Numark Mixstream Pro+ Standalone Dj Controller With Amazon Music, Serato & Virtual Dj.

The Numark Mixstream Pro+ Standalone DJ Controller is the ultimate DJ setup, combining the power of Amazon Music Unlimited streaming, an intuitive touchscreen, and onboard speakers for laptop-free performances. With over 100 million CD-Quality songs from Amazon Music Unlimited, DJs can mix and perform without ever needing a computer. Music tracks can be brought to the controller via SD card, USB drive, Dropbox library and streaming apps, and can be easily navigated and selected using the 7" touchscreen.

The Numark Mixstream Pro+ also offers 1:1 hardware to software integrations with both Serato DJ and Virtual DJ, so DJs can take advantage of FX, a DJ mixer with 3-band EQ and multiple moving waveforms. The controller also allows DJs to control their DJ lights wirelessly, including Philips Hue, Nanoleaf, and DMX lights, and play through the onboard speakers, eliminating the need for DJ headphones and other DJ equipment.

In addition to Amazon Music Unlimited, the Mixstream Pro+ also has access to millions of tracks on TIDAL, Beatport LINK, Beatsource LINK, and Soundcloud. This allows DJs to browse and mix between different streaming services, loading and mixing tracks from all sources. The controller also includes a crossfader, mixer with 3-band EQ, 2 decks with volume controls, sync, cue/stop, play/pause, and 4 dual-layer performance pads with 4 pro DJ modes and FX section with 4 effects and 2 toggle switches.

There are also plenty of inputs and outputs, including 2 USB ports, an SD media slot, Balanced XLR Main outputs, RCA Main outputs, ¼” microphone input, ¼” and 1/8” headphone output jacks with dedicated controls. With the Numark Mixstream Pro+, DJs can have all the features of a professional DJ setup without ever needing a laptop.

4. Pioneer Pro Dj Bundle With Ddj-Rev1 + Dm-40 Set + Hdj-X5 Headphones

This Pioneer Pro DJ Bundle is the perfect addition to any DJ setup. With a brand new, hands-on layout featuring two PLX turntables and a DJM-S series mixer, this bundle is designed for optimal performance. The large jog wheel and the Tracking Scratch feature make it easy to perform complex scratching techniques.

The convenient streaming capabilities allow DJs to easily connect to Serato DJ Lite and add their voice into the master audio using a microphone. Additionally, the Scratch Bank pad mode allows DJs to load scratch samples and enjoy tactile control over their system.

The Pioneer Pro DJ Bundle is the perfect choice for any aspiring DJ. With its elegant design, high-quality components and convenient features, this bundle is sure to provide DJs with the performance of their dreams. By combining two PLX turntables, a DJM-S series mixer, and HDJ-X5 headphones, this bundle is the perfect choice for any DJ looking to take their performance to the next level.

5. Adkins Pro Audio Dj System 2400w – Bluetooth Laptop/ipod – 15" Powered Speakers

Adkins Professional Audio presents the ultimate DJ system, perfect for weddings, school dances, and other special events. Featuring 2400 watts of power, this system will provide you with everything you need to start your own DJ business and get the party started.

The CDMB-5000 Dual CD Player / DJ Audio Mixer Combo allows you to play your favorite CDs, MP3s, or connect your laptop or iPod via Bluetooth. The system also comes with two Adkins Pro Audio AS-15BLU 15" powered speakers, each with 1200 watts of power. The package also includes speaker stands, a microphone, and headphones.

This is the perfect system for any beginner or professional DJ. The package includes all the cables you need to get up and running. With such a powerful and versatile system, you can rest assured your guests will be dancing the night away.

The Adkins Professional Audio system is the perfect way to ensure your next event is a success. With its easy setup, powerful sound, and convenient control options, you will be ready to start your DJ business in no time. Whether you are a first-time DJ or a seasoned pro, the Adkins Professional Audio system has everything you need to get the party started.

6. Hercules Dj Learning Kit

This HERCULES DJ Learning Kit is the perfect way to get started with DJing. With the Hercules DJControl In Pulse 200 controller, complete with light guides for intuitive learning, aspiring DJs can mix and scratch with ease. Monitor upcoming tracks on the HDP DJ45 headphones and play your mix on the DJ Monitor 32 speakers. Along with this kit, the full version of Djuced software for PC/Mac is included, featuring the Hercules DJ Academy and its video tutorials for even further guidance.

The Hercules DJControl In Pulse 200 controller offers incredible features for mixing and scratching. It has a range of intuitive light guides that help you learn quickly and easily, as well as a range of controls for mixing and scratching. It also has two audio outputs – one for speakers and one for headphones – as well as a headphone output for monitoring.

The HDP DJ45 headphones offer superb sound quality, with a wide frequency response and clear, detailed sound. It also has a comfortable fit and adjustable headband, making it ideal for long mixing sessions.

The DJ Monitor 32 speakers are the perfect companion to the DJControl In Pulse 200 controller, providing powerful audio and great sound quality. They also have a range of controls for adjusting the volume, bass and treble.

The full version of the Djuced software for PC/Mac is included in the kit, which gives users access to a range of features for mixing and scratching. It also includes the Hercules DJ Academy, a range of video tutorials to help you learn faster and become a better DJ.

In conclusion, the HERCULES DJ Learning Kit is perfect for aspiring DJs who want to learn the art of mixing and scratching. The Hercules DJControl In Pulse 200 controller, HDP DJ45 headphones and DJ Monitor 32 speakers all provide great quality, while the Djuced software and Hercules DJ Academy provide the perfect learning platform for budding DJs.

7. Pioneer Dj Xdj-Rx2 Digital Dj System

The Pioneer DJ XDJ-RX2 Digital DJ System is the ultimate all-in-one DJ set up. This system allows DJs to get the most out of their performance with its 7” touchscreen display, Rekordbox software support, and a range of performance options.

The XDJ-RX2 features two USB ports for easy connection to Rekordbox, letting DJs access their own music libraries or download content from the Rekordbox store. DJs can also connect their laptop to the XDJ-RX2 for more versatile performance options.

The XDJ-RX2 has 16 performance pads with multiple performance modes, including Hot Cue, Beat Jump, and Slicer. The performance pads are fully customizable, allowing DJs to create their own unique performance styles. DJs will also appreciate the unit’s onboard effects, giving them the flexibility to experiment and create unique soundscapes.

For the advanced DJ, the XDJ-RX2 offers pro-level features such as Beat Sync, Auto Loop, and Slip Mode. Beat Sync helps DJs stay in time by automatically adjusting the tempo of their mix. Auto Loop allows DJs to set loops in their mix and have them automatically adjust to the new tempo. Slip Mode allows DJs to manipulate their mixes in real time, adding effect and transitions without interrupting the flow of the performance.

The Pioneer DJ XDJ-RX2 Digital DJ System is the perfect set up for any DJ looking to take their performance to the next level. With its intuitive touchscreen display, Rekordbox software support, and a range of performance options, the XDJ-RX2 is sure to deliver an unforgettable DJ experience.

8. Serato Dj Pro Dj Controller With Motorized Platters And Integrated Mixer.

The RANE ONE is the perfect all-in-one DJ set and controller for Serato DJ. This complete system includes an integrated DJ mixer, two 7.2” motorized platters with quick release acrylic disks, and the Serato DJ Pro software, so you can mix with confidence and precision.

The RANE ONE offers a variety of features to help you personalize and customize your DJ set. Six quick-launch FX with dual metal paddles, instant loop controls, and eight performance pads per deck to access cues, loops, rolls, slicer, samples and Serato’s Scratch Bank are all included. The motorized platters provide a traditional vinyl feel, with turntable style start/stop and adjustable high/low torque motors.

The integrated DJ mixer makes mixing easy. There’s a 3-band EQ, LP/HP filter control, and channel faders, as well as an ultra-light MAG FOUR crossfader with customizable response. Connectivity is also a breeze, with two USB laptop connections, a switchable phono/line input, balanced main/booth XLR outputs, an RCA main out, two dual TRS/XLR microphone inputs, and an auxiliary input.

The RANE ONE is the perfect choice for DJs looking for a complete, all-in-one system with all the features they need to take their mixing to the next level. With intuitive, customizability and all the connectivity you need, the RANE ONE is sure to be a hit with DJs of all levels.

Dj Equipment Speakers FAQs

How many watts does a DJ need?

The amount of power a DJ needs varies depending on the size of their setup and their individual needs. Generally, a 200-watt system should be sufficient for small gatherings and events, while a 1000-watt system should be able to handle larger ones. If you plan on performing at larger events and festivals, you may need a system with up to 4000 watts of power. Additionally, it's important to consider the type of speakers you'll be using and their power requirements. Active speakers require an amplifier and will need to be powered separately, while passive speakers do not require any additional power. Ultimately, the amount of power you need will depend on the size of your setup, the type of speakers you use, and the size and type of event you're performing at.

What is the price of DJ speaker box?

The price of a DJ speaker box will depend on the size, brand, and quality of the box. Generally speaking, a basic DJ speaker box will range from approximately $50 to $500, while higher end models can cost thousands of dollars. The size of the box will also affect the cost, as larger boxes tend to cost more. Additionally, the features and audio quality of the speaker box will also affect the price. For example, some models may include digital sound processing, multiple inputs, and a built-in amplifier, all of which can add to the cost. Finally, the brand of the speaker box will influence the price. Popular brands such as Bose and JBL will cost more than generic models. Ultimately, the price of a DJ speaker box will vary depending on the size, brand, and features of the box.

Which speaker is best for DJ?

The best speaker for a DJ depends on the type of performance they will be doing and their budget. For someone who is just starting out and is on a tight budget, a passive speaker like a Yamaha DXR10 or a JBL EON610 would be a good option. These speakers are high quality and provide plenty of power for a small venue. For a more experienced DJ looking for higher quality sound, an active speaker like the Mackie Thump15A or the Yamaha DXR15 would be ideal. These speakers have built-in amplification which improves sound clarity and provide more power for larger venues. Ultimately, it's important to test out different speakers to find the one that best suits your needs.

Who makes Gemini DJ equipment?

Gemini DJ Equipment is a brand of DJ and production equipment that is manufactured by the US-based inMusic Brands. Gemini has been in the music industry since 1974, and their current product range includes high-quality DJ mixers, controllers, and other sound equipment. Gemini’s products have become popular with novice and professional DJs alike due to their high-quality components, intuitive design, and affordability. Gemini DJ Equipment also provides additional support resources such as tutorials, product support, and guidance to help DJs make the most out of their gear. With a reputation for reliability, innovation, and affordability, Gemini DJ Equipment is a great choice for any DJ or music producer.

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