Dj Subwoofer Speakers For Sale (2024 Update)

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When it comes to DJing, having the right DJ subwoofer speakers is essential for a great performance. Subwoofers provide the powerful low-end sound that will help your music truly come alive and keep the crowd engaged. Whether you’re an amateur or a professional DJ, here are five key points to consider when looking for DJ subwoofer speakers:

1. Power: Make sure the subwoofer you choose is powerful enough to handle your music. If you’re playing in a large venue, you’ll need a subwoofer with more wattage.

2. Size: Consider the size of the subwoofer and the space you’re working in. If you’re playing in a small venue, you may not need a large subwoofer.

3. Type: There are two types of subwoofers – active and passive. Active subwoofers have built-in amplifiers, so you don’t need to purchase an external amplifier. Passive subwoofers require an external amplifier.

4. Frequency Range: Make sure the subwoofer you choose has a wide enough frequency range to cover the music you’re playing.

5. Price: DJ subwoofer speakers can range from very affordable to expensive. Make sure you determine your budget before you start shopping.

If you’re looking for a great subwoofer speaker to take your DJing to the next level, make sure to consider these five key points. Finding the right subwoofer will help you create an unforgettable performance and keep your audience coming back for more.

10 Best Selling Dj Subwoofer Speakers

1. Electro-Voice Elx200-12sp 12" 1200w Powered Subwoofer

The Electro-Voice ELX200-12SP 12" 1200W Powered Subwoofer is a powerful audio solution for a wide range of applications. Whether you're looking for a powerful subwoofer for your home theater, or a rugged and reliable audio solution for your live performances and events, the ELX200-12SP is designed to meet all your needs. Featuring EV QuickSmart Mobile application, the subwoofer allows you to quickly and wirelessly configure, control and monitor up to six ELX200 loudspeakers simultaneously.

The ELX200-12SP is powered by a high-efficiency 1200W Class-D power amplifier, delivering up to 129 dB peak SPL utilizing ultra efficient, high-sensitivity transducer designed and engineered by EV. QuickSmartDSP features best-in-class processing, allowing for maximum control over your sound. Its professional-grade hardware includes an integrated M20 threaded pole mount plate and two-handle design for easy lifting, making it ideal for both portable and installed applications.

The ELX200-12SP is the perfect solution for anyone looking for a powerful, yet easy to use, subwoofer. Its QuickSmart Mobile app makes it easy to configure, control and monitor up to six ELX200 loudspeakers simultaneously, while its professional-grade hardware makes it perfect for both portable and installed applications. With its high-efficiency 1200W Class-D power amplifier, the ELX200-12SP is capable of delivering up to 129 dB peak SPL utilizing ultra efficient, high-sensitivity transducer designed and engineered by EV. Whether you're looking for an audio solution for your home theater or live performances and events, the ELX200-12SP is the ideal choice.

2. Jbl Professional Irx115s Powered Compact Subwoofer, 15-Inch

The JBL Professional IRX115S Powered Compact Subwoofer is a powerful and economical solution for portable PA systems. This 15-inch model provides powerful output and extended low-frequency response in a compact, ported design. It is the perfect complement to the IRX series of powered loudspeakers and comes with a built-in lightweight amplifier and ergonomic, sturdy handles.

The back of the cabinet has easily selectable crossover frequencies and polarity settings, allowing you to customize the sound to your needs. The reinforced grille provides rugged protection while still offering excellent acoustic performance. The built-in pole mount expands system configuration options, making it easy to set up and use in different locations.

The IRX115S is powered by a corded electric power source and can deliver up to 1300 watts of output. It includes a power cable for easy setup. The two XLR combo inputs and two XLR outputs provide versatile connectivity options for different sound systems.

The JBL Professional IRX115S Powered Compact Subwoofer is an ideal choice for DJs, bands, and other sound professionals who need a powerful and cost-effective portable PA solution. It is designed for maximum performance and reliability, making it the perfect choice for any performance or event.

3. Pair Of 15" Pa Dj Speakers 18" Subwoofers Pro Audio – Band, Bar, Wedding, Church

This Pair of 15" PA DJ Speakers 18" SUBWOOFERS PRO Audio is a great fit for bands, bars, weddings, or churches. This speaker system includes two 15” woofers with 350 Watts of RMS and 700 Watts of peak power. Each speaker is equipped with a titanium horn, 8 ohm impedance, and a frequency range of 45Hz – 20KHz. The sensitivity is 96 dB, and each speaker includes a 2-way crossover, a 5/8” plywood front panel, two 1/4” and two Speakon inputs, recessed handles, a full metal grill, and dual ports. The speaker stands feature a 1.5” metal tripod mount to easily mount the speakers.

The 18” Passive Subwoofers provide an additional 500 Watts of RMS and 1000 Watts of peak power. This subwoofer has a frequency range of 30Hz to 500Hz, 8 ohm impedance, and a sensitivity of 98 dB. This subwoofer also features two 1/4” and two Speakon inputs, and the speaker mounts on top.

This is an ideal system for any live performance situation, and it is built to last with durable components. With this system, you can easily create a powerful and dynamic sound that will fill any room. This system can easily be set up in minutes and will provide reliable sound for any occasion.

4. Speaker Building Electronics Sound Frequency Subwoofer Inch T-Shirt

Are you a fan of Electronic Dance Music? Looking for a great gift idea for a raver, DJ, or best friend? Then this Speaker Building Electronics Sound Frequency Subwoofer Inch T-Shirt is the perfect choice!

This cool electro and trance art print makes the perfect outfit for any EDM fan. Whether it’s Minimal Electro, Gabba, Dubstep, Acid, Hardstyle, Jungle, or Vocal House, you can show off your love of dance music wherever you go. Whether it’s the club, an edm festival, an open air event, a beach party, or a rave, you’ll look great.

The Speaker Building Electronics Sound Frequency Subwoofer Inch T-Shirt is lightweight and features a classic fit. It has a double-needle sleeve and bottom hem for comfort and durability. The perfect gift for a stereo receiver, hifi, or sound system fan, this funny amplifier self-made builded audio speaker outfit will have you looking and feeling great.

Not only is this Speaker Building Electronics Sound Frequency Subwoofer Inch T-Shirt stylish, but it is also practical. Show your love of EDM wherever you go and you’ll be the talk of the town. Plus, you’ll be able to use your new T-shirt to listen to music while you’re out and about too.

So, if you’re looking for the perfect gift for a raver, DJ, or best friend, then the Speaker Building Electronics Sound Frequency Subwoofer Inch T-Shirt is the perfect choice. Lightweight and comfortable, you’ll be able to show your love of EDM wherever you go. Plus, it makes a great active car hifi too. So, get yours today and show off your love of EDM in style!

5. Electro-Voice Zxa1sub 12" Compact Powered Subwoofer

The Electro-Voice ZXA1SUB 12" Compact Powered Subwoofer is the perfect addition to any sound system setup. This powerful, self-powered subwoofer packs 700 W of punch into a low-profile wood enclosure, allowing it to extend the ZXA1’s performance and sleek styling into the low-end realm. It pairs perfectly with the ZXA1 to add a tight thump to a DJ set, as well as giving your highs and mids some extra breathing room.

The ZXA1SUB comes with a fully integrated audio system, complete with carefully matched electronics and transducers. This subwoofer utilizes the EVS-12S, a high output, low distortion, 305mm (12 inch) woofer that provides outstanding sound quality. For extra low-frequency extension, it also has a switchable DSP low-end boost filter.

This subwoofer is designed to last, with its plywood enclosure made for durability and lightweight requirements. It also features a 16GA steel grille with a black powder coat for a sleek and stylish finish.

The Electro-Voice ZXA1SUB 12" Compact Powered Subwoofer is the perfect choice for those looking to add some extra power and low-end thump to their sound system setup. With its self-powered punch, integrated audio system and durable construction, it’s sure to take your audio experience to the next level.

6. Rockville Sbg1184 18" 1000 Watt Passive 4-Ohm Pro Dj Subwoofer, Mdf/pole Mount

The Rockville SBG1184 is an 18-inch 1000 Watt Passive Pro DJ Subwoofer with a MDF Cabinet and Pole Mount. This professional-grade subwoofer is perfect for any DJ sound system. The SBG1184 is equipped with a 500 Watt RMS, 750 Watt Program Power Handling, and 1000 Watt Peak Power Handling, allowing the user to get the most out of their sound system. It also features a 3-inch high-temperature aluminum voice coil and a 90 oz. woofer magnet for improved bass response. The cabinet is constructed using high-density, high-quality, non-resonant MDF and is stapled, bonded and braced for a strong and reliable build. The ergonomic recessed handles, molded steel grill, aviation-grade black carpet, and rubber isolating feet make this subwoofer easy to transport and handle. The binding post/banana plug terminals (negative/positive), 1/4-inch jack (in/out), and SpeakON (in/out) connections are all internally connected in parallel. The nominal impedance is 4 Ohms and the sensitivity is 96dB @ 1w/1m. The frequency response is 20Hz to 500Hz and the dimensions (W x D x H) are 23 x 18 x 26 inches. The SBG1184 is the perfect addition to any DJ sound system and the 53 lb weight makes it easy to transport and handle.

7. Rockville Pair Power Gig Rpg8 8" Powered Active 800 Watt 2 -Way Dj Pa Speakers

The Rockville Pair Power Gig RPG8 8" Powered Active 800 Watt 2 -Way DJ PA Speakers are designed for professional sound reinforcement in live sound and playback applications. With a powerful long-throw 8" woofer and a 2" aluminum voice coil, these speakers provide incredibly deep bass and acoustic power. Their Frequency Response is 50Hz-20KHz with a Maximum SPL @1w/1m of 119dB peak / 116dB continuous.

The Rockville speakers have a linear Class AB amplifier technology which provides superior transient response and transparent sonic performance. An internal switch-mode power supply ensures low distortion audio. Additionally, they have a built-in bass and treble equalization processor for ultimate system control and speaker protection. The 1.35" Japanese made pure titanium-diaphragm compression driver offers crystal clear high-frequency reproduction with an ultra-wide dispersion.

The Rockville speakers feature an ultra-low noise Mic/Line input via XLR and 1/4-inch stereo jacks with a separate volume control. There is also a Line RCA and XLR input with separate Gain adjustment, as well as a balanced line output via ¼” for linking of additional speaker systems. The trapezoidal enclosure design allows different positioning and is flyable and stand mounting with a 35-mm pole socket.

The Rockville Pair Power Gig RPG8 8" Powered Active 800 Watt 2-Way DJ PA Speakers are constructed with high-quality components and are exceptionally rugged with a high impact ABS construction. They also feature an amplifier clip limit LED indicator and power LED cabinet rear, as well as a front display power meter LED. The dimensions are 11.57" X 8.98" X 16.23".

8. Rockville Bass Gig Active Powered Pa Subwoofer Dj/pro 1200 Watt, 10 Inch (Rbg10s), Black

The Rockville RBG10S 10" 1200 Watt Bass Gig Active Powered PA Subwoofer is the perfect choice for DJs and professionals. It has a 10" woofer with a 70oz magnet and a 2" voice coil, offering a frequency response of 55HZ-1800HZ. It offers 300 watts RMS, 600 watts program and 1200 watts peak power.

The subwoofer features adjustable crossover control, offering a range of 60HZ-800HZ to customize the sound to your needs. With a maximum SPL of 110dB peak and 105dB continuous at 1 watt/1 meter, it will ensure your sound is loud and clear. The built-in limiter circuitry detects when the signal is overdriven and prevents it from clipping and distorting.

It has both balanced XLR + TRS input jacks and balanced XLR thru/output jacks for parallel connections. The power-on and signal input LED indicators provide you with the status of your system and the subwoofer level adjustment (volume) lets you dial in the perfect sound.

If you're looking for a powerful and reliable PA subwoofer, the Rockville RBG10S 10" 1200 Watt Bass Gig Active Powered PA Subwoofer is an excellent choice. With its impressive sound quality and features, it will help you create an incredible audio experience.

9. Rockville Rbg18fa 18" 3000w Active Powered Pro Subwoofer Folded Horn Pa/dj Sub

The Rockville RBG18FA 18" 3000W Active Powered Pro Subwoofer Folded Horn PA/DJ Subwoofer packs a powerful punch with its powerful 3000W peak power and 135dB peak maximum sound pressure level. It is designed for use in professional PA and DJ applications, and features a 18" woofer with 130oz magnet and 4" voice coil, providing extended frequency response from 25Hz to 120Hz (+/-3dB). The subwoofer is equipped with power-on and signal input LED indicators, clip limiter circuitry with LED indicator, computerized diagnostic circuit with LED indicator, balanced XLR + TRS input jacks, balanced XLR Thru/output jacks for parallel connections, passive heat sink with heat sensitive variable speed auto turn-on fan for cooling, subwoofer crossover 50hz-250hz low pass, subwoofer level adjustment, subwoofer phase control, built-in XLR balanced high pass preamp output @ 120Hz, ground lift switch for ground-loop noise control, built-in pole mount socket, built-in carrying handles, heavy-duty 3" locking caster wheels, and high density MDF construction. The Rockville RBG18FA measures 35.4" x 28.7" x 29.1" and weighs 130lbs. It has all the features and power you need in a professional PA/DJ subwoofer.

10. Mackie Sr18s, 18-Inch 1600w Professional Powered Subwoofer

The Mackie SR18S is a professional powered subwoofer designed to provide powerful, deep bass to any audio system. It features a powerful 1600W Class-D amplifier, an impressive 133dB maximum SPL, and a frequency response of 33Hz to 200Hz. The SR18S also offers custom voicing presets to help you craft your desired sound. With the Flat preset, you can achieve a natural sound, while the Deep preset adds a warm bottom end. The Punch preset adds a tight, punchy sound to your mix.

The SR18S is designed for a variety of applications, including touring, club and house of worship sound systems. It features a durable, all-wood cabinet with a rugged steel grille to protect the 18-inch woofer from damage. The highly adjustable crossover allows you to tailor the sound to your specific needs, while the dual balanced XLR inputs and outputs make it easy to integrate with a variety of audio systems. The SR18S also has a built-in pole mount, allowing you to use it as a standalone subwoofer.

The Mackie SR18S is an ideal choice for anyone looking for a powerful and reliable subwoofer. With its impressive power and sound quality, it can easily turn any sound system into a powerhouse. Whether you're a professional DJ, musician, or sound engineer, the SR18S has the features and performance you need to take your audio to the next level.

Dj Subwoofer Speakers FAQs

Do DJs need a subwoofer?

Yes, DJs typically need a subwoofer. A subwoofer is a type of speaker that produces low-frequency audio, also known as bass. This is crucial for DJs because bass frequencies are the backbone of most dance music. Subwoofers give DJs the ability to create a full, rich sound that will keep people dancing. Additionally, a subwoofer can be used to create a more dynamic sound, which can add excitement and energy to a DJ set. Subwoofers also help DJs fill larger spaces with sound, allowing them to create a more immersive experience for their audience.

What power speakers do I need for DJ?

For DJing, the best type of speakers you can get are powered speakers. Powered speakers provide a powerful and clear sound that can fill larger venues. They have built-in amplifiers, which provide the power needed to reach higher volumes. When selecting powered speakers, make sure to consider the wattage, frequency range, speaker size, and sound quality. Higher wattage will allow you to achieve higher volumes. A wider frequency range will provide a better sound. Also, consider the size of the speaker and if it can fit the venue. Finally, sound quality should also be taken into account, as poor quality speakers can make your sound muddy or distorted. When choosing the right powered speakers for DJing, make sure to do your research and select the best speakers for your needs.

Which is the best DJ bass speaker?

The best DJ bass speaker depends on individual needs, preferences, and budget. However, some popular choices for DJs include the QSC KW122, the Electro-Voice ZLX-12P, and the JBL PRX815XLF. The QSC KW122 is a powerful, 12-inch active speaker with 800 watts of power, delivering excellent sound quality for both live and studio use. The Electro-Voice ZLX-12P is a lightweight, 12-inch powered speaker with 1000 watts of power and a rugged design for a variety of uses. Lastly, the JBL PRX815XLF is an 8-inch powered speaker with 500 watts of power. It has an impressive frequency range and is great for both live and studio use. All three of these speakers provide great sound quality and are reliable options for DJs. It is important to choose a speaker that fits your needs, so research and read reviews to make an informed decision.

Which speaker is best for DJ?

The best speaker for a DJ depends on the type of music they want to play and the size of the venue. For small venues, a powered speaker with a 12-inch woofer and a subwoofer is ideal. It should also have a high wattage, as this will ensure that the sound quality is clear and loud enough to fill the room. For larger venues, a line array speaker system is best. This system will have multiple speakers that are connected in a line and placed at different heights. This will ensure that the sound is evenly dispersed throughout the venue. Additionally, a powered mixer is essential to control the sound levels of the speakers.

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