Ds18 5.25 Speakers For Sale (2024 Update)

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If you're looking for speakers that will provide you with a high-quality audio experience, then DS18 5.25 speakers are a great choice. These speakers offer superior sound quality and a great design to ensure that your listening experience is top-notch. Here are five key points to keep in mind when looking for DS18 5.25 speakers:

1. Power Handling: DS18 5.25 speakers offer an impressive power handling of up to 120 watts RMS. This makes them great for powering your entire system and ensuring that your sound is loud and clear.

2. Frequency Response: DS18 5.25 speakers have a frequency response of 55Hz-20kHz. This ensures that you can enjoy a wide range of sounds, from low bass to high trebles.

3. Durability: DS18 5.25 speakers are made with a durable construction that ensures they will last for many years. The speakers are made from high-quality materials that can withstand the test of time.

4. Design: DS18 5.25 speakers have a sleek and modern design that ensures that they look great in any room. The speakers have a sleek black finish that will add a touch of style to your home.

5. Price: DS18 5.25 speakers are reasonably priced and offer great value for money. This makes them an ideal choice for those on a budget.

Overall, DS18 5.25 speakers are a great choice if you're looking for high-quality sound and great value for money. With their impressive power handling, frequency response, durability, and design, these speakers are sure to provide you with an amazing listening experience. So, if you're looking for a great set of speakers, then DS18 5.25 speakers are a great choice.

10 Best Selling Ds18 5.25 Speakers

1. Gen-X5.25 Coaxial Speakers (2) – 5.25", 135w Max, 45w Rms, 4 Ohms

The DS18 GEN-X5.25 Coaxial Speaker is the perfect solution for those looking to upgrade their audio system without breaking the bank. Featuring a 5.25" 2-Way design, this speaker provides a great balance and value in one efficient package. It comes with an impressive 135W Max Power with 45W RMS, giving you enough power to tackle a full range of audio for a fraction of the cost.

The GEN-X5.25 has been engineered to deliver a clarity that is unparalleled by other speakers in its class. It features a 25mm Voice Coil, a 26mm Mylar Dome Tweeter and a Black Paper Cone, all of which work together to provide a clear, crisp sound. The removable protective cover also makes sure that you get the most out of your speakers.

If you're looking to upgrade from the stock door speakers that came with your car, then the GEN-X5.25 is the perfect choice. With its impressive power and unmatched engineering, you'll get a sense on what you've been missing out on. It's the perfect way to take your audio system to the next level without compromising on sound quality.

The GEN-X5.25 is a testament to DS18's never-stop-innovating attitude. With its progressive designs and commitment to delivering the most technologically up-to-date products on the market, you can be sure that you are getting one of the best speakers available. So if you're looking for an upgrade that won't break the bank, the GEN-X5.25 is the perfect choice.

2. Car Audio Coaxial Speakers (2) – 5.25", 180w Max, 4 Ohm, Neodymium Tweeter, Kevlar Cone.

The DS18 ZXI-5254 5.25" Car Audio Coaxial Speaker is designed to provide superior sound quality and power handling. This 2-way speaker is capable of delivering outstanding sound from low to extraordinarily high volumes. With a 4 ohm impedance, it requires 60 watts RMS and can handle up to 180 watts max power. This makes it an ideal choice for mid-tier audio enthusiasts and those who want to make their sound system truly stand out.

The ZXI-5254’s Kevlar cone and Neodymium tweeter combine to deliver a full range of sound frequencies. It’s capable of producing tight and punchy bass, clear and defined mids, and crisp highs. It also has a wide dispersion pattern, making it a great choice for large areas or when using multiple speakers.

The ZXI-5254 is part of the ZXi line of amplifiers, subwoofers, mids, and tweeters. This allows you to create a show-quality look with all of your equipment matching up perfectly. It also allows for a much more cohesive sound when used with other components from the same line.

Overall, the DS18 ZXI-5254 5.25" Car Audio Coaxial Speaker is a great choice for those wanting to get the most out of their sound system. With its impressive power handling and sound frequencies, it’s sure to give you an audio experience like no other. Whether you’re looking for a great sounding speaker for your car or home audio system, this one is sure to exceed all your expectations.

3. Ds18 Pro-Fr5neo 5.25" 400w Full-Range Speaker, Silver Alu. Bullet, 4-Ohm, Grill Incl., Neodymium Magnet

The DS18 PRO-FR5NEO 5.25" Full-Range Loudspeaker is the perfect solution for any car audio enthusiast seeking maximum power and clarity. This full-range driver is capable of handling the entire audible sound spectrum and delivering an impressive 400W Max Power with 200W RMS at 4 Ohms. Its neodymium motor structure is able to handle more power, is lighter and more efficient than ferrite motors, making it the perfect choice for those who need maximum performance.

The PRO-FR5NEO's silver bullet resonator design will bring the loudness and clarity of this speaker to the highest pinnacle and is sure to deliver a truly immersive audio experience. DS18 is also committed to delivering the most technologically up-to-date and best products on the market, and their never stop innovating attitude helps them to stand out from other brands.

For those seeking a full-range that can answer the call to handle the most significant part of the audible sound spectrum, the DS18 PRO-FR5NEO 5.25" Full-Range Loudspeaker is the perfect choice. Featuring an impressive 400W Max Power with 200W RMS at 4 Ohms and a neodymium motor structure, this speaker is sure to provide an immersive audio experience and deliver exceptional performance. With its silver bullet resonator and DS18's commitment to never stop innovating, this full-range powerhouse is the perfect choice for any car audio enthusiast.

4. Ds18 Slc-N525x Coaxial Speakers – 5.25", 4-Way, 160w Max Power, 40w Rms, Woofer, Midrange & Tweeter, Removable Cover – 2 Speakers

The DS18 SLC-N525X Coaxial Speaker is the perfect solution for anyone looking for a 4-Way Speaker without breaking their budget. This set of speakers is designed with a woofer, midrange, and two tweeters, giving you a great balance and value in one efficient package. Removable protective cover included.

The SLC-N525X packs a punch with an impressive 160W Max Power with 40W RMS, enough to tackle a full range of audio without leaving a huge hole in your wallet. For audiophiles, this set of car speakers has everything you need without any of the extra complexity.

The SLC-N line of speakers come with an 25mm Voice Coil, 30mm Mylar Dome Tweeter, and 2x12mm Piezo Tweeter all at an amazing price. When you choose DS18, you are getting a product that is made with the highest quality materials and engineering.

At DS18 we have a never stop innovating attitude. We stand out from other brands with our progressive designs and unwavering commitment to delivering the most technologically up-to-date products on the market. That is why we are confident that you will love the DS18 SLC-N525X Coaxial Speaker. With its 4-Way Speaker design, unbeatable power and unbeatable price, this set of speakers is an undiscovered value.

5. Ds18 Exl-Sq5.25 2-Way 3-Ohm Car Speaker – 340w Max, Set Of 2

The DS18 EXL-SQ5.25 Car Speaker is the perfect choice for those who want to get the most out of their sound system. Featuring a sleek and compact design with a chrome finish, this 5.25 inch two-way, three-ohm speaker is capable of delivering superior bass response and a full range of frequencies with up to 340 watts of maximum power.

The speaker's black fiberglass cone is equipped with a rubber edge, BASV voice coil, a 0.83" PEI dome tweeter and a neodymium magnet to deliver an exceptional sound experience. The Strontium magnet Y25 (8.94 oz) and 800 Watts Max power provides further power to the speaker. The frequency response is from 100Hz to 22KHz and the speaker has a sensitivity of 86 dB.

The speaker fits almost every car, truck, or SUV, and its dimensions are 5.25 x 5.25 x 2.36 inches. DS18 offers a limited one-year manufacturer’s defect warranty from the date of purchase for all DS18 products.

The DS18 EXL-SQ5.25 Car Speaker is an excellent choice for those looking to improve their audio experience. The superior bass response and full range of frequencies, combined with its sleek and compact design make it a great addition to any vehicle. The impressive 800 Watts Max power and 340 Watts RMS power provide an even better sound experience and the one-year manufacturer’s defect warranty ensures long-term use.

6. Ds18 Pro-X5.4bm.2pk Pro Series Midrange Bullet Loudspeaker – Pair – 5.25"

The DS18 PRO-X5.4BM.2pk PRO Series Midrange Bullet Loudspeaker is the perfect choice for enhancing your sound system with a powerful and clear midrange. This pair of 5.25" loudspeakers is designed with a red aluminum bullet, red color steel basket, and an 18.5 oz high-strength ferrite magnet for the ultimate sound quality. The cloth edge and non-pressed paper cone with a 1.2" high temperature ccaw voice coil provides a smooth, crisp sound that is sure to impress.

These speakers have a power rating of 150 watts RMS and 300 watts Max, as well as an impedance of 4-ohms and a 92.7 dB sensitivity. This makes it the ideal choice for a wide range of audio needs. The frequency response is 215-13.4Khz, so you can be sure that your sound system is delivering the best sound possible.

The DS18 PRO-X5.4BM.2pk PRO Series Midrange Bullet Loudspeakers provide an outstanding sound experience. Its durable design and wide range of features make it the perfect choice for any sound system. With its excellent power rating and impedance, you can be sure that these speakers will deliver powerful and clear sound that will make any audio system shine. So if you're looking for an impressive midrange sound, then this is the perfect choice for you.

7. 28" Universal Speaker Enclosure For Car, Atv, Uvt

The DS18 Hydro EN45-28 is a high-density, universal speaker enclosure designed to fit 4 X 5.25 inch speakers and 2 x 1-inch tweeters. This enclosure is perfect for all elements cars, ATVs, UVTs and more. It is constructed with a UV-resistant material and high-density plastic.

The EN45-28 is designed with practicality and performance in mind. It can accommodate 4 X 5.25-inch speakers (such as the DS18 PRO-X5M and PRO-X5.4BM models) and 2 x 1-inch tweeters (such as the DS18 PRO-TW7L and PRO-TWX7 models). These components are sold separately and not included with the enclosure.

Included with the enclosure are the necessary mounting hardware and input cable. Everything you need to get the enclosure setup and ready to go is provided.

DS18 stands out from other manufacturers with their progressive designs and commitment to delivering the latest technology available. This commitment has allowed them to create the DS18 Hydro EN45-28 speaker enclosure, providing a top-notch product for your audio system.

Whether you’re looking for a speaker enclosure for your car, ATV, or UVT, the DS18 Hydro EN45-28 is an ideal choice. This high-density, universal speaker enclosure offers superior performance and is designed to fit 4 X 5.25-inch speakers and 2 x 1-inch tweeters. Everything you need to get started is included, such as mounting hardware and an input cable. Don’t forget to pick up your compatible speakers and tweeters separately. With the DS18 Hydro EN45-28, you can rest assured knowing you have the latest in audio technology.

8. Ds18 Pro-Dkh4 800 Watts Compression Driver With Aluminum Horn – 4", Black/silver

The DS18 PRO-DKH4 800 Watts Compression Driver with Aluminum Horn is the ultimate choice for competition-level audio. Offering a peak power handling of 800W Max and 400W RMS, this titanium compression driver boasts an incredible range of tones and can handle intense audio levels with ease.

The PRO-DKH4 also comes with a 98 oz ferrite magnet, which provides a wider range of tones, and a durable aluminum horn for a perfect integration of components. This combination of high-quality features ensures that your sound is crystal clear and distortion-free.

In addition, the DS18 PRO-DKH4 is designed to be extremely efficient and draws minimal power from your amplifier. This helps to ensure long-lasting performance, even under the most intense audio levels. The titanium diaphragm and mylar capacitor crossover also provide excellent sound quality, allowing you to enjoy your music without any unwanted distortion or interference.

No matter what your audio needs are, the DS18 PRO-DKH4 is the perfect choice for competitions, clubs, and any other professional audio application. With its powerful and efficient performance, you can be sure that your sound will be nothing short of amazing.

9. Ds18 Pro-3kp12.2 12" Midbass Loudspeaker, 4500w Max, 3000w Rms, 2 Ohms

The DS18 PRO-3KP12.2 PANCADÃO is an incredible mid-bass loudspeaker designed to give you the best sound experience for your car audio system. This powerful speaker provides an impressive 4500 Watts Max and 3000 Watts RMS, making it capable of producing a huge range of sound. It is recommended to use a ported enclosure with this speaker to get the best mid-bass punch.

This speaker has a frequency range of 65Hz-4.5KHz, allowing you to enjoy a wide range of sounds. With a 12 Inch frame and a 250 Oz magnet, the PANCADÃO is able to absorb a vast amount of power and produce a much higher range than most mid-bass speakers. The paper cone is perfectly matched with the ferrite magnet, resulting in an impressive sound quality.

The DS18 PRO-3KP12.2 PANCADÃO is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a powerful car audio midrange with bass response. It is built to be durable and to provide exceptional sound quality. To ensure your satisfaction, DS18 provides a one-year manufacturer defective limited warranty from the date of purchase for all DS18 products.

10. Ds18 Pro-Neo6slim 6.5" Midrange Loudspeaker, 400w Max, 200w Rms, 4 Ohms, Neodymium Magnet

The DS18 PRO-NEO6SLIM Shallow Loudspeaker is the most elegant Neodymium Midrange Loudspeaker available. With its 6.5" size, it is the perfect size to fit in any audio system without taking up too much space. The sleek red aluminum bullet is designed to protect the voice coil and provide optimal sound quality every time.

The PRO-NEO6SLIM boasts an impressive power rating of 400W Max with 200W RMS at 4 Ohms, making it more than capable of handling all types of audio. Its 1.5” high-temperature CCAW voice coil is designed to handle extreme heat while maintaining its structural integrity, ensuring long-lasting performance.

The PRO-NEO6SLIM is also equipped with Neodymium magnets, which provide a higher magnetic flux density in the air gap. This increases the action force in the voice coil and results in superior sound quality. With its ability to handle all parts of the audible sound spectrum, the PRO-NEO6SLIM is the perfect midrange driver for any audio setup.

The DS18 PRO-NEO6SLIM Shallow Loudspeaker offers a fantastic balance of power, sound quality and aesthetic. Its powerful sound output, combined with its slim and stylish design, makes it an ideal choice for anyone looking for an elegant and reliable midrange loudspeaker.

Ds18 5.25 Speakers FAQs

Are DS18 speakers loud?

Yes, DS18 speakers are loud. They produce a powerful, deep bass sound and can be used in a variety of applications, from car audio systems to home theaters. The speakers are designed to deliver a clear and powerful sound with a wide dynamic range. They are also capable of producing high volumes with minimal distortion, making them ideal for a variety of situations. Additionally, the speakers can be customized with a variety of accessories to further enhance the sound. With their loud, powerful sound and many customization options, DS18 speakers are great for any audio setup.

Does DS18 speakers have good bass?

Yes, DS18 speakers have good bass. They are known for their superior sound quality and deep bass, which provides an immersive audio experience. The speakers are engineered to deliver maximum power and performance, with a frequency range of 20Hz to 20KHz. The woofer cone is made of polypropylene, which helps in producing deep bass. Additionally, they come with a bass boost switch that allows you to customize the sound according to your preference. The speakers also feature adjustable crossover controls to ensure that you always get the right balance of sound. Overall, DS18 speakers offer great sound quality and good bass response, making them a great addition to any audio setup.

Where are DS18 speakers made?

DS18 speakers are made in China. The company has invested in the latest technology to ensure the highest quality of sound and build. All of the components used to make the speakers are sourced locally and the production process is designed to be environmentally friendly. In addition, their in-house testing and quality control teams ensure that all products meet global standards. DS18 speakers feature a wide range of features such as advanced sound technology, high power output, robust construction, and a variety of design options. They also come with a range of accessories to customize the sound and look of the speakers. DS18 is committed to providing the highest quality sound experience and customer satisfaction.

Who makes the best 5.25 car speakers?

The best 5.25 inch car speakers on the market today are made by brands such as JBL, Pioneer, Kenwood, and Kicker. JBL speakers are known for their excellent sound quality and powerful bass response, while Pioneer models offer good value for money. Kenwood speakers have a great selection of sizes and styles and can provide a good balance between sound quality and price. Finally, Kicker speakers are some of the loudest and most powerful models, making them a great choice for those who need a lot of volume and clarity. All of these brands offer a wide selection of models, so you should be able to find one that fits your budget and needs.

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