Eclipse Car Speakers For Sale (2024 Update)

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When looking for the best car speakers, you definitely want to consider Eclipse car speakers. Eclipse car speakers have been around for over 30 years and have consistently delivered exceptional sound quality and performance. Here are five key points to consider when looking for Eclipse car speakers:

1. Quality: Eclipse car speakers are designed to produce high-quality sound with deep bass and clear highs. They are made from high-grade materials to ensure durability and longevity.

2. Power: Eclipse car speakers come with different power ratings, so you can choose the appropriate power level for your vehicle.

3. Compatibility: Eclipse car speakers are compatible with most vehicles, so you don’t have to worry about compatibility issues.

4. Price: Eclipse car speakers come at a variety of price points, so you can find a model that fits your budget.

5. Installation: Eclipse car speakers are easy to install and come with detailed instructions.

When it comes to car audio, Eclipse car speakers are an excellent choice. With their high-quality sound, wide range of power ratings, compatibility with most vehicles, and reasonable prices, Eclipse car speakers are a great option for any vehicle. If you’re looking for a reliable and high-quality car audio system, then Eclipse car speakers are definitely worth considering.

10 Best Selling Eclipse Car Speakers

1. Car Speaker Harness Connector Adapters For Toyota, Mitsubishi, Hyundai, Bmw Mini Cooper

The RED WOLF Car Door Speaker Wiring Harness Connector Adapter is the perfect choice for a variety of vehicles, including Toyota Camry Corolla 1983-1987, Mitsubishi Eclipse 1987-2005, Hyundai Accent 1995-1999, and BMW Mini Cooper R50/R53 2001-2006. It is also a great replacement for the 72-9301 speaker harness in Mitsubishi 3000GT 1991-1999, Diamante 1992-2004, Eclipse 1989-2005, Expo 1992-1994, Galant 1989-2003, Galant Sigma 1987-1991, Mighty Max 1987-1996, and Precis1987-1994. In addition, this product is compatible with Hyundai Accent 1995-1999, Elantra 1992-2006, Excel 1986-1994, Santa Fe 2001-2006, Santa Fe (With Monsoon) 2003-2006, Sonata 1989-2005, and Tiburon 1997-2001. It is also suitable for Dodge Colt 1987-1994, Colt Vista 1987-1994, D-50 Pickup 1987-1993, Raider 1987-1989, Eagle Summit 1988-1992, and Talon 1990-1998.

This product is designed to be easy to install. It plugs directly into OE harness, without having to cut the factory speaker connector. It features two wires to connect your speaker and the other end plugs into the factory plug. This product uses pure copper and a durable yet flexible PVC sheath to ensure superior signal quality and longevity. So if you're looking for a reliable wiring harness connector adapter, the RED WOLF Car Door Speaker Wiring Harness Connector Adapter is the perfect choice.

2. Car Speaker Connector Harness Adapter For Toyota, Scion, Lexus, Mitsubishi

The X AUTOHAUX 4pcs Car Speaker Connector Wire Harness Adapter Connector is the perfect choice for refitting audio systems. No need to remove the wires or cut off the original car speaker wire plug, this product helps you to easily install aftermarket speakers by plugging it directly into the harness.

This product is compatible with a range of Toyotas such as Tacoma (2019-2020 front door only), Tundra, Venza, Yaris, Highlander Red Wolf, and Camry (2002-2010 and 2019 rear door). It is also compatible with several Scions such as TC 2005-2015, XA 2004-2006, and xB 2004-2012. Moreover, it is suitable for Lexus IS300 2001-2005 front door and for various Mitsubishis such as Lancer Evolution 2002-2017, Galant 2000-2012, Eclipse 2000-2012, Outlander Sport 2011-2020, Mirage 2014-2018, Montero 2002-2008, and L200 IV 2008-2014.

The package includes 4 x Speaker Wire Harness Adapter Connector, enabling you to easily install aftermarket speakers with no fuss. With the X AUTOHAUX 4pcs Car Speaker Connector Wire Harness Adapter Connector, you can be sure that refitting your audio system will be easy and hassle-free.

3. Car Speaker Connector Harness Adapter For Toyota Camry/hyundai Excel (1983-1994) – 4pcs

This OE Number 72-9301 Car Speaker Connector Harness Adapter is designed to help repair car speakers in a number of vehicle models. It is a perfect fit for Toyota Pickup from 1984-1988, Hyundai Excel from 1986-1994, Mitsubishi Eclipse from 1990-2005, Toyota Camry from 1983-1986, Mitsubishi Precis from 1987-1994, Toyota Celica from 1983-1986, Toyota Tercel from 1983-1986, Toyota Land Cruiser from 1982-1987, Toyota Van from 1984-1989, Toyota 4Runner from 1984-1988, Toyota Corolla from 1984-1987, Toyota Cressida from 1982-1984, Mitsubishi Mirage from 1985-2002, Mitsubishi Galant from 1989-2003, and Mitsubishi Montero from 1987-1996.

Installation of this Car Speaker Connector Harness Adapter is quick and easy, as it plugs directly into your existing harness without any need for cutting into original wires. Its durable metal and plastic construction makes for a secure and lasting fit. This adapter is the perfect solution for restoring the connection to your car speakers when the plugs have been cut off or broken.

This Car Speaker Connector Harness Adapter is an ideal solution for anyone looking to repair their car speakers in the most efficient and cost-effective way. It is the perfect fit for a wide range of vehicle models, and its quick and easy installation makes it a great choice for anyone looking to get back on the road with their car speakers in no time.

4. 7" Hd Touchscreen Car Stereo Receiver W/ Mirror Link, Rear View Camera, Bluetooth, Mp3, Am/fm, Usb/sd/aux, Steering Wheel Control.

This double din car multimedia system is the perfect choice for drivers looking for an in-car entertainment system. It features a 7 inch HD touchscreen car stereo receiver, Bluetooth car radio MP5 player, and rear view camera, plus MP3, AM/FM, USB/SD/AUX and steering wheel control. It is compatible for Phone Link, allowing you to control your smartphone on the large stereo screen and enjoy features such as maps, music, and videos. Plus, with the Bluetooth 5.0 technology, you can make wireless hands-free calls and stream music from services like Spotify and Pandora.

The dual car stereo also features a 170° wide angle camera to display 1080P rearview video quality, increasing field of view and eliminating blind-spots when reversing. The 7" HD display capacitive touchscreen has a resolution of 1024*600, giving you a more responsive and clearer viewing experience than traditional displays when playing back 1920 x 1080P video.

In addition, this double din car radio has all the essential features you need, including AM/FM radio tuner, USB multimedia playback, SD/USB/AUX-in, pre-amp and subwoofer audio outputs, steering wheel controls, wireless remote, and 7 color LED buttons. It has a working voltage of DC 12V and max power output of 4x 50W. Plus, the standard double din size fits most vehicles.

5. 7" Touchscreen Car Stereo Receiver With Bluetooth, Hands-Free Calling & Music Streaming – Pyle Plts78dub.

This Pyle Single DIN Head Unit Receiver is the perfect addition to any car audio system. With a 7” Multi-Color Touchscreen Display, you’ll be able to watch videos and listen to music with ease and convenience. It also comes with a rear camera for added protection and a Bluetooth connection for wireless audio streaming and hands-free calling.

The in-dash car deck console unit allows you to connect various devices such as iPhone, Android mobile, tablet, MP3, MP4, or MP5 and comes with a remote control. The 320 watt stereo allows you to have full control over your car's music or visual entertainment. It also has AM and FM radio as well as a CD/DVD player input. The console has multiple connection types, including a 3.55 millimeter front panel Aux input and rear panel RCA output connectors.

This Single DIN Head Unit Receiver offers a great way to upgrade any car audio system. With its easy-to-use touchscreen interface, you’ll be able to control your car’s audio effortlessly. The built-in microphone and Bluetooth connectivity make it easy to answer calls without taking your hands from the wheel. The multiple connection types also make it easy to connect any device you may want to use.

The Pyle Single DIN Head Unit Receiver is the perfect way to upgrade your car’s audio system. With its 7” multi-color touchscreen display and multiple connection types, you’ll be able to enjoy your music and videos with ease. The rear camera and Bluetooth connectivity make it easy to stay safe while driving and the 320 Watt stereo provides you with full control over your car's audio.

6. 7" Double Din Car Stereo W/ Carplay/android Auto, Voice Control, Bluetooth, Fm, Av/usb, Mirror Link, Backup Camera.

This Double Din Car Stereo with Apple Carplay and Android Auto is a car audio receiver that offers voice control and a 7 inch touchscreen car radio. It features Bluetooth, FM, AV in/USB Port, Mirror Link and a rear view camera.

The Apple Carplay and Android Auto compatibility allow you to connect your smartphone via Bluetooth and access maps, contacts, music and more while remaining focused on the road. The Mirror Link also lets you make calls, listen to music, receive real-time traffic updates and get navigational guidance, all from your car stereo.

The car stereo also has a high-sensitivity touchscreen that displays brighter and more vivid images. For ease of use, it also has physical buttons located at the bottom of the screen. The Bluetooth hands-free feature eliminates the need to constantly use your hands while navigating or answering calls, making driving safer and more convenient.

The superior 12 LED night version camera is waterproof and has an adjustable viewing angle of 140° with guidelines. This reversing system gives you a clear view of the blind spots behind your car while parking, helping you to better understand your surroundings and avoid potential dangers, ensuring safe reversing and driving.

This car audio receiver with voice control and 7 inch touchscreen car radio is an ideal choice for those who want a convenient and secure driving experience. With Apple Carplay and Android Auto compatibility, Mirror Link, Bluetooth hands-free, and a rear view camera, this car stereo is sure to make any drive a safer and more enjoyable one.

7. 7" Double Din Car Stereo W/ Apple Carplay, Android Auto, Bluetooth, Backup Camera,fm, Mirror Link

This HD 1024*600 Double Din Car Stereo is the perfect choice for drivers who want access to their favorite apps without taking their eyes off the road. Featuring Apple Car Play and Android Auto, drivers can easily access navigation, entertainment, communication, and broadcasting apps such as Spotify, BBC Sounds, WhatsApp, Google Maps, TomTom GO, Waze, and iHeart. The 7-inch touchscreen display also makes it easy to control the radio.

The car stereo also has an FM radio with the capability to automatically search and save frequently used radio stations on the home screen, as well as a memory playback function which allows you to quickly play the last radio station sent. Additionally, the car radio is equipped with a 12-light infrared night vision HD rear view camera, which automatically switches to the video input signal when reversing, making reverse assist easier and safer.

For those who prefer a more custom sound, the car stereo has 18 segments EQ settings, as well as a 4*60W output power and support for a subwoofer audio output. The "Emperor Position" sound setting can also be adjusted, allowing the driver to be the center of the music experience.

The car stereo has been updated to Bluetooth 5.1, which automatically connects to Bluetooth devices when you get in the car. Dual USB interface design includes a fast charging USB interface for quickly charging your phone and a data interface for connecting to your mobile phone using carplay or Android Auto.

For those wondering if this car stereo will fit their car, simply use the matching tool offered on this product’s website and enter the vehicle details to know the result. If the size is greater than or equal to 7 inch (W)*4.01 inch (H), then you can buy it. Detailed information about the size is also available in the product’s picture information. If you have any questions, you can contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

8. 6.5" Front Door Speaker Adapter Bracket W/harness For Toyota/subaru/mitsubishi

The RED WOLF 6.5" Front Door Speaker Adapter Bracket with Speaker Wiring Harness Select is a must-have for car owners who want to upgrade their car audio system. This product is compatible with Toyota 2009-2013 Venza, 2007-2013 Yaris, 2010-2017 Highlander RED WOLF, Camry 2002-2010, Camry 2019 rear door, 2003-2013 Corolla, 2011-2017 TRD, 2009-2013 Matrix, 2001-2014 4Runner, 2009-2013 rav4, 2005-2018 Tacoma (2019-2020 only fit front door), 2000-2021 Tundra (NON- JBL Front, Rear door Speaker). It also fits SCION & Subaru: 2005-2010 TC, 2011-2015 TC, 2004-2006 XA, 2004-2006 xB, 2008-2012 XB, 2006-2020 Legacy, 2008-2020 Impreza, 2012-2020 WRX, 2010-2021 Outback, 2009-2011 Forester, 2015 Cross trek, 2010-2012 Prius, LEXUS IS300 2001-2005 front door. The RED WOLF speaker adapter is also compatible with Mitsubishi 2002-2017 Lancer Evolution, 2000-2012 GALANT, 2000-2012 Eclipse, 2011-2020 OUTLANDER SPORT, 2014-2018 Mirage, 2002-2008 Montero, 2008-2014 L200 IV.

The RED WOLF 6.5" Front Door Speaker Adapter Bracket with Speaker Wiring Harness Select is designed to be easy to install. It is a plug-and-play product that requires no cutting or splicing of OEM wiring harness. It is made of good-quality ABS materials for appropriate thickness and anti-cracker features to reduce vibration and maintain sound effects. The adapter is lined up to fit into original slots and has a premium quality of copper core for good conductivity and safety.

For those looking to upgrade their car audio system, the RED WOLF 6.5" Front Door Speaker Adapter Bracket with Speaker Wiring Harness Select is the perfect product. It is compatible with a wide range of cars and is easy to install. With its good-quality construction and materials, it ensures good conductivity and sound effects.

Eclipse Car Speakers FAQs

Is it worth replacing factory car speakers?

Replacing factory car speakers is often worth it, depending on the type of sound you're looking for and your budget. High-end factory speakers can provide a good sound, but if you're looking to upgrade your sound system, investing in aftermarket speakers may be the way to go. Aftermarket speakers tend to be better in terms of sound quality, power handling, and frequency response. They can provide a more natural, balanced sound and deeper bass than factory speakers. Additionally, many aftermarket speakers are designed to fit your specific car's make and model, making installation easier. Ultimately, the decision to upgrade your car speakers is up to you, but if you're looking for improved sound quality and performance, investing in aftermarket speakers may be a good option.

Which company speaker is best for car?

The best company speaker for a car would depend on the size of the car and the desired sound quality. For smaller cars, a powered or component speaker may be the best option as these are relatively inexpensive and can provide a good sound. For larger cars, a subwoofer or a set of component speakers with a powerful amplifier may be the best choice, as these can provide the most robust sound. The size and shape of the speakers should also be considered, as some may not fit in certain compartments of the car. Additionally, it is important to ensure the speakers are compatible with the car's existing audio system. Researching different brands and models to find the best combination of sound quality and features for the desired budget can help to ensure the best choice is made.

Who makes Eclipse car audio?

Eclipse car audio is a brand of car audio components and systems manufactured by Fujitsu Ten Corporation, a Japanese electronics company. Eclipse car audio products are renowned for their high-end audio and include a range of product categories, from receivers and amplifiers to subwoofers and speakers. Eclipse car audio systems are designed to deliver superior sound quality and easy installation, allowing users to upgrade their car audio system without having to purchase and install separate components. In addition, Eclipse car audio systems come with a variety of features and options, such as built-in Bluetooth, USB ports, and auxiliary inputs, that make it easy to connect and integrate with a variety of devices.

Who makes the speakers for Ford?

Ford works with a variety of different companies to provide speakers for their vehicles. These companies include Panasonic, Bose, and Harman/Kardon. Panasonic is a Japanese electronics company, and they provide speakers for a variety of Ford models. Bose is an American audio company that specializes in audio systems. Their speakers can be found in cars such as the Ford Mustang and F-150. Harman/Kardon is a company that specializes in audio products and they provide speakers in some of Ford’s luxury vehicles. All three companies provide high quality speakers that offer superior sound quality. Ford also works with other manufacturers and suppliers to provide the best possible audio experience for their customers.

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